Hubble captures photo of asteroid worth 70,000 times the global economy

Jan 5, 2021

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

Hubble captures photo of asteroid worth 70,000 times the global economy

Jan 5, 2021

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

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Courtesy of Maxar/ASU/P. Rubin/NASA/JPL-Caltech

Hubble has taken quite a lot of stunning images over its three-decade-long existence. And recently, it took managed to capture a photo of the asteroid 16 Psyche in the most detailed image so far. What’s special about it? Well, one of the things that make it special is that it contains iron and nickel worth around $10,000 quadrillion. For comparison, that’s 70,000 times the global economy.

16 Psyche was discovered a long time ago: Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis first spotted it on 17 March 1852. It hasn’t been explored from up close so far, but NASA plans to send a spacecraft to explore it in 2022. According to NASA, its size is 173 miles (279km) by 144 miles (232,) by 117 (189) miles. It’s one of the most massive objects in the main asteroid belt orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.

Southwest Research Institute planetary scientist Dr. Tracy Becker recently discussed the first ultraviolet observations of 16 Psyche. This asteroid could be interesting for astronomers for a variety of reasons. First, it’s made almost entirely from metal instead of rock and ice. “We’ve seen meteorites that are mostly metal, but Psyche could be unique in that it might be an asteroid that is totally made of iron and nickel,” said Dr. Becker.

According to Robb Report, the asteroid’s worth is $10,000,000,000,000,000,000. That’s a lot of zeros, right? If NASA miraculously managed to bring the asteroid back, sell it, and split the earnings between all people on Earth, each of 7.5 billion us would get approximately $1.3 billion. I must admit that this made little dollar signs appear in my eyes, but of course, we can only fantasize.

Other than the “cost” of this huge mass of iron and nickel, they indicate that the 16 Psyche could be the leftover core of a planet. “Earth has a metal core, a mantle and crust,” Dr. Becker explained. “It’s possible that as a Psyche protoplanet was forming, it was struck by another object in our solar system and lost its mantle and crust.”

In August 2022, NASA plans to send a spacecraft to examine the asteroid further. If everything goes as planned, the Psyche spacecraft should arrive at the asteroid in early 2026 and spend 21 months in orbit. During this time, the spacecraft is planned to map and study 16 Psyche’s properties and determine whether it’s indeed the core of a planet. If it is, it could perhaps give us more insight into the core of our own home planet, too.

[via Robb Report]

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Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

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129 responses to “Hubble captures photo of asteroid worth 70,000 times the global economy”

  1. Robert Hicks Avatar
    Robert Hicks

    Oh don’t worry I’m sure Biden will sign up to prevent those evil capitalists from ruining the space enviroment

    1. Christopher Guillou Avatar
      Christopher Guillou


    2. Clarence Hemeon Avatar
      Clarence Hemeon
    3. Brenda Jamieson Avatar
      Brenda Jamieson

      Robert Hicks you mean those greedy, money grubbing, seditious Trump followers!

  2. Brian Lavigne Avatar
    Brian Lavigne

    well let’s hope it never reaches near earth, or we’ll redefine the words “greedy” and “pathetic”

    1. RR Avatar

      If it ever reaches earth it will blow earth into pieces that will scatter into the entire universe, would be my guess

  3. Don Navarro Avatar
    Don Navarro

    The plan to bring it to earth will ironically destroy the planet.

    1. Burt Johnson Avatar
      Burt Johnson

      Don Navarro – There is no such plan, and certainly won’t be in our lifetimes…

    2. Don Navarro Avatar
      Don Navarro

      Burt Johnson it was more of a plot twist than anything

    3. longtrail Avatar

      You mean ironnickally?

      1. Anthony James Avatar
        Anthony James


      2. Siesta_Bear Avatar

        If I had a nickel for everytime I heard that joke, I would be an oxycodone addict.

  4. Jared Youtsey Avatar
    Jared Youtsey

    To be clear, the image in the story is NOT what Hubble took. Hubbles images can be found by following the Robb Report link to the actual paper, where you can see the blobs of grey, infrared images that look nothing like this artist’s rendition. The story should SAY THAT.

    1. Tom Avatar

      Wow.. misleading “journalism”. Who knew that could happen?

    2. david Avatar

      Link to the actual photos here

    3. david Avatar

      Link to the actual “photo” here

      1. Tone Avatar

        Thanks. What a disappointment. My 3 year old can come up with a better image of an asteroid.

      2. Kotton Battle Avatar
        Kotton Battle


    4. OC_Bradster Avatar

      The image doesn’t even look like a photo, more like an artist’s conception.

    5. Tone Avatar

      Thanks for the info. That would be a 50 mile wide crater, right next to another almost as big in the artist’s rendition. That would be something to see.

  5. Jeff Hayward Avatar
    Jeff Hayward

    leave it to humans to describe an amazing celestial object in terms of how it compares to our economy…

    1. Wayne Green Avatar
      Wayne Green

      What difference does it make, we’ll never a penny of it, unless it’s taxed. Then who knows.

  6. Dave Bender Avatar
    Dave Bender

    But srsly – those “craters?” – this never ends well in the movies…

  7. John Shark Avatar
    John Shark

    Hahaha and here we are a whole planet enslaved by their masters because of “precious” materials… ???

    1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

      Watch out, BLM is now going to loot and riot because of your “racist” joke.

  8. Don Barnard Avatar
    Don Barnard

    Maybe through some cosmic game of marbles something will bump it and send it careening towards earth, and people will stop whining about global warming?

  9. John Wojciechowski Avatar
    John Wojciechowski

    How big is it?

    1. Grizzy Avatar

      About as big as my left nut.

      1. Nut-buster Avatar

        So it’s pretty small…

        1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

          Whenever I hear people say Biggie Smalls I hear Pretty Smalls. Then I think of small nuts. Which leads me to think of peanuts. Then I get dry mouth and need a 40.

      2. Mark Stewart Avatar
        Mark Stewart

        Must be one bad std you got.

    2. No name Avatar
      No name

      Are you illiterate or have the attention span of a goldfish? The answer to your question is in the article. Must suck being you.

      1. Alexander Argyropoulos Avatar
        Alexander Argyropoulos

        The anger of this comment implies that it actually sucks being you!

      2. RR Avatar

        Little man, big mouth. Go away

    3. RR Avatar

      Big enough & solid enough to destroy any planet it decides to crash into. An explosion of incalculable magnitude

    4. Jason Patton Avatar
      Jason Patton

      Second paragraph in

      According to NASA, its size is 173 miles (279km) by 144 miles (232,) by 117 (189) miles. It’s one of the most massive objects in the main asteroid belt orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.

  10. Chez Coley Avatar
    Chez Coley

    I can see Elon Musk trying to capture it

  11. Duh! Avatar

    Unfortunately, we are going to have to share the bounty with a few more than the 7.5 million people populating this earth!?

    1. OC_Bradster Avatar

      They meant billion. That’s what the math works out to.

      1. Math Fact Avatar
        Math Fact

        Nope, I did the math (I did the monster math) and it comes out to $13,171,759.70 per person out of
        approx 759,200,000,000 total people. The author did the wrong math at quite a large factor

        1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

          Americans, not the world.

        2. OC_Bradster Avatar

          Thought I posted this already, so you may see it twice. Anyhoo, your monster isn’t very good at math. $10,000,000,000,000,000,000 / 7,500,000,000 is $1.333 billion. Part of your error is that there’s not 759 billion people, there’s 7.5 billion. Off by a factor of 100, as is your answer.

        3. OC_Bradster Avatar

          Your total people is off by a factor of 100, as is your answer. There aren’t 759 billion people, there are 7.5 billion.

  12. Anthony Lindsey Avatar
    Anthony Lindsey

    Lawd have mercy child

  13. Grizzy Avatar

    My ex wife’s butt cheeks are that size and weight. Let’s talk a billion instead of a million ,when it comes to population. Maybe a little proof reading would help.

    1. Boadie Park Avatar
      Boadie Park

      No wonder our country is going to shit in rapid order even the most educated scientific researchers of america the greatest bunch of explorers look like a troop of chimpanzees fucking a football before the entire world on the world wide web …. Wake up America before we are fighting off those less fortunates that still strive to survive and crave our natural resources and abundance of dumbass metropolitan citizen waiting in line to be slaves to another tyrannical government. Roman re-run..

      1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

        Have you seen Amazing Race. OMG. The less fortunate live in shit, literally. It’s like, sweep up your trash at least. The poorest of the poor in America are sparkling clean in comparison.

        Buy them brooms not food or canned soups.

        1. Boadie Park Avatar
          Boadie Park

          Amazing race? WTF ? Lol I’m going to assume that you are not one of those less fortunates!

    2. RR Avatar

      LOL…. Stop.

    3. Siesta_Bear Avatar

      Yeah right. Kids born after 1999 don’t even know what proof reading is.

      I remember the nuns slapped me in my face for every typo. **Whack**Whack* Or worse they say my cursive writing was not properly looped or crossed or dotted and they rolled up newspaper and whacked my ass, raw.

      Oh wait…that explains my devotion to sex clubs at convents. Or why when my wife dresses up as a nun for Halloween I howl like a wolf in heat.

  14. Sm77 Avatar

    The amount of typos in this supposed professional article, is pathetic.

    1. julian cordova Avatar
      julian cordova

      I agree

      1. OC_Bradster Avatar

        They must have fixed it, except for “millions” instead of “billions”. I don’t see any other typos, and I’m a not-half-bad proofreader.

        1. Bill Lee Avatar
          Bill Lee

          “HUBBLE CAPTURES PHOTO” is a typo. It should of [sic] said: “CLOWN FINGERPAINTS NAPKIN”

          1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

            Your example sounds so [sic].

          2. OC_Bradster Avatar

            LOL! It wasn’t a typo, but it’s very misleading that the headline implies that the drawing below it is a photo.

    2. Nate Barker Avatar
      Nate Barker

      Never mind that the whole article is BS, centered around an “artists conception” without showing any actual photo.

  15. Nick Iascone Avatar
    Nick Iascone

    The world population is about 8 billion now.

    1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

      Ugh. Saddest news ever.

  16. Jose Logic Castanon Avatar
    Jose Logic Castanon

    They’re gonna try and haul it to earth. Dinosaurs did the exact same thing.. look where they’re at now.

  17. Rob Christie Avatar
    Rob Christie

    You guys are great photographers but crap economists – the price of iron and nickel would fall through the floor to pretty much zero. Let me know when they plan to lasso it and I’ll short the market

    1. steve66oh Avatar

      and if they DID maintain the price and distribute 1.3 billion to every human… a gallon of gas, or a loaf of bread, would cost about $50,000, and that’s without factoring in the supply drought created when everybody decides “hey, I just got 1.3 billion… I’m not going to my oil drilling/refining/trucking/selling job anymore…”

      1. John T Rus Avatar
        John T Rus

        Yup, people still need to be working.

        The balance is always about income to living expense. Not only sheer wealth.

        1. 7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร Avatar
          7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร

          No, they don’t boomer. You just have the mentality suffering is necessity to success.

          1. Rodger Schwinn Avatar
            Rodger Schwinn

            Soo, who does the things that need to be done then? Someone has to work,but I guess that is someone else’s problem huh. Working for a living is not suffering. Wealth given does not last and therefore is a detriment to happiness, wealth earned usually lasts longer and earning it usually makes people happy. Also, money is supposed to be a universal representation of effort that you trade for others efforts, but humans can’t seem to understand that and fight over it.

          2. 7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร Avatar
            7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร

            Again Boomer, there are other ways to do things, if you use your brain to think. One, the average job a human does is fit for a machine. Second, did I say there would be a ban on work or nobody would, no wait you did. Third, maybe try searching for solutions you lemming before saying there is only one way, so you’re never wrong. Fourth screw you and your cult of personality, possession Stan.

          3. John T Rus Avatar
            John T Rus

            Just shut the fuck up. Nobody cares what the fuck you say. Every post you make is just getting down voted. Take a hint.

            Go troll somewhere else.

          4. 7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร Avatar
            7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร

            Bookkeeping Clerks
            Compensation and Benefits Managers
            Computer Support Specialists
            Market Research Analysts
            Advertising Salespeople
            Retail Salespeople

            You know what can do all those jobs AI. I also believe in Universal income and believe the pandemic has shown what such a thing can do. I also know that Jeff Bezos could give every person on earth 1 million and he’d still have like 12 billion left. You and the rest of your cult of personality, whether it’s boomers, or whatever reason you have for accepting the status quo bother me.

            I have been dealing with people like you my whole life. There is no way to make an accessible website that’s non-traditional, there is no way to start a Maker Space under $5k, there is no way to deliver and get laptops out to kids before Xmas. GLAD I NEVER LISTENED TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU, who also seem to be the same kinda people in charge. So if you’re not a boomer, you think like one.

          5. OC_Bradster Avatar

            Your logic is about as good as your math. Bezos could give everyone on earth $25, and he wouldn’t have anything left.

          6. 7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร Avatar
            7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร

            Your income doesn’t even factor into your net worth. ?

            182,000,000,000/7,800,000,000 is net worth versus the current projected population, which is $/23.33 not $25. Which I assume is what you’re feeling smug about?

            Your net worth is like a financial snapshot, you don’t consider your annual income. Again, you’re part of a cult of personality. Likely of the same group, that still says people only use 10% of their brain, or it’s illegal to tell coworkers what you make.

          7. OC_Bradster Avatar

            LOL! Nothing you’ve said in any of your posts make a shred of sense. Is that intentional, or are you really that wacked?

          8. 7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร Avatar
            7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร

            I bet, plain English, facts, science and math are in this year, so sucks to be you. “Your income doesn’t factor into your net worth” what part of that don’t you get? Or, is pretending to be so illiterate and ignorant, you can’t digest basic English also considered trolling now? Is a basic equation beyond you? Please, enlighten me what went over your head, so I can explain it to you like a small child.

            You’re in a cult of personality.

          9. OC_Bradster Avatar

            OK. It was an indirect answer, but thanks for it anyway. You really are that wacked. Have a nice day.

          10. Aspry Jones Avatar
            Aspry Jones

            “Boomer.” What an asshole.

          11. Tabitha Poppins Avatar
            Tabitha Poppins

            Boomer was never cool.

            But yeah, it’s true.

            If we did bring it back to Earth, the value of Nickel/Iron would plummet based on supply and demand principles. Or, if that didn’t happen, Inflation for sure.

          12. 7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร Avatar
            7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร

            No boomers never have been. Even less in the past few days here.

          13. Siesta_Bear Avatar

            “Boomer” is a very femmine word to use. Be a man please.

          14. 7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร Avatar
            7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร

            I don’t think Terry Cruz would agree with your logic, ROFLMAO. Men don’t use *feminine words? Nice logic, you sound sexist.

          15. John T Rus Avatar
            John T Rus

            What the hell are you talking about? Your post is completely nonsensical and completely off topic.

            On top of it I’m melenial. Thanks for telling what I am not.

            Go troll somewhere else.

          16. 7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร Avatar
            7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡ ξrร

            Nonsensical? Perhaps if you educated yourself on many ways and alternatives to we have income setup here, that work, function and have been tested. When I say there are many jobs a human shouldn’t be doing, I am talking about the advancement of technology. Again, if you’re not a boomer you sure think like one.

      2. Siesta_Bear Avatar

        Why go to work when money will buy robots and new technology to makes it happen, you idiot?

        The worse part about us getting 1.5 billion is that now half of America will proceed with their “hip hop” career, or sex change, or you exwife husband still expects alimony and this time he wants more to suite his extravagant new life style.

        The best part about getting the 1.5 billion is no more mandatory inclusive/diversity or harassment videos to sit through. No more being victims of women’s mean girls nonsense at work. Oh the joys of being away from petty women. And for men, the best thing about having money is that you can have a wife and hot imported German, Jamaican, Asian or Russian or any country side pieces and buy them their own condo and cute dog, best make up, Lalique lingerie, gym membership of course and the best perfumes and pay to have them tighten their vajayjayes, or backdoors if you are into men, no judgement here.

        Speaking of men, best part of being a rich woman is never having to smell your husband’s dirty, brown, non whiped under crack or chose area when you perform a bj. Now you can pay to have a side piece, fresh, imported Latin boy, squeeky clean for YOUR pleasure.

        1. Sue Avatar

          This conversation is suppose to be about science, not your personal cynical perversions. I wanted to share this article with my scientific-minded grandson but you hijacked the intelectual audience who wanted to learn something.

          1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

            Ok, Karen.

        2. blokeinusa Avatar

          Funny, your import wife/boy toy won’t need you because they also have their own 1.3 billion to buy their own mansion on the coast. I guess we won’t have cam girls either.

          1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

            In a hypothetical world, maybe.

        3. Sunbeams Avatar

          How do you expect to have a wife or ‘side piece’ when they too are getting their 1.5 billion? Who designs and makes the robots you purport to do all this shit you say can be automated. Your reply is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time. Ridiculously short sighted and absolutely disgusting. This amount of money would wildly inflate everything. We all have to work, even on UBI. And if UBI becomes reality just existing on that would be a shitty life giving just enough to literally survive and nothing more. You are so naive that it’s actually painful to read what you write.

      3. SteveRanden Avatar

        Pretty sure no one uses gallons except the US

    2. longtrail Avatar


    3. Henry Gerard Avatar
      Henry Gerard

      ? I’d make Nickels out of it. Then I’d use the Nickles to buy dollars, until ‘paper ran out’ I’d burn those dollars, all of them and continue to spend my surplus Nickels.
      No doubt I’d need to pay an army to protect my stash.
      Who wants to live that way? ?

  18. The Philosopher Avatar
    The Philosopher

    Yeah too bad the spoils would be claimed and divided amongst the “select few” economic powers while the rest of us remain in poverty and struggling. Nice prospect for anyone rich enough to get their piece of that pie though

  19. Francisco Mendez Avatar
    Francisco Mendez

    what a waste of tax dollars I mean as far as I can see I haven’t seen anything beneficial for us humans in the U.S from these Projects

    1. Guy Gotham Avatar
      Guy Gotham

      If you have any desire to help humanity please don’t have children

      1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

        Tell that to gay people please. They make real gays have guilt for going to bareback sex parties. Plus, two gay twinks raising boys only creates more Proud Boys.

        1. Guy Gotham Avatar
          Guy Gotham

          To anyone who needs more “what the actual f&ck” crazy in their lives Siesta_Bear here has you totally 100% covered

  20. bill_a198 Avatar

    If it is valuable as supposed, wouldn’t it make financial sense for for someone “Elon” to go and mine it?

    1. dracphelan Avatar

      As somebody else pointed out, bringing that amount of nickel iron to market on Earth would crater the market. Plus, there is the problem of safely getting it to Earth in a usable fashion.
      However, if we find asteroids made of lithium and other rare earth metals, that is an entirely different matter. In our quest for battery powered everything, we are quickly depleting the Earth’s supply of those metals.

      1. RR Avatar

        It takes 550,000 gallons of water to process 1 ton of lithium. 60,000 tons of lithium to produce 1 million EV’s.
        Slight problem

        1. disqus_3BrONUAJno Avatar

          Fortunately the water is completely recyclable.
          What’s the problem?

      2. Alex Hodges Avatar
        Alex Hodges

        Touche’, your right on both counts. My suggestion was to mine it. It certainly wouldn’t be safe “for life on the planet” or financially smart to slam an asteroid onto/into/through the parking lot of the gigafactory.

  21. Idaho Sixgun Avatar
    Idaho Sixgun

    Why not at least pretend to attempt a once-over proof read of your article before publishing it? Too much to expect these days I suppose.

  22. Just A Person Avatar
    Just A Person

    Thanks for this story, but you really need a copy editor. This reads like a rushed first draft.

  23. Jason Avatar

    “Hubble captures photo…” and the impressively detailed pic below headline is not that photo.

    So. Much. Journalisming.

  24. Marc Fukerberg Avatar
    Marc Fukerberg

    7.5 million of us ?! Gates only just now rolling out his “vaccine” , it will take time to kill us all off with that poison bruh.

  25. Bill Jackson Avatar
    Bill Jackson

    There is lots of Nickel and Iron on the earth now. If this is a typical core metallic mass, it will have only small amounts of platinum, gold etc metals evenly distributed through the mass, so the Nickel and Iron are the main easily recoverable metals. On the earth hydrothermal processes extract various metals from the crust and transport them to the earth’s surface.
    In essence water and carbonate rock are subducted deep under the earth into the molten zone. The water turns into a high pressure gas. There is also sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide and silicon dioxide in this fluid. This is also at molten rock temperatures and extreme high pressures – this is the hydrothermal fluid. It is also much lighter than the local melted rock, so it rises. This fluid extracts trace metals from the rock into the fluid via diffusion.. As it rises to the surface, the water turns to steam, the CO2 and SO2 and H2S flash off as gasses. When they do this, the fluid loses the ability to carry dissolved metals and they precipitate. The SiO2 also precipitates as quartz veins. These veins are a mixed bag of metals etc. Many mines are composed of such veins. The black smokers on the sea floors at depth are similar. The water carries the minerals and they cover the sea floor to great depths in some areas (ocean mine potential – much the same hydrothermal extraction process).
    Metals found in space will have value in space construction, but it will take hundreds of years or more for the earth’s surface metals to runout and higher prices to make space mining for earth uses to be economically viable.

  26. Shachar Weis Avatar
    Shachar Weis

    That’s not a photo, it’s an artist rendition. This is the photo:

  27. Gus Tijerina Avatar
    Gus Tijerina

    ..once that much nickle floods the market, the price drops considerably..pretty ignorant untruth ful and irrespon
    sible reporting…as usual

  28. Sayersohonc Avatar

    I see that the brain trust is out in force and decided to comment. Spelling errors might be due to the author’s primary language not being English or because the medium they work in (digital news) has minimal editorial oversight. Push as much work out as possible to make a living. Quantity over quality. Self-editing own material. Could be another. I personally think the tone of the article is meant to inspire and get certain minds to dream and reach. For the next generations sake I hope some do. Because as evidenced by most of the other comments. Working together for better got thrown out the window in 2016. So they are pretty much f…..d.
    Good day to all you soothsayers and wisemen.
    Ha! Hvala Vam Ms.Djudjic, for the article. Whatever the intent. At the very least I can point my children towards a possible future industry. Extra terrestrial resource/material procurement. Zero G mining and smelting. Zero G manufacturing. Gone.

  29. William Dreyer Avatar
    William Dreyer

    If this truly is the remanent core of a past planet, wouldn’t it further support the disruption theory that theorized the destruction of a fifth planet “Phaeton” created the asteroid belt instead of the accretion theory

  30. Truenorth 1960 Avatar
    Truenorth 1960

    Of course the economic numbers presented here, that this thing is worth 70 times the global economy, are completely ridiculous. If we had that much nickel the price of nickel would plummet, we’d have an oversupply, it would be cheap and most of it would go unused.

    1. AWS Avatar

      Don’t let the Chinese or the transformers know about it. Because they don’t care how many of us they kill in the process of getting it. O crap the Biden already have a deal with China to get it.

  31. Kody Fields Avatar
    Kody Fields

    The difficulty in harvesting this rock would greatly increase the required selling price of its resources. Bring it too close to earth, and its gravity would produce extinction-scale tides. Break off a chunk too big, or lose control prior to re-entry, and a dense metal meteorite might, uh, break some stuff. Too much risk, too much expense. A global economy could bankrupt itself in the pursuit of this venture.

  32. Dejan Nenov Avatar
    Dejan Nenov

    Hmm… If the “global economy” consumed only nickel and iron, this title would make sense…
    Otherwise it’s just click bait … or a truly ignorant author

    Like a banned twitter account…

  33. Bret Avatar

    First NASA would never just give everyone money for something they did. But they can’t anyways, it’s all lies. How can you tell what somethings is made of by looking at it? You can’t! I know with special Lazer equipment we can, here ” On Earth”. The Whole Hubble telescope is lies. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, yes they have it and I’m sure it is badass. But do you really think they wouldn’t have improved on it’s design? And built hundreds more with the way our technologies have changed in the last 30yrs? Also they will never make me a believer that they know what our Earth’s core is made of… Why? Because they have never been there. What’s the furthest anyone has been able to drill down into Earth? 8 or 9 miles? That’s a very very small percentage of how far it is to reach Earth’s core… What they teach us in school & how they say the Earth & our Galaxy works is lies, maybe not all. Most of it is nothing more than a hypothesis.

  34. Ace of Hearts Avatar
    Ace of Hearts

    Send the space miners

  35. Cbed Avatar

    Journalism is dead.

    1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

      I hate journalists.
      Before they would be fired on the spot because of a single typo. Now, the writers are so dumb or lazy or arrogant or all of the above and they don’t even bother to proof their writing.

  36. David McInnes Avatar
    David McInnes

    Split between the inhabitants of earth? They would likely to have paid in one way or another but they wouldn’t get anything unless they were willing to fight for it.

  37. Thomas James Killmess Avatar
    Thomas James Killmess

    With so much iron and nickel maybe the price would go down dramatically and then it would not cost that much.

  38. Dyrne Avatar


  39. Nate Barker Avatar
    Nate Barker

    Total bullshit article. This shitty site is blocked now on this end. Fuck you Dunja.

    1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

      Haha. I share a 1/16th agreement. The beautiful “photo” was amazing and it is fake.

  40. pepe goeth III Avatar
    pepe goeth III

    Best part: it only takes 100 miiion 18 wheeler trucks 50, 000 years to tow it.. if the drivers skirt around Federal mandates imposed on truckdrivers we might shave off 5,000 years and push to 45,000.. but you know on the other those truckdrivers that get distracted by coke meth and strippers may show in 52,000 assuming they don’t marry a stripper and decide not to show up .. I hear hijacked cargo goes for a lot if the Pluto Mob fences it.. Gotti’s got nothing compared to Wise Guys do Caper on Pluto by live in Uranus..

  41. Jennifer Renee Jenkins Avatar
    Jennifer Renee Jenkins

    It’s fake just like nasa is fake. No one has ever walked that moon… Nor will they ever

    1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

      Ok, TrumpNewsBunny

  42. SteveRanden Avatar

    Why are the kilometres in brackets instead of the miles? The entire world uses the Metric system, so it should be the default measurement listed. This is the web, not the US.

    1. Siesta_Bear Avatar

      The US have birth to the web, so respect the freakin’ mileages.

      1. SteveRanden Avatar

        Tim Berners-Lee is English, not American. Try again?