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Male photographers still earn more than their female counterparts, says study

Apr 18, 2024
Alex Baker

Male photographers earn an average of $25 per hour more than female photographers, according to a recent study. The study surveyed freelancers in the USA…

Want to be a better portrait photographer? Get in front of somebody else’s lens

Mar 21, 2024
Alex Baker

When was the last time you had your photo taken? I mean, not just a quick selfie or holiday snap, but an actual portrait of…

Avoid these mistakes when turning pro

Mar 8, 2024
Alex Baker

That decision to jack in the day job and go all-in on the photography can be a tough one. At what stage do you decide…

Bullet-proof your new photography business with these tips

Mar 1, 2024
Alex Baker

Starting any business is a huge learning curve, and photography is no exception. It makes little difference if you’ve been doing photography as a hobby…

The dark side of making money with your photography

Feb 29, 2024
Dunja Djudjic

If you’re a hobbyist thinking of turning your love for photography into a business, it comes with a set of advantages and challenges. While it…

10 questions to ask yourself when you aren’t getting photo gigs

Jan 26, 2024
Don Giannatti

It’s a tough market out there. I mean, really tough. Perhaps it is the most competitive and strangely challenging market we have ever seen in…

How to make money from photography in 2024

Jan 16, 2024
Roman Fox

In my experience, there are only two main ways one can make money from a camera. The first is a traditional freelance path, and the…

How deleting social media led to my best year in photo business yet

Jan 15, 2024
Brenda Bergreen

I deleted my social media from my phone and our business had the best financial year yet. I deleted my email app too. Prior to…

A complete guide for pricing your photography

Jan 8, 2024
Natasha Martinez & Mark Maryanovich

One of the essential aspects of doing photography for a living is pricing it correctly. So, it’s time to look at our pricing. Pricing? You…

Make 2024 your best year as a photographer with these tips

Jan 3, 2024
Alex Baker

It’s a brand new year, and all of us are thinking carefully about what this means for us personally and professionally. If you’re like me,…