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David Prochnow
Our resident “how-to” project editor, David Prochnow, lives on the Gulf Coast of the United States in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. He brings his expertise at making our photography projects accessible to everyone, from a lengthy stint acting as the Contributing How-To Editor with Popular Science magazine. While you don’t have to actually build each of his projects, reading about these adventures will contribute to your continued overall appreciation of do-it-yourself photography. A collection of David’s best Popular Science projects can be found in the book, “The Big Book of Hacks,” Edited by Doug Cantor.

Smartphone pix from meh to WOW, in three easy steps

Apr 6, 2024
David Prochnow

More smartphone manufacturers license iconic camera manufacturer brands to tweak the onboard camera system. Many users miss this golden opportunity to elevate their photographs to…

Build a pro-grade instant pinhole camera in less than 5 minutes

Apr 4, 2024
David Prochnow

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know that April 28, 2024 is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Yes, on this rapidly approaching date, lens-less photographers around…

Looking for gear bags, act like a marsupial – Carry your photo gear for under $5

Mar 27, 2024
David Prochnow

When it comes to choosing a new bag for carrying a camera and an extra lens, some photographers will select a luxurious leather bag. Others…

Unmask your orange negs – EZ conversion of color negative scans

Mar 24, 2024
David Prochnow

You know the drill; you’ve got a pile of scanned color negatives. All you need to do is convert them into digital color positives (prints)…

It lives! The Dead Film format that won’t die

Mar 17, 2024
David Prochnow

Relive the 1970s all over again, shoot 110 Format Film forever! No matter how you measure it, 110 format film negatives are tiny. While that…

Cure the X100VI FOMO syndrome without breaking the bank

Mar 12, 2024
David Prochnow

No matter how you indulge your online social interaction, the fear of missing out (FOMO) construct is a very real anxiety-inducing behavior. In fact, rampant…

Get the right angle on street photography

Mar 9, 2024
David Prochnow

You’re taking more than a “walk on the wild side” when you use your camera out on the streets today. Pursuing that perfect moment could…

Turn Your $3,000 DSLR into a $60 Plastic PoJ

Mar 3, 2024
David Prochnow

On paper, you couldn’t ever imagine turning your beloved DSLR into a plastic Piece of Junk (PoJ), but after you see the results, you might…