DIYPhotography corrections policy

Commitment to Accuracy:

We are committed to providing accurate and reliable content. Despite our stringent fact-checking and quality control measures, mistakes can happen. When they do, we take them seriously and are committed to correcting them in a transparent and timely manner.

Reporting Errors:

If you notice an error in any of our content, we encourage you to report it. Please contact us at editor [at] diyphotography [dot] net, or use the feedback form on our website. Please include the URL of the content in question, a description of the error, and any supporting information you might have.

Reviewing Errors:

Upon receiving a report, our team will review the error claim promptly and thoroughly. This may involve referring back to our sources, consulting with experts, or conducting additional research.

Correcting Errors:

Once we confirm an error, we will correct it as quickly as possible. Corrections will be clearly marked, with an explanation of what was incorrect and how it has been corrected. The correction will appear at the end of the article, video description, or appropriate location.


In cases where the error is so significant that it undermines the entire content, we may choose to retract the content in question.


We believe in transparency and will not “quietly” edit an article without acknowledgment, except in cases of minor typographical errors that do not affect the meaning of the content.

Ongoing Improvement:

We view every correction as an opportunity for learning and improving our processes. We are committed to reducing errors and increasing the accuracy of our content.

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