This Artist Is Using Photoshop To Make Celebrities Look Fat

Mar 1, 2015

Liron Samuels

Liron Samuels is a wildlife and commercial photographer based in Israel. When he isn’t waking up at 4am to take photos of nature, he stays awake until 4am taking photos of the night skies or time lapses. You can see more of his work on his website or follow him on Facebook.

This Artist Is Using Photoshop To Make Celebrities Look Fat

Mar 1, 2015

Liron Samuels

Liron Samuels is a wildlife and commercial photographer based in Israel. When he isn’t waking up at 4am to take photos of nature, he stays awake until 4am taking photos of the night skies or time lapses. You can see more of his work on his website or follow him on Facebook.

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Amber Lancaster
Amber Lancaster

We are so accustomed to celebrity photos being photoshopped that it becomes a big deal when an authentic image gets leaked.

Singers, models, actresses – you name it, their photos almost always get photoshopped, regardless of the image’s final use.

This 20-year-old Spanish artist has been very busy retouching celebrities as well, but not quite as you’d expect. David Lopera doesn’t slim waists, make legs skinnier or hide double chins. On the contrary, the bigger the better as far as Lopera is concerned, as he tries to convey the message that big is also beautiful.

Lopera told DIYP he was inspired to create these images after he noticed how overweight women were being treated.

His first image was of Katy Perry and he has been very busy since posting it to his DeviantArt account last year, creating over 200 “super-sized” images.

Katy Perry in the image that started it all
Katy Perry in the image that started it all

Most images take a day or two to complete with a total of 6-8 hours invested in each one, but according to Lopera it is time well spent.

Stating that all his images are based on real photos, he explains a bit about his work process:

“First, I search a high resolution image and good quality. Depending on the body shape I do one time morph or another. I used to start with the face and the extremities. Then I search another image for can combine the current body with the searched image. I adjust the shadow and light and that’s it”.

Michelle Keegan

Lopera says he’s received a lot of negative feedback as people aren’t used to seeing overweight women depicted as beautiful, confident and seductive, but the love for his work has been pouring in as well.

In fact about 5% of his images were commissioned work, while the rest were requested via DeviantArt or Facebook.

All too often we see skinny promoted as the only form of beauty, and it’s reached a point where ads are banned due to being suspected of encouraging anorexia. Even if plump (as Lopera calls it) it not your cup of tea, you must admit his approach is refreshing.

Opinions differ whether photoshopping women to appear fatter is any different than making them thinner, since the web is full of real plus-sized women trying to promote the ‘big is beautiful’ mantra, but Lopera’s intentions are most definitely positive.

Lopera stresses that he is not promoting obesity or unhealthy living, I just want to people accept the big women a little bit more”.

Kim Kardashian - Plump (Before and After)
Kim Kardashian
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis
Rita Ora
Rita Ora
Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove
Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan
Emma Watson
Emma Watson
Cobie Smulders
Cobie Smulders
Alison Brie
Alison Brie
Katy Perry
Katy Perry
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis
Cobie Smulders
Cobie Smulders
Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario
Alison Brie
Alison Brie

[via Business Insider]


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Liron Samuels

Liron Samuels

Liron Samuels is a wildlife and commercial photographer based in Israel. When he isn’t waking up at 4am to take photos of nature, he stays awake until 4am taking photos of the night skies or time lapses. You can see more of his work on his website or follow him on Facebook.

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57 responses to “This Artist Is Using Photoshop To Make Celebrities Look Fat”

  1. Zamfirescu Vladimir-Alexandru Avatar
    Zamfirescu Vladimir-Alexandru

    The reverse of what everyone else is doing… how… marginally original.

  2. Alan Stern Avatar
    Alan Stern


  3. Charlotte Fenner Avatar
    Charlotte Fenner

    Very clever.

  4. Trish Argumaniz Avatar
    Trish Argumaniz

    Wait, so he searches out images taken by talented professional photographers and edits them and calls them his own art…. Is that not a violation of some laws out there? Also, how long before these celebrities sue him for putting these images out there? Time to grab the popcorn. This is going to slap him in the face soon one way or another.

    1. Mark Osborne Avatar
      Mark Osborne

      its called appropriation

  5. JR Calcutt Avatar
    JR Calcutt

    If these celebrities are smart, they’ll embrace in the nature intended. Many young girls would benefit. #eating_disorders

  6. Nick Dunlap Avatar
    Nick Dunlap


  7. Clifford Norton Avatar
    Clifford Norton

    I’d still have a go

    1. Stewart Norton Avatar
      Stewart Norton
  8. Aran Kash Avatar
    Aran Kash

    Why? same reason the other photographer taser his subjects, or the other one waste gallons of honey, can keep up all day but you get the point, this is what I call ´jackass creativity´. Being obese and happy is like smoking and being happy or being alcoholic and happy. Pointless

  9. VitaminCM Avatar

    I’m cool with the before AND after on a bunch of these. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    1. Yuri Sirotin Avatar
      Yuri Sirotin

      I saw only single image with not fat arms – Karen Gillan.

  10. Z Von Dienes-Oehm Avatar
    Z Von Dienes-Oehm

    Dumb. I’m not a fatist but the original women are thin because they worked for it, passed by many cookies, and spent a lot of time at the gym. So now this guy discredits all that work to make a statement. Dumb.

    1. Mikey McCarthy Avatar
      Mikey McCarthy

      No he hasn’t he is just showing what they would look like if they were fat and besides his fans asked him to do it so

    2. comment Avatar

      Maybe they worked hard for it, maybe they’ve always been naturally slim. We simply don’t know.

  11. Joe Spowal Jr. Avatar
    Joe Spowal Jr.

    Holy copyright infringement!!!!

  12. Rebecca Maier Avatar
    Rebecca Maier

    So we celebrate not only bad in proportionate women and bad photoshop as being a good artist. You want to do REAL work why not do plus size model photography and girls who do it well. This is an insult to photographers, the original artists, and it’s rude. You are insulting these women for their own bodies. You are saying because they don’t fit his idea they are just as ugly. Stop bashing women on either side and take natural real pictures of women with things called skills.

    This isn’t photography as it is someone gaining fame off someone else and not really having a skill.

  13. Cyiara Mullins Avatar
    Cyiara Mullins

    These women don’t look “fat” Fat comes with sretch marks, it comes with sagging skin and boobs, it comes with a various dozen little things. These women look more pregnant than fat.

    1. 20llarson Avatar

      One thing: the artist did say he combined actual fat images of people with the celebrities. Being fat doesn’t always come with all of those things; plus there are many things in the “before” pictures photo shopped out because they’re skinny. Just saying. I do agree that some of them look a little unrealistic. :]

  14. Renlish Avatar

    That is some truly horrible photoshop work – and not because of the subject matter.

    1. XperiaZ Avatar

      I invite to you to try it ;)

    2. yopyop Avatar

      Maybe the author made sure that his work won’t ever be mistaken as real and it’s a pretty good idea IMO.

  15. PhotoRestoration Avatar

    Some great work but taking on that much weight, hands would also get fat too. Not one of these images has fat hands, it lets down the illusion.

    1. Barbara Taylor Avatar
      Barbara Taylor

      Wrong, the hands don’t always get that much larger unless the weight is more fat than muscle or there are genetic issues. If the subject has long fingers, they will appear slimmer than one who has shorter fingers. Look at the Emma Watson picture, left hand.

    2. Awesome Bryner Avatar
      Awesome Bryner

      Great work? I am sick and ready to throw up that someone likes blowing up women like this for fun.

  16. Christine Avatar

    If we want to promote beauty-at-all sizes, why not create a photo project with women who are actually large and good at posing instead of using to Photoshop to contort bodies in either direction?

    1. Idle Primate Avatar
      Idle Primate

      there are many many of those projects out there, there’s room for this too. It’s not either/or.

  17. Mikey McCarthy Avatar
    Mikey McCarthy

    Some women look way better overweight some look better skinny

  18. Laura Taylor Avatar
    Laura Taylor

    I… Do not like this. Not because i’m a “fat shamer” or anything. But because… I don’t like it when people have an unhealthy amount of fat.. and the Photoshopped images do. They are too big for their body frames, and it’s not healthy. I love curves and I love big women.. but I don’t like the unhealthy look.

    1. Laura Taylor Avatar
      Laura Taylor

      And not all the images, but a lot of them are unhealthy

  19. Stephanie Silva Stotter Avatar
    Stephanie Silva Stotter

    Most of those “Fat” pictures were over done and not very realistic! I a larger woman myself and I know for a fact my belly doesn’t hang that low or that large for my size. Some of these women are the same height as me. Weight distributes throughout the body, not just in the belly area!

    1. Jesse Coyote Avatar
      Jesse Coyote

      wrong. all types of bodies, silly. <3

      1. Awesome Bryner Avatar
        Awesome Bryner

        More like sick, silly :(

    2. Idle Primate Avatar
      Idle Primate

      some of them looked a bit exaggerated beyond what common proportions might be for women that size, but most of his pics were just super sexy.

  20. Kifferslady Avatar

    They just made all of them look pregnant.

  21. Issis Avatar

    He says he is not promoting obesity, but virtually all of these renderings create women who are not “plump” but morbidly obese … only photoshopped to omit the ugly cellulite, stretch marks, etc. Morbid obesity is not healthy, not beautiful, and nothing to promote or emulated. In addition, selecting well known personalities is a cheap ploy to gain notice.

  22. smash17 Avatar

    Dude is obsessed with big bellies.

  23. Ryan Phillips Avatar
    Ryan Phillips

    Who would find these examples of obesity and slobbishness attractive? Any woman or man that disgustingly fat needs a diet and a workout routine. Fucking gross, stupid and lazy.

  24. Jack Sophallott Avatar
    Jack Sophallott


  25. Rochi Flores Avatar
    Rochi Flores

    Mas trucho los fotoshop que hicieron a todas panzas de embarazadas!

  26. Awesome Bryner Avatar
    Awesome Bryner

    You have a fat fetish. Damn those pictures you modify look nasty as hell. Who in the hell likes seeing hot women fat?

    1. Idle Primate Avatar
      Idle Primate

      finding bigger curvier girls more attractive isn’t a fetish any more than liking thin women and someone saying it is a thin fetish. people have different tastes.

  27. Awesome Bryner Avatar
    Awesome Bryner

    This should be the other way around. Take fat women and make them hot. How stupid.

    1. A person who thinks u r a fuck Avatar
      A person who thinks u r a fuck

      Fuck you fat women can be and in most cases are hot. Someone’s size does not depict there personality. I hate fucked up people like you who degrade women. Go to hell. Also I think the word hot is demeaning as it is just another word for what a lot of fucked up men want. It’s very unrealistic. Most celebs aren’t even fat naturally and are born slim. Most people in these pictures (whether they admit it or not) have had plastic surgery. Now a days it’s a common thing for a girl to change there physical appearance for men which is fucking stupid. You look how you look and you should never change that for anyone. I nearly killed myself because of people like you who tell people they are fat and therefore they are somehow ugly. Judge people on their personalitys and not there appearance. To any fat or even normal sized people who are reading this (because apparently unless you are a twig you are ugly) I say to you be proud of your body be proud and don’t listen to little dumb as fucks who tell you what you should look like. You utterly discuss me so I shall say this once more. FUCK YOU!

  28. Awesome Bryner Avatar
    Awesome Bryner

    If I went out with someone like that fat. I would be a fat hole, not black hole. Sucked right in and lost in lard.

  29. Rodolfo Pimenta Avatar
    Rodolfo Pimenta

    Being fat is horrible. It’s shameful, unhealthy, and ugly. You’re reading this from a fat person, it’s just terrible.

  30. Valerie. Avatar

    All of the comments I read are missing the point. He’s clearly meaning to show how radically you can change someone’s looks and figure using Photoshop. People usually use it the other way around (to make women skinnier and more desirable), but this is a good way of making his point.

  31. Yuir Reelnaim Avatar
    Yuir Reelnaim

    Two years ago there where flame wars over this now people are just here for a fap

  32. Jamie Lee Avatar
    Jamie Lee

    I Google searched “Photoshop from heavyset to thin” because I’ve gained weight and was considering modeling again, but wanted to see how significantly Photoshop could “fix” my flaws. I found this article first, and was intrigued, and… I’ll just say this was everything I needed. Yeah, people who are thin fight for it, I know I sure used to, but if you want to live comfortably, it’s not hard to gain weight. Which 100% should be okay. I think this is just such a wonderful perspective

  33. Arya Stardust Avatar
    Arya Stardust

    its art with a social message, so its supposed to be controversial.

    1. CiCi McDonald Avatar
      CiCi McDonald


      Fact: Being Underweight is more unhealthy than being overweight

  34. Idle Primate Avatar
    Idle Primate

    These are so hot! I generally find bigger curvier girls more appealing, and virtually everyone in hollywood is waifishly thin–too thin to ever be on my radar, which means in movies, smoldering scenes don’t smolder for me. It was amazing to see these stars but with sexy bodies.

  35. Idle Primate Avatar
    Idle Primate

    what your reading into it doesn’t equal what he was saying. and it isn’t an either/or matter–lots of people do lots of different photoshoots with lots of variation in how much they do or do not alter the images and why. No one is being insulted or bashed. You sound like you have maybe a very sensitive bias that these photos set off. That’s fair enough, but its a very personal idiosyncratic response rather than any fair or objective assessment, and you willfully ignore his own discussion of the work to maintain your distorted belief about his intentions or even of average varying responses to these.

  36. Idle Primate Avatar
    Idle Primate

    there is a long history of artists altering existing media to say something different, change context, perspective, etc. it is present in literature, music, and mixed media painting. Art is mutable, malleable and is always changing because of encountering different people, places, other art. the fluidity is in its nature.

  37. Ginny May O'Mahoney Avatar
    Ginny May O’Mahoney

    Eating disorders can also go the other way, though. Promoting obesity can have dangerous effects just like promoting things like anorexia.

  38. Gofa Kyoursel Avatar
    Gofa Kyoursel

    honestly these are pretty shitty looking.

  39. CiCi McDonald Avatar
    CiCi McDonald

    But you to to Admit that they are saying that all bodies no matter the size or shape are beautiful! To not change how you look