THinnerBeauty Photoshops Plus-Sized Celebrities Trying To Shame Them To Lose Weight

Aug 26, 2015

Udi Tirosh

Udi Tirosh is an entrepreneur, photography inventor, journalist, educator, and writer based in Israel. With over 25 years of experience in the photo-video industry, Udi has built and sold several photography-related brands. Udi has a double degree in mass media communications and computer science.

THinnerBeauty Photoshops Plus-Sized Celebrities Trying To Shame Them To Lose Weight

Aug 26, 2015

Udi Tirosh

Udi Tirosh is an entrepreneur, photography inventor, journalist, educator, and writer based in Israel. With over 25 years of experience in the photo-video industry, Udi has built and sold several photography-related brands. Udi has a double degree in mass media communications and computer science.

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UPDATE: The article title has been corrected and an explanatory paragraph was added, thanks for everyone who pointed are eyes into it.


We have shared how Photoshop is used once and again to thin out already gorgeous looking models and to hide any hint of cellulite. (we’ve also seen the opposite, but I digress).

What I have yet to see is Photoshopping people to look like a thinner version of themselves without being asked in an effort to encourage them to lose weight. Facebook group ThInner Beauty (a pun on The Inner Beauty), does just that. They photoshop famous people to “… show how much more beautiful people could be if they made the difficult, lifelong commitment to a regimen of personal fitness

Being so controversial, the Facebook and Instagram of the group were closed (and at least the facebook page was reopened).

The group states that:

For the record, this movement is not one of hate, like some may claim. It is not hateful to encourage people to be happy, healthy and beautiful. In fact, we’d go as far as to say the opposite: It is hateful to want people to be unhealthy, and to try and force people to think that such a thing is okay

and have a few testimonials showing their impact to that extant.

UPDATE: Many commentators have pointed out that this group is in fact body shaming the models, rather than ‘encouraging’ them. Body shaming is “shaming someone for their body type”, and this group’s advice should be reviewed with a rock of salt.

Kelly Clarkson
Mayara Russi
Lena Dunham
Clementine Desseaux
Angela Trovato
Tes Holiday
Denise Bidot
Whitney Way Thore

You see more examples of that movement under their gallery.

[ThinnerBeauty via]

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Udi Tirosh

Udi Tirosh

Udi Tirosh is an entrepreneur, photography inventor, journalist, educator, and writer based in Israel. With over 25 years of experience in the photo-video industry, Udi has built and sold several photography-related brands. Udi has a double degree in mass media communications and computer science.

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43 responses to “THinnerBeauty Photoshops Plus-Sized Celebrities Trying To Shame Them To Lose Weight”

  1. Shaun Simpson Avatar
    Shaun Simpson

    Ugh. This is kind of disgusting; body shaming under the guise of ‘being helpful’.

  2. Craig Pifer Avatar
    Craig Pifer

    I’ve never heard of most of those “celebrities” in the photos. While some, but not all, of those ladies may appear to be more physically attractive if they were to lose some weight, the extent to which there were “thinned” down by this group is awful. How about promoting a healthy look, not a “I starved myself for a year” look? Many of those ladies are attractive in their own right, regardless of size.

  3. Carina Thornton Avatar
    Carina Thornton

    I don’t even know how to respond to this. I’m so tired of body-shaming.

  4. Duncan Everson Avatar
    Duncan Everson

    Unless the celebs actually asked for this to be done then I think this is disgusting frankly.

  5. Leanne Lee Avatar
    Leanne Lee

    That group does not seem to understand the term “inner beauty”.

  6. Heidi Walker Avatar
    Heidi Walker

    And no one who is heavy will ever look like the “thin” images. It’s not possible with out MAJOR surgery. Living healthy also means living with a mind that is not filled with negative thoughts. You can be a healthy person and still be over weight.

    1. Thomas Jakob Brablec Avatar
      Thomas Jakob Brablec

      In some of these cases there seems to be no impact on health, physically speaking. In some others, though, the damage is quite severe. Yes, it’s true that a healthy mind is also important, but maybe it’s the fact that when they claim to be models, everyone automatically starts complimenting them, planting this idea in their mind that everything about them is healthy.

      It’s their decision, of course, but it’s obvious they don’t do any sort of fitness or sports activities, and that is absolutely unhealthy. This group isn’t there to shame them at all, it’s there to motivate them into doing something with themselves. Isn’t it good to have some goals in life, like losing 20 pounds? That would make a person far happier than the fake compliments they get on a daily basis.

      There’s a reason fat people die at a young age, it’s because it’s unhealthy, and whether you’re content with yourself or not, it won’t make you live longer.

      As for “stealing” their photos, no photos have been stolen. The photos were posted publicly, whether they’re selfies or professional nudes, and they aren’t being sold or hated on. I believe that’s completely justifiable.

      I don’t know about others here, but I don’t want to live in that Wall-E future. With being “fat and proud,” that’s exactly where we’re heading.

      1. Liz Gibson Avatar
        Liz Gibson

        No actually, if you someone’s photo without their permission, it’s copyright infringement; altering someone’s image without permission – copyright infringement. Just because it’s online doesn’t make it public domain. So no, it’s NOT completely justifiable.

      2. Jessica Cejnar Avatar
        Jessica Cejnar

        And I don’t know about you, but as someone who is obese I know for a fact that seeing a Photoshopped version of myself that looks thinner wouldn’t motivate me. It would make me angry. Also, unless you know that person personally and unless you’re their doctor, you don’t know anything about their workout regimen or their sports activities.

  7. TheInconvenientRuth Avatar

    Whoever made these seriously needs to take a few classes in life drawing and human anatomy..

  8. Zak Neumann Avatar
    Zak Neumann

    I’m not even going to read this. The headline tells me enough, and it’s disgusting.

  9. Stephen C Miller Avatar
    Stephen C Miller

    Someone should shame the thinnerbeauty for crappy photoshop skills.Should be in one of those FAIL lists

  10. The Woj Avatar
    The Woj

    What is this, World Women Photoshop Remodel Days? Sponsored by Adobe? First we get the “we sent this model’s picture to countries like USA, China, Serbia, Argentina, Serbia, European Union (?), Serbia and Serbia” about three times and from all different directions, then some photographer (boringly successfully up to the level of pointlessness) re-creates famous model pictures with a “normal” woman, and now this?

    Leaving aside the fact that people running the site in question here should lock themselves in a dark room and cry, I officially say the world has run out of ideas. People have too much time on their hands. Sad thing is that in many cases it’s women (those who spend too much time working on their own body) who enjoy this sort of thing.

  11. Rex Deaver Avatar
    Rex Deaver

    Body shaming, no matter how they try to justify it.

  12. Meghan Ludwig Avatar
    Meghan Ludwig

    Honestly, this is disgusting. These people are more than likely happy with the way they look. When someone tells you that you would look better if you were thinner and shows you a photoshopped version of you, it can cause a lot of mental pain. Don’t try to promote something you have no experience with, and don’t try to change someones image of themselves. Just disgusting.

  13. Brenda Jamieson Avatar
    Brenda Jamieson

    Thin people don’t understand why we get fat, in many cases neither do we who are overweight, but for sure they don’t understand how hard it is to lose it. I respect and admire overweight people who never the less always look smart, pretty and well kept.

    1. Ivars Avatar

      In most cases, except for some medical conditions, getting fat is because of bad lifestyle choices. And although it takes commitment to get back into healthy weight, it is possible.
      I have lost ~20kg myself, more than 10kg during last year, so I’m talking from experience.
      Bullying overweight people is bad, but forcing “fat acceptance” to population ain’t better.

  14.  Avatar

    …pity you can’t Photoshop “mentality”…

  15. Lauren Elizabeth Thompson Avatar
    Lauren Elizabeth Thompson

    I would like to lose weight. I would like to be a size 10 again. It hurts being a size 24. :o

  16. Kelly Fox Avatar
    Kelly Fox

    Most of them wouldn’t keep their boobs and butts if they lost such an extreme amount of weight

  17. Michele M. Ferrario Avatar
    Michele M. Ferrario

    No, it’s a 4chan trolling

  18. Tinus Teijema Avatar
    Tinus Teijema

    ??? booooooooo ???

  19. Kris Dow Avatar
    Kris Dow

    Rude, offensive, not cool, take your choice of negative.

  20. Arkady Ilyana Rose Avatar
    Arkady Ilyana Rose

    Actually this is a nasty trolling campaign that originated on Reddit.

    1. Kat R. Avatar
      Kat R.

      No, it started on *chan sites. But it’s definitely a trolling, body shaming campaign.

  21. Zelda Smith Avatar
    Zelda Smith

    As a never ever been skinny person
    I do not understand this obsession with skinnyness … We are what we are … It’s about who we are and not our clothes size … The size “doth not maketh the person”

  22. Philip D Bowl Avatar
    Philip D Bowl

    Fuck you guys for reposting this shit.

  23. Erin 'Ren' King Avatar
    Erin ‘Ren’ King

    I unsubbed and unfollowed FStoppers for posting this shit. Seeya, DIY Photography. By posting this you are simply bringing more attention to this bullshit. Not in my feed.

  24. Kat R. Avatar
    Kat R.

    This is a targeted harassment campaign and the fact that you’re promoting it is vile.

  25. Jp Thomas Avatar
    Jp Thomas

    Wow ..

  26. Phil Philms Avatar
    Phil Philms


  27. Chelsea Spaulding Avatar
    Chelsea Spaulding

    Alright…time to unfollow/unlike you guys.

  28. Efi Kyriazidis Avatar
    Efi Kyriazidis

    Horrible… Enough with this body shaming. The only shaming that should be happening is toward these photoshopping skills.

  29. Mike Avatar

    Too bad, this site has been slowly descending into click-bait status. Between the poorly written articles and the over the top headlines its getting harder to come back. This is helpful like TMZ is helpful. I’m done!

  30. Jessica Bacon Avatar
    Jessica Bacon

    Really, DIYPhotography? I’m so disappointed to see this posted on your page. Trust me, we all have photos of our thinner days, this isn’t encouragement at all. Please stop body-shaming.

  31. cbenci Avatar

    Wow, there have been a heap of eye-rolling inducing posts over the last few months. “19 Signs You Are Treating Your Photography As A Hobby And Not A Business”, “Some Glitterbombs Of Truth For Photographers”, “Photographer Shares 9 Pieces Of Gear He Wished He’d Never Purchased” and ANY Open Letter Posts just to name a few but this one really takes the cake. Why even post this crap? It has nothing to do with the DIY side of photography.

  32. Arthur_P_Dent Avatar

    And this is related to DIY photography how?

  33. Yngve Thoresen Avatar
    Yngve Thoresen

    Ok. DIY Photography. I’m done. It’s been great, but not in a long time. It’s not me. It’s you. Unsubbed.

  34. udi tirosh Avatar
    udi tirosh

    Thanks to anyone who made a comment about the fact that the group is actually body shaming the models. we have corrected the title and added an explanatory paragraph.

  35. Chris Whetstone Avatar
    Chris Whetstone

    The added paragraph is not enough. There is still an admiring tone to the article as if this is a good thing. I urge you to take a long, hard look at the comments and consider why so many people are so upset. I am removing DIY Photography from my feeds.

  36. Spoonie Avatar

    Reposting this crap is wrong. What relevance doe it have? To photography??

  37. Kim Avatar

    This is SO gross.