This photographer embraces AI and thinks we should all do the same

Dec 4, 2023
Alex Baker

Pratik Naik has become a bit of a household name in photography circles. He’s known mainly for his high-end retouching, but he’s also an accomplished…

5 places to edit photos from to beat the working-from-home blues

Nov 13, 2023
Alex Baker

In an alternate reality, I am writing this article on my 5th cup of expensive coffee from the local hipster cafe in town. I have…

Use these two simple methods to remove skin shine from portraits

Jun 6, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

Even if your model has flawless skin, if it’s oily or combined, it will create unwanted reflections in your portraits. If you want to get…

The importance of retouchers in post-production of photos

Apr 18, 2023
Andrew Souders & Sankha Wanigasekara

Retouchers are commonly found behind the metaphorical curtain of the photography process. They operate as the hidden muscle behind a large quantity of the high-end…

This experiment uses AI to expose photoshopped celebrities on magazine covers

Mar 1, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

In a world where social media constantly reminds us of beauty standards, it’s getting more and difficult to fully embrace ourselves and the way we…

The best photo sharpening AI in 2022 – compared

Nov 23, 2022
David Williams

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are all around us. I firmly believe the future of photography is computational, and we currently have a whole range…

Do we even need Photoshop anymore? This is how powerful the new masks are in Lightroom

Nov 21, 2022
Alex Baker

Adobe Lightroom seems to get more and more useful every year. The most recent updates have made this a formidable piece of software. It used…

Serif has released Affinity Photo 2 with a slew of non-destructive features for editing your photos

Nov 9, 2022
John Aldred

Serif has launched a new major version of Affinity Photo – its first since initially launching in 2016. Affinity Photo 2 introduces not only a…

Topaz Photo AI launches today with all its auto image tools in one program

Sep 16, 2022
Alex Baker

Topaz Labs has launched its new program Photo AI which combines all of its most popular image tools under one umbrella. The image editing tools…

Retouch4Me is a suite of Plugins that use AI to retouch your photos in the blink of an eye

Aug 20, 2022
Alex Baker

It seems like you can’t go a day without hearing about AI lately. It’s well and truly becoming a regular part of our lives, and…