All Western Digital My Cloud OS 3 NAS devices vulnerable to major exploits

Jul 3, 2021
John Aldred

Western Digital’s not having a great time lately, huh? After having received reports from users that their Western Digital My Book Live devices were randomly…

Unplug your WD My Book Live right now or you might end up with an expensive brick

Jun 25, 2021
John Aldred

The Western Digital My Book Live NAS products are extremely popular amongst photographers. External storage devices that you can just whack on your network and…

This massive 16TB external SSD offers speeds up to 2,800MB/sec and costs a whopping $3,300

Jun 22, 2021
John Aldred

Sometimes, you just need a whole lot of external storage and you need it to be really, really fast – especially if you’re shooting video….

I hate Google Photos, but I fear I won’t be able to live without it

Jun 3, 2021
Jefferson Graham

I hate Google Photos. But I fear I won’t be able to live without it. I called the Google Photos photo sharing and management app…

PSA: Google’s free cloud photo storage ends in 2 weeks – Here are eight alternatives

May 16, 2021
John Aldred

Last November, Google announced that its free unlimited photo backup was going to end and it would all fall under the free shared 15GB get…

Google Photos “High Quality” not as high quality as originally claimed, Google “warns”

Mar 1, 2021
John Aldred

Google has reportedly sent out an email to Google Photos cloud storage users promoting they eat up their 15GB of free storage and buy into…

Fujifilm breaks backup storage records with a tape that can hold 580 Terabytes

Dec 30, 2020
John Aldred

Fujifilm has shattered backup storage records with a new magnetic tape backup solution that offers around 50x the capacity of current commercially available LTO-8 tapes…

Amber X is a privacy-focused in-home cloud storage for your photos you can access anywhere

Dec 14, 2020
John Aldred

With all the goings-on at Google and people looking for alternate cloud storage options, sometimes it’s easier to just be your own cloud. I use…

New Google Photos storage rules could delete your Gmail and Google Drive files too

Dec 7, 2020
John Aldred

Google recently announced they were killing off free storage for Google Photos from June 1st, 2021. A lot of people haven’t been happy with Google’s…

5 alternatives to Google Photos cloud storage for backing up your work

Nov 23, 2020
John Aldred

Google Photos has been one of the best photo hosting cloud services out there, offering storage for an unlimited number of your photos absolutely free…