Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art lens rumored to be announced this Friday

Oct 14, 2015
Liron Samuels

Sigma’s Art lens lineup has become extremely popular, and according to Digicame-info the company is about to add a new lens to the lineup. Continuing…

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Rumored Specs

Oct 12, 2015
Liron Samuels

Users of Canon’s flagship DSLR, the 1D X, will be happy to know that Canon Rumors has received a list of rumored specifications for the…

Canon rumored to be working on a new 70-200 L lens

Sep 30, 2015
Liron Samuels

Earlier today we shared an updated list of rumored specs for the Nikon D5 and the next rumor makes sure Canonists have something to look…

Updated: rumored specs for the Nikon D5

Sep 29, 2015
Liron Samuels

The most recent update to the rumored specs for Nikon’s upcoming flagship DSLR, expected to be named the D5, confirms most previously mentioned specs, includes…

Canon 80D rumored to include a 28-34 megapixel sensor

Sep 17, 2015
Liron Samuels

When the Canon EOS 70D was announced in July 2013 it was the first Canon crop camera in a while that didn’t come with an…

Canon’s 120MP DSLR not likely to appear before 2017

Sep 13, 2015
Liron Samuels

Canon’s 120MP DSLR concept camera, which was on display at Canon EXPO this week, is said to be at least two years away according to…

More Specs on Nikon’s 500mm and 600mm VR Upgrades and a Pimped DX Standard Zoom Lens

Jun 30, 2015
Liron Samuels

Following up on our previous post with initial information about the expected upgrade of Nikon’s 500mm and 600mm f/4 VR lenses, another source reveals more…

Canon 35mm f/1.4L II Rumored to Be ‘Done’; Waiting on Production

Jun 26, 2015
Liron Samuels

The Canon 35mm f/1.4L expected to be replaced in the near future, and after previous reports claimed the Mark II was being tested in the…

The D5 Could Be the First Camera with ISO Over One Million and the first Nikon DSLR with 4K Video

Jun 23, 2015
Liron Samuels

The time has come for more rumors regarding Nikon next flagship DSLR, the D5, and boy are they exciting! Reaffirming the previously rumored 173 autofocus…

Canon Files Patent, Could Be Entering Drone Wars

Jun 19, 2015
Allen Mowery

Drones.  Some love ’em; some hate ’em.  We simply report on them. According to reports circulating around the web, Canon may be the next big…