Hilary Duff publicly humiliates “creep” photographer for taking photos at her kid’s soccer game

Feb 25, 2020

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

Hilary Duff publicly humiliates “creep” photographer for taking photos at her kid’s soccer game

Feb 25, 2020

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

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Actress and singer Hilary Duff recently called out on a photographer who was taking photos at her kid’s soccer game. She saw him standing on the touchline and approached him, filming the encounter with her phone. The two had a brief discussion, which Duff posted to her Instagram, publicly calling him out for being “a creep.”

The video shows Duff as she’s approaching the man who was taking photos at her kid’s soccer game. For some reason, she assumed that he wasn’t there with any of the parents or kids. So she asked who he was with, and the man said: “I’m here with me.”

Before even watching the video, it crossed my mind that he could be practicing his sport photography skills. And indeed, this is what he told Duff when she approached and asked why he was taking photos. He argued that it was legal, politely offering to show her his ID. On the other hand, she asked him to stop taking photos “human to human, as a mother,” arguing that him taking photos made her uncomfortable.

She shared the short video with her 14.6 million followers on Instagram, writing:

“Paparazzi shooting KIDS

Go ‘practice’ your photography on ADULTS! Creep! Laws need to change! This is stalking minors! Disgusting!”

Duff’s video caused quite a stir among the comments. One would think that the majority of people would be on her side. But from what I can see – they’re not. Some are siding with her, supporting her idea that laws need to change. However, many people believe that she was wrong to publicly humiliate the man like this. And just like the photographer, they argue that he did nothing illegal.

This reminded me of the case when another man was publicly called out for taking photos of kids in a public place. And just like then, I can’t really take sides. I think that both of them were right in some things and wrong in the others.

As for the photographer, I totally understand that he chose a kids’ soccer game to hone his skills. I guess it’s much more accessible than professional soccer games. Also, he was pretty polite when Duff approached and started questioning him. On the other hand, he could have taken photos at an adult amateur soccer game, just to avoid the fuss. Also, he kept arguing that he wasn’t doing anything illegal, even though Duff’s concerns clearly weren’t about whether this was legal or not.

When it comes to Hilary Duff, I understand her concern. I’m not a mother, but I can at least try to walk in her shoes and imagine what it feels like to be worried about your child’s safety. There are all sorts of people out there, after all. On the other hand, I believe that she approached the problem in a totally wrong way. She attacked the man for taking photos, yet she was filming him. And she decided to publicly humiliate him by sharing the video. That’s not cool, in my opinion.

If I were in the photographer’s place, I would approach parents or coach before the game, explain who I was and ask if they would let me take photos so I could hone my skills. I would offer to send them the photos, even. I understand that photographing kids is very sensitive, regardless of the fact that it’s legal to do it in public. And if I were in Hilary Duff’s place, I’d probably do this more elegantly and without publicly humiliating anyone. But those are just my two cents.

What would you do if you were in the photographer’s place? Or if you were a concerned parent? And do you think that laws regarding photographing kids in public need to change?

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Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

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104 responses to “Hilary Duff publicly humiliates “creep” photographer for taking photos at her kid’s soccer game”

  1. Kryn Sporry Avatar
    Kryn Sporry

    Personally I’d lower the camera and go away. Not worth kicking a fix and getting into all kinds of trouble. To prevent this kind of reaction I would have first reached out to the club and come to some sort of agreement that I can shoot photos and they can have them for the club. The club can then let everyone know there’s a legit photographer on the line sometimes.

    1. Daniel O'Brien Avatar
      Daniel O’Brien

      Kryn Sporry yeah it’s important to establish relationships and work towards a ‘project’ type model if you’re serious about your work. Perhaps he’s just got bad judgement and or inexperience with this environment.

    2. Kryn Sporry Avatar
      Kryn Sporry

      Daniel O’Brien yeah, seems like poor communications and lack of understanding from both sides here. But rather than scold people in public, maybe find a solution to it.

    3. Daniel O'Brien Avatar
      Daniel O’Brien

      But also, kids soccer games? I mean you’re not gonna get good sport shots with such amateurs.

  2. Chung Dha Lam Avatar
    Chung Dha Lam

    She overacted here in this situation though, could had ask nicely and also check photos first with a different approach, just plain photos nothing to worry about. Also feels like he didn’t even know her and might not even paparazzi and just someone trying out his camera gear. Plus she using her status to threaten him is another thing though.

  3. Robert Hicks Avatar
    Robert Hicks

    Come on stranger danger is almost non-existent. The falloff from most likely to least is adult parental figure, close relative, sibling, family friend, authority figure, other child in the neighborhood, then maybe stranger danger. This is just more stoking the fires of paranoia, how about some actual facts. https://www.meganslaw.ca.gov/Mobile/Education_MythsAndFacts.aspx

  4. William Thomas Sawyer Avatar
    William Thomas Sawyer

    It’s not worth arguments, but it could of been addressed much better, and I hate the ‘as a mother’ thing people say it sounds so entitled

    1. William Thomas Sawyer Avatar
      William Thomas Sawyer

      Jon Varley yeah, I loved that part and it’s accurate

    2. William Thomas Sawyer Avatar
      William Thomas Sawyer
  5. Samantha Martin Avatar
    Samantha Martin

    She was. I wouldn’t like some stranger taking random pics of my kids or other kids to ‘practice’.

  6. Daniel O'Brien Avatar
    Daniel O’Brien

    Ok I am a ex press photog with 25 ish years experience and I have some thoughts on this one. On a personal level shooting in public (as a middle aged white man with a big camera, iPhones don’t matter you can do anything with those and people don’t give a shit) has become ridiculously fraught. Couple years ago a lifesaver asked me to leave a popular beach because he had complaints from parents about me (I was tying to get some nice wave shots) and he was going to get the police onto me. Now I know the laws about all this stuff in this country so I told him what’s what and that he could call the police if he wanted. He gave up, poor kid, and all the other parents kept right on filming all the kids with their 4K phones. That said this encounter seems a little odd, if he’s a paparazzo (I job I’ve done and I’m not proud of it) he’s not really acting like one. He doesn’t seem to be presenting himself like a professional either and so,… what’s going on? It’s a fair question to ask but also she has defamed him and well that doesn’t seem fair. As for the potential creep factor I suppose it’s possible but you’d have to be pretty weird to get off on bad soccer shots when he can probably find stuff online etc etc.

  7. Ahmet Avatar

    He offered his ID for inspection. Must be a creep. I think the public accusation with video etc. is a valid reason for legal actions against anyone. Even in less lawsuit happy countries.

  8. Jarek Niskiewicz Avatar
    Jarek Niskiewicz

    Don’t give into the hysteria, people are being paranoid for no real reason. It might be just her way of trying to get some attention.,,

  9. John Nevill Avatar
    John Nevill

    This often happens in UK. If you are in a public place taking photos and children are anywhere within the view you can almost guarantee somebody will scream “pervert”. A lot of it stems from tabloid encouragement of vigilantism in the early 2000s. As a parent and a snapper I can see both sides of the argument and, as I have no desire to have my camera gear smashed by an ignorant mob, I tend to avoid situations that can be ‘misinterpreted’.

    1. Annelies Vanhove Avatar
      Annelies Vanhove

      John Nevill It’s so much easier to be a female photographer in these kinds of situations. We’re not considered a ‘threat’ to children.

    2. John Nevill Avatar
      John Nevill

      Annelies Vanhove True but sadly we’ve had a few high profile female paedophile cases in UK in recent years so I’d warn my wife and daughter to be careful in such situations too.

    3. Howardo Mansfieldio Avatar
      Howardo Mansfieldio

      John Nevill wear trousers and a shirt and have a lanyard round your neck.

      It gives a perception of officialdomness, and people tend to leave you to it.

      I think my weirdest encounter was when I was pointing my camera upwards at an old lamppost.
      A man came up behind me and demanded to know if I’d taken his picture. Be was a big guy, a bit aggressive and right up close to me, so I was more accommodating than I normally would be. I showed him the photo, explained why I was taking it from that angle, and so on.

      I didn’t want to provoke him, so avoided saying how I can’t take photos of things behind me.

      He seemed happy with this and calmed down.

      He then pulled his own camera out of his bag and took the shot himself!

    4. Jason Page Avatar
      Jason Page

      Annelies Vanhove it’s very true. I’m hired to photograph events on occasion (Santa or Easter Bunny arrivals at our mall) and the looks I get from parents are downright ugly.

  10. Jessica O'Dell Avatar
    Jessica O’Dell

    I would never take pictures of random people without permission. It is weird.

    1. Andy Murray Avatar
      Andy Murray

      Jessica O’Dell as a street photographer I do this a lot, but not of children.

    2. Jessica O'Dell Avatar
      Jessica O’Dell

      Andy Murray I should have said Children and not people (but some people have mental disorders and I’ve seen it not end well firsthand. My aunt was screaming and pulling her hair out and hitting herself (schizophrenia) when a street photographer wouldn’t stop after being asked. It’s different if you’re respectful and can see when it’s not the right time).

  11. Tudor Pantelimonescu Avatar
    Tudor Pantelimonescu

    Ask for parents permission first!

  12. Jean Murphy Avatar
    Jean Murphy

    Both are right and both are wrong. What is it with people that they are so vicious.

    1. Neil van Niekerk Avatar
      Neil van Niekerk

      That’s a strangely agnostic bit of fence-sitting.

  13. J Kenrick Bernard Avatar
    J Kenrick Bernard

    Why would you take photos of someone’s kid?
    Secondly play the race card.
    Third why the helll are you taking photos of kids man???

  14. Andy Murray Avatar
    Andy Murray

    Unless he was there to do a paid job on an official capacity then clearly he didn’t use common sense

  15. Marco Peixoto Avatar
    Marco Peixoto

    We live in weird times and because of that everytime I see kids I instantly stop photographing and put my camera away.

  16. Cheryl Thompson Avatar
    Cheryl Thompson

    He was taking pictures cause he had hopes he could sell them, it was Hilary Duff kids.

    1. Michael Dexter Avatar
      Michael Dexter

      Cheryl Thompson Hilary who???

    2. Marco Johnson Avatar
      Marco Johnson

      so how did he just happen to know hilary duff kids were there?

    3. Craig Alexander Lamont Avatar
      Craig Alexander Lamont

      Cheryl Thompson, and how do you know this? I wouldn’t have a clue as to what Hilary Duff looks like, let alone her child.

  17. Abel Rego Avatar
    Abel Rego

    If he doesn’t have a child of his own playing. Then big creep and I would’ve called cops.

    1. John Nevill Avatar
      John Nevill

      If Cartier-Bresson were alive today he would suffer the same prejudice

    2. Abel Rego Avatar
      Abel Rego

      John Nevill I believe he got the permission of the parent. I saw this debate and it was quoted as him saying that. Just saying.

    3. Michael Dexter Avatar
      Michael Dexter

      John Nevill sadly…

    4. Stefan Avatar

      And what if, let’s say, he had a child on the field? Would that have redeemed him from being a creep/paedophie? The honest answer is “no”. I hope you do know that persons with these types of issues can successfully have families of their own, children and all… and that is rarely enough to stop them from sooner or later becoming what life, education and genetic predisposition have shaped them into. It’s not that easy…

    5. Jason Page Avatar
      Jason Page

      Photographing people, children or not, isn’t creepy.

    6. whoyouwantmeto be Avatar
      whoyouwantmeto be

      And you would had wasted the cop and your time. They deal with things that stress against the law.. this was not. Only creeps fell it’s creepy. “As a man thinketh, so is he”. You think it’s creepy because you are probably a creep.

    7. Daveo Mclarke Avatar
      Daveo Mclarke

      Cops can’t do anything, public property.

    8. Stewart Norton Avatar
      Stewart Norton

      As Daveo said on public property you have no right to stop someone photographing anyone.

  18. Adrian J Nyaoi Avatar
    Adrian J Nyaoi

    I do a lot of kids ‘semi candid’ photos. Never have any problems.

  19. Stefan Avatar

    Look, this situation is not easy and the only reason for that is the escalation of entitlement and paranoia in our modern society. We act faster than we think and social media gives us a platform to 1000% amplify the harm we usually do when we open our mouths without pondering properly. A lot of harm is caused in poor judgement: we act because we can, not bothering ourselves to think if we should.

    Look at the guy. From afar you may be tempted to judge him, sure. Don’t. Go to him if you must, ask him who he’s with and why he does what he does, look for some ID and look through the photos if it makes you happy… but don’t judge a man based on your skewed PoV as an ex-teen star on a brink of a comeback, with a paparazzi complex.

    There is undoubtedly a chance I am wrong here but I don’t think this guy was “out to get” anyone. He looks to me like somebody without any photo experience, that genuinely wants to practice – from that perspective, shooting a children’s game may well be better actually. Children’s games are easier to shoot (at least for me) because their moves are more predictable and they’re not as fast as adults.

    The lack of practice (or some degree of knowledge in the ins and outs of pro photography) is obvious in his approach to ms Duff too. In my eyes, this guy is obviously not a pro but somebody who’s just starting up. Rules and protocols may escape him and all he wants to do is take some photos – isn’t that what photographers do? Sure, he could have done things differently too… but what if he did not know “the protocol”? What if he did not have the resources to research things beforehand? What if this guy poured all he had on that camera, knowing what he plans is legal anyways and never considering anything else would be needed?

    This guy needs help and advice, not bullying. Think before you speak, for ISO’s sake…

    1. Rick Banks Avatar
      Rick Banks

      Let’s call this situation exactly what it is: BULLSHIT.

      Hilary, like many other people lately, decided that a black man doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG, needed to get clearance from HER to be there. She somehow felt that he needed to assuage her fears in order to justify being where he was, doing what he was doing.

      Fuck her.

      1. Stefan Avatar

        Unfortunately, this kind of reactions is a thing and it will not go away – au contraire. Hillary’s outburst jumps to our attention because she used to be famous but ordinary people do this kind of thing al the time. We got used to entitling bitching generated by ignorance, racism and plain laziness & we ignore most of it because it’s mentally safe to do so :) Unfortunately, the longer we ignore this the bigger the issues will become.

        I don’t think this is about race – I think it’s more an issue of entitlement growing as a fowled weed on top of an unbalanced character still hurting from a lack of proper education & measure of all things. Her childhood life must not have been easy and some issues from back in the day are surely still taking a toll on her everyday life. She deals in absolutes because that’s how she was taught by her protective family & management: “the guy with a camera that does not have a photo pass has not been vetted by us and therefore he’s definitely a creep & you should not engage him”. She was never a normal person and she does not know how to properly act like one. I pity her kids, to be honest…

      2. Stefan Avatar

        On the other hand, there’s some lack of social skills on the other side as well.

        As humans, we all should be able to identify danger or conflict when we see them/it coming and the natural answer should be to protect ourselves and everyone around from unnecessary harm. People can be uneducated, biased and racist & that should not be breaking news for anyone, especially if you live in America. Leave the white girl be if you see her coming to you with an aggressive and entitled tone. State your position firm and polite, but let her have her way as soon as you realise you can’t change a fool’s mind – that should have happened in this case pretty early on.

        When dialogue is clearly not an option because there is no partner for dialogue, one should de-escalate the conflict by taking a step back.

        1. Rick Banks Avatar
          Rick Banks

          The photographer was APPROACHED by her.
          This situation was INITIATED by her.
          This situation has now been ESCALATED by her.

          Why? Because a black man didn’t acquiesce to her. Women like her have been feigning unrealistic “fear” simply because they can’t get their way.

          Again I say, “Fuck Hilary Duff.”

        2. Deacon Blues Avatar
          Deacon Blues

          Right. Let’s always give in to racists, bullies and idiots, because that surely won’t encourage them.

          1. Stefan Avatar

            It’s not about giving in, Deacon. It’s about correctly assessing a situation, weighing in your chances and making sure you approach the scenario from the perspective that’s the most likely to bring you a chance for success. You know, some wars can be won by actually not going into a fight…

          2. Deacon Blues Avatar
            Deacon Blues

            I disagree. You can avoid, but not win. And the offending party will see your backing down as validation of their behaviour.

          3. Stefan Avatar

            This is where you confuse backing down with giving up your beliefs and standing up to defend them.

            You should only give up your beliefs if a solid, irrefutable argument can be made that they are wrong. However, you can safely back down at any time if moving forward with an argument proves not only too costly but also obviously ineffective and unsafe – this does not affect in any way your ownership of the relative truth in that particular matter.

            For example, confronting Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby directly brought nothing to none of their abused victims, au contraire. That fight was laudable, but obviously meant to fail due to the position of power the aggressors had. Even though the victims were obviously in the right, they were in no position to produce a change. The Justice system, however, made a difference in both cases and that was a fight worth fighting for. Not every confrontation is necessary, we all need to choose our battles wisely.

  20. Volker Bartheld Avatar
    Volker Bartheld

    I do not know neither care who Hilary Duff is.

    All that matters is where this soccer area is located and whether it is private property. I find https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photography_and_the_law quite easy to understand, and – no surprises here – if private property it’s “my house, my rules” everywhere in the world.

    For the USA, it is obviously “legal to photograph or videotape anything and anyone on any public property”, be it a helicopter celeb mother and her kid, be it the POTUS or anyone else. Instead, it might be more an issue badmouthing someone who was openly willing to identify himself and just practicing sports photography as a disgusting creep or stalker on social media.

    In the UK you can – according to the aforementioned Wiki article – take civil proceedings, if you or your minor is filmed or photographed without consent. Fine.

    In Germany, things are – of course and as always – more complicated, I try to put it simple: You can shoot anyone and anything from public places using “standard” equipment and without invading someone’s private sphere. So no pictures through bathroom windows across the fence from a ladder with your 800mm lens. And also no portraits of drunken/helpless people and especially naked minors. You can publish(!) any OK images, if the depicted people are not “dominant” (or agree). If you are just taking images for your leisure, feel free to store the pictures for as long as and however you like and not inform anyone. Forget about the DSGVO, this just covers commercial activities.

    Don’t know if other countries differenciate between just taking the image and on the other hand publishing it in the same manner as Germany does, so appreciate any comments.

    IMHO Duff overreacted here, especially by taking the issue to social media. The capitalization of “KIDS” and “ADULTS” with the ton of exclamation marks in the post makes the reaction feel even more immature. Instead and if “Laws need to change!”, she should have felt free to take whatever appropriate (and legal) steps to make this happen.

    I agree with Kryn Sporry that I would have probably just stopped shooting and left the soccer area. However I refuse to comply with the obsessions of hysteric paranoids threatening me to take down my camera in public places because of their “right to their own image”. Because I just don’t see the point in tolerating a growing community of social media shooters using there smartphone camera even in the most sensitive and inappropriate areas and de facto having to give up my street photography hobby because of some fuzzy gut feelings at the same time.

  21. Duncan Knifton Avatar
    Duncan Knifton

    if he’s not there in any official reason, like the main sports tog etc,…or if he hasn’t got kids in the game…then yeah, I would be a bit nervous…
    If he’s a genuine tog who just happens to be passing by, then he should have asked permission …its children after all…

    1. Rick Banks Avatar
      Rick Banks

      And who, pray tell, should the photographer have gotten “permission” from?? Who decides if he is a “genuine” photographer?? I’m sure there were others there taking pictures as well…I wonder if they had to announce “ask permission” or get cleared by the other people in attendance?? This is bullshit and you and Hilary know it.

    2. Duncan Knifton Avatar
      Duncan Knifton

      Adie Coupe ….legally, may not….but in these days of child protection, its best practice….

  22. Jeff Hayward Avatar
    Jeff Hayward

    For sure should have been more careful photographing kids. We also assume he knew this was duff’s Kid and was planning to sell? And make him look bad by posting a video? Her privilege is clearly showing. He could’ve approached it better but now he has been shamed by a celeb. Not cool

  23. Michael Sawyer Avatar
    Michael Sawyer

    Idk that camera is semi pro he looks legit and his age doesn’t help politics have changed. I live in NY street/portrait photography is just a damn thing. But she is also well within her right to ask to stop. JUST NOT LIKE THAT ENTITLED ASS WHITE GIRL

    1. Michael Dexter Avatar
      Michael Dexter

      Michael Sawyer …and he is well within his rights to refuse.

    2. Rick Banks Avatar
      Rick Banks

      How is she “well within her rights” to ask ANYONE to stop doing something that they are legally allowed to do?

  24. Keith Jacobs Avatar
    Keith Jacobs

    Anyone got tips on how to make a quick and cheap ring flash for macro shots?

    1. Howardo Mansfieldio Avatar
      Howardo Mansfieldio

      Keith Jacobs they might be children, but they’re not THAT small….

    2. Keith Jacobs Avatar
      Keith Jacobs

      Howardo Mansfieldio ?

    3. Keith Jacobs Avatar
      Keith Jacobs

      Howardo Mansfieldio I’m shooting flowers. Sorry about the confusion. Any DIY tips would be great, thanks!

    4. Duncan Knifton Avatar
      Duncan Knifton

      Not sure you have the right thread,….but here you go…
      Pringles tube

  25. Rick Banks Avatar
    Rick Banks

    Hilary Duff is full of shit! She and her kids are at a PUBLIC PARK. If she is “unfcomfortable” with cameras, which are everywhere, she should keep her ass at home. I would imagine there were other people taking pictures there too, I wonder if she needed “official identification” from them too? He wasn’t photographing anyone inappropriately. He wasn’t in any way making contact with anyone. He was photographing a field sporting event in exactly the way EVERY photographer photographs a field sporting event….from the sidelines. She is just another “Becky” that feels entitled to decide what a person of color is allowed to do. This is bullshit.

  26. tkgold Avatar

    He should not have been so disputatious. I don’t know if he is a creep or not but she asked and told him why and all he kept saying was it’s not illegal. He was wrong.

    1. Darek Jaszewski Avatar
      Darek Jaszewski

      He was not doing it illegal. Public place means he can do whatever he wants, until he is psoting those photos on the web, which is not allowed without permission. That is it.

      After me got posted in such ciscumstances on her instagram account, I would sue her, for sure.

      1. whoyouwantmeto be Avatar
        whoyouwantmeto be

        Wrong….posting the photos arent wrong or illegal unless you are using them in the form of advertising and you are getting paid fir using those images in advertising.

  27. Barry Avatar

    blasting him on social media only brings out her hypocrisy. She has 14 million followers on her IG and has no problem posting her children in all kinds of private photos. Statistically there has to be more than a few “creeps” following her

  28. Kevin Lane Avatar
    Kevin Lane

    There is nothing creepy about someone photographing kids sports other than what is in your own imagination. Check yourself.

    It is a great way to practice.

    If He isn’t being creepy he isn’t being creepy.

    Stop making criminals out of everyone.

    1. Kevin Lane Avatar
      Kevin Lane

      Photograph adult sports the… Well that costs money and is far far more rare than kids sports.

      If the guy is in fact being creepy then ask him to leave… But other than that mind you own business.

    2. Kevin Lane Avatar
      Kevin Lane

      And no I don’t photograph kids sports before you start to lose your tenuous grasp on reality.

  29. Lee-Anne Armstrong Avatar
    Lee-Anne Armstrong

    Children cannot give consent to an adult to photograph them and no sports club can do that on their behalf either. This ‘creep’ should not have been allowed onto private property, let alone focus a camera lens on other people’s children. Hillary Duff is spot on. Good for her.

    1. Jason Page Avatar
      Jason Page

      If you’re in public, consent really isn’t required.

    2. Craig Alexander Lamont Avatar
      Craig Alexander Lamont

      Lee-Anne Armstrong What makes you think it was on private property?

    3. Daveo Mclarke Avatar
      Daveo Mclarke

      She’s wrong & so are you.

    4. Alan Laighleis Avatar
      Alan Laighleis

      Lee-Anne Armstrong you are assuming it is private property. Also the photographer .may have the consent of the property owner and those using the facility provide their consent by way of signing up to use it.

    5. Duncan Knifton Avatar
      Duncan Knifton

      I know many Football togs who do the tournaments who would disagree with you !

  30. keepITreal Avatar

    The only way to become better at photography is to practice. I’m not talking about cell phone nonsense, but actual photography…PHOTOGRAPHY photography, if you will. The only way to know your equipment is to get out there and shoot. If you’re single, with no immediate or local family to practice on, THIS is the FOR REAL struggle.

    Both Hillary and this gentleman’s approach [to each other] could’ve been better. Even if Hillary came at him that way, he could’e responded with pure, apologetic kindness. From the surface, it would be creepy to have an unknown photographing your kids. We don’t know Tom from Harry these days. Not finding out who people are only makes it easier for the creeps to thrive.

    This was a window of opportunity for the photographer to introduce himself and open a networking channel. DON’T CHALLENGE HER. Ease her concerns. “Ms. Lady. I can understand your concerns.”

    Then you take the opportunity to explain who are, what you’re doing, why, etc.

    It helps to carry I.D., cards, and have a website in these situations, too.

    Both could’ve handled it better, IMO.

    1. TIA Avatar

      For the most part, I see your point. However, the photographer wasn’t hostile or defensive. In fact, he was out in the open and it was probably fairly obvious what he was doing, and he had the legitimate right to do it. Duff’s approach was assuming and suspicious from the beginning, in addition to hypocritical for filming the interaction and posting it on her social media platform. She should, in effect, be knowledgeable about what could be classified as slander or libel. None of this was an issue until she made it an issue. If he had a 600mm telephoto zoom lens and was a quarter-mile away, like professional, clandestine paparazzi or private investigators, she wouldn’t have had a clue. In essence, her approach was wrong from the start, and then putting him on blast via Instagram completely undermines her argument.

  31. Pauli Purtilo Avatar
    Pauli Purtilo

    There are like 0,00000000000005% real creeps with camera and like 50% parents thinking that everyone is creepy, what is very creepy. I dont know witch one is bigger issue..live in the world like that or the creepy one’s what you never meet.

  32. Eetu Saloranta Avatar
    Eetu Saloranta

    My grandpa had taken a video of kids attending a swimming school in the sixties. Swimming schools were a big deal back then. They even handed out diplomas called “Master’s Degree in Swimming”.

    When I saw the footage, all I could think how he would have in prison the moment he took out his camera now.

  33. Justin Prim Avatar
    Justin Prim

    If it was a woman this would not be an article.

    1. Roseanna Smith Avatar
      Roseanna Smith

      Unfortunately this isn’t true. I was parked in the empty middle school parking lot in the middle of winter break just after sunset in a rainstorm, taking my usual “lonely building” photos. Not only were there no children around, there weren’t even people around, until a woman drove by, saw me taking pictures, and then drove up to me to ask why I was taking pictures in a school where children go, near a neighborhood where children play.

      She was literally the only human being I’d seen for an hour. Some people are just over-the-top paranoid.

  34. Quinn Clarke-Ryk Avatar
    Quinn Clarke-Ryk

    sort something out without resulting in humiliating someone on social media but that’s just me.

  35. Marciano Kluivert Avatar
    Marciano Kluivert

    Paranoia! ?

  36. Alan Laighleis Avatar
    Alan Laighleis

    If it’s a public place then there is no right to privacy. If it’s a private playing field he may have had the permission of the owners to shoot. Those using the facility may have given consent by becoming members or paying a fee to use it. This may have been laid out in the T&Cs.

    She overreacted and had no right to shame the guy. Another idiot with no clue

  37. corina70 Avatar

    Anyone defending this creep has issues Yikes! I’m sure the same would be ok if their kid was being taped by a stranger!

    Hilary has went after creeps following her kids before good for her! Sadly until one of the kids die or get injured nothing will probably change


  38. Toby Vandevelde Avatar
    Toby Vandevelde

    I just would not turn up somewhere and take pics of stranger’s kids.
    If it’s not been ok’d by the organisers then it looks weird. Plenty of adult amateur soccer teams out there.

  39. Sergio Giovanni Avatar
    Sergio Giovanni

    Had the police called on me for taking photos of my own daughter… My wife started a fashion blog for her so it required some outfit shots…next thing I know I have two cops following me around. I asked them why they were following me to which they said they received a call of someone taking in inappropriate photos of a child. I had to literally scroll through my entire memory card to appease them…after they questioned my 4 year old daughter

    1. TIA Avatar

      That is infuriating. I am sorry to learn that you experienced this.

  40. Nicholas Kau Avatar
    Nicholas Kau

    Had someone follow me with a wedding couple to a beach photo shoot. He was shooting over my shoulder and I told him to leave. He said “it’s a free country” then I had the coordinator deal with him. He ended up in cuffs for harassment.

  41. Tom Jones Avatar
    Tom Jones

    The photographer has EVERY right to be there shooting photos.

  42. FrogLuvR Avatar

    Yes, let’s change the laws….. Throw people in jail that are doing stuff that WE do not like, damn the Constitution. Anyway, Hillary, should have been less accusatory, and more polite asking the guy to just not take photos of the kids. Yelling and swearing at people will get you anywhere. Being a street photographer myself, I have had people wave me off and some ask me to not take their photos – fine. But there are a number of bullies out there that seem to enjoy yelling at people, and demanding you stop taking photos. As people have mentioned, in the good old United States of American, you have no expectations of privacy in public. Go away, you bully, Hilary Duff :-)

  43. Mii Avatar

    such a questionable way to gain followers On Instagram. But sure, I would have asked permission before taking pictures.

  44. Tom Freda Avatar
    Tom Freda

    First, I fail to understand the argument that taking photos of a kid’s soccer game is detrimental to their safety.” It’s a photo. That’s it. If no name or address accompanies it, how can it be a safety issue?

    That aside; when I photographed my pre-teen son’s baseball games, I was constantly berated by snooty parents who questioned me about my intent, informing me that I was breaking some law – which, when asked, they were unable to cite.

    When I answered with an explanation that my son was a player, the coaches had given me their approval, and that, at the end of each season, I always burned a photo DVD slideshow for all members of the team free of charge (which they should have been aware of had they read the league emails), it usually shut them up.

    But amazingly, there was always a handful who continued to harass me at every game.

    I blame both digital imaging and the internet. Back in the nineties, before I had a kid of my own, I was always asked by friends and family to photograph their kids at sporting events. I don’t recall ever encountering people angered by my presence.

    On the contrary, parents would often point out their kid and ask if they could get a print.

  45. suruha Avatar

    I wonder if entitled Duff goes in to the police stations and yells at the remote camera operators for the street cams that guard our cities. Entitlement is a crock of doody! Who cares WHO she is!

  46. Ken Barber Avatar
    Ken Barber

    The photographer is correct. The woman has a problem, my guess is she came out of her liberal “quiet room” with nothing to do. Does she post photos of her kids on her site?

  47. Arthur_P_Dent Avatar

    He should sue her for defamation. IANAL, but I took communications law as part of my degree. As a private individual, all he has to do is prove her comment was false and it defamed him, and he will win in court.

  48. Deacon Blues Avatar
    Deacon Blues

    Retarded Momzilla thinks world revolves around her, posts stupid shit. Film at eleven.

  49. Jared Ribic Avatar
    Jared Ribic

    She records video of a stranger and posts it publicly (with intent to slander him).
    Does that now give him the right to post pictures of her kids publicly (with intent to show his photographic progress)?

    You’d think a mother would be more worried about the cell phones and other devices with cameras in her kids’ bedrooms, and the fact that the NSA can turn those cameras on at any time. That’s considerably more creepy than a stranger in a public park where your kids are fully clothed.

  50. Steven Dale Avatar
    Steven Dale

    An interesting angle on this is that she posted on her Instagram not only lots of photos of her kids (very young ones too) but also a poster saying that her family believes “kindness is everything” which seems somewhat hypocritical in the circumstances, imho.

  51. Aaron DeRossett Avatar
    Aaron DeRossett

    Yes, lets go ask everyone beforehand if they are ok with me practicing my constitutional rights….

  52. lordnem5 Avatar

    Yea the guy standing in full view with the big ass camera has bad intent ??. Her line of questioning was dumb as hell to begin with. This is how people actually get hurt. Approaching complete strangers with allegations and animosity is not a smart idea