Woman gets under fire after publicly calling out on street photographer for taking photos of her

May 27, 2021

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

Woman gets under fire after publicly calling out on street photographer for taking photos of her

May 27, 2021

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

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A young woman recently shared a TikTok video of herself confronting a street photographer in Washington. She publicly called him a creep for taking photos of her and went on ranting even after he deleted the images. “TikTok, do your thing,” she wrote in the caption. And TikTok did –her followers called out on her instead of the photographer.


The 19-year-old woman named Natalie has over 151,000 followers on her TikTok profile. In the video she shared with them, you can hear her saying “this man is taking pictures of me” and the voices of people defending the photographer. One woman told her to call the cops, mentioning something about being in public, but the rest can’t be heard. Another man said that he would vouch for the photographer.

Natalie added a title in the video reading “This old man is a creep. I was just riding a lime scooter and he took pics of JUST ME so I was sticking up for myself and they called me crazy like it’s crazy to take pics of a young girl… He had 5 pics of my whole body then zoomed in on my face.”

She further claims in the caption that she had asked the photographer to delete the photos three times before he actually did. Yep, he did delete all of them – you can see that in the video, too. The photographer approached Natalie, showed her the camera display and deleted photos in front of her. She described this as the man “getting into her face” before calling him “a f***ing weirdo.”

I suppose Natalie expected her TikTok followers to be on her side. But you don’t always get what you expect, right? Bellingham Metro News managed to get some screenshots of the comments before the young woman disabled commenting on the video.

PetaPixel got in touch with Natalie, who still believes that she was in the right. She and her friend reportedly asked the photographer three times to delete the photos, and he kept on walking. Then she decided to whip out her phone and start filming.

“I finally bring out my phone to record hoping maybe that will make him delete them and that’s when I started getting really angry and I started recording and that’s when he wanted to delete those photos. Then after I asked him to delete those photos and he deleted them, his family is saying that I’m harassing him and this is hysterical. If I was that man’s family I would call him a creep because what he did was very creepy… The fact that I had to ask him 3 to 4 times to delete those photos is ridiculous.”

“I’m 19 years old,” she added. “I am a young girl. He is 60 to 70 years old. I just find it disgusting it wasn’t even pictures with me in the background it was straight-up pictures of just me.” She said that she was concerned what the photographer could do with the photos. “He could’ve Photoshop to me naked, he could’ve used it to [stalk] me, you could’ve used that to sell them. You never know people‘s intentions. That’s why I wanted them deleted,” she said.

“The people telling me I’m overreacting and there’s nothing wrong with that, how would you feel if your young daughter came home telling you that they feel scared because an old man was taking pictures of just them? I’m pretty sure it would worry every single parent and if you see nothing wrong with this, then you’re a part of the problem…”

On the one hand, I understand where Natalie’s concerns are coming from and I understand her fears. It’s probably something only women can understand, as most of us feel unsafe in the streets. And if I ask you nicely to delete my photos – just delete them, don’t be a smartass.

On the other hand, I think she overreacted. There are much classier ways to act in this situation than throwing a tantrum, calling someone a creep, and humiliating them publicly. All fears and concerns aside, you really can’t expect privacy when you’re in a public place (that’s why it’s called public). Also, the photographer approached her, deleted the images in front of her, and she remained rude to him.

Now, as PetaPixel notes, things are shifting a bit when it comes to public photography. There’s a Photo Bill of Rights, signed by many notable people, that deals with “informed consent.” In its Toolkit for Lens-Based Workers, it suggests a dialog for public photographers. According to the Toolkit, this dialog “applies to fast-paced situations like protests, in situations that are rapidly evolving, or situations unbalanced in power for the source like an immigration case or a criminal proceeding”:

“Hi my name is [X], I’m an independent photographer working for [X]. Do you feel safe with me making your photo at this time? Listen for a confident yes or leave. Here is my business card with my information. Contact me if you have questions later or if you’d like to follow up. This may be published on my social channels and there is a possibility that a publication licenses it after the fact.”

Can you imagine this dialog in a fast-paced situation? No, me neither. I still think a better solution is to ask parents for the photos of kids, but otherwise, take photos in public as you please. And if someone explicitly asks you to delete a photo of them – just do it and you can both move on with your life. But that’s just my two cents, and I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

[via PetaPixel]

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Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

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183 responses to “Woman gets under fire after publicly calling out on street photographer for taking photos of her”

  1. 1100GS Avatar

    Street photographers skew creepy.

    You take several pix of one young woman without moving on and it begins to look like you’re a stalker

    1. Matthew Harris Avatar
      Matthew Harris

      When you’re taking shots of someone doing something, like riding a scooter, you take more than one shot so you’re more likely to get a shot worth keeping. Subject is in frame, not blurry, not obscured by someone or something in the foreground, etc. You hardly ever see a good photographer take one photo of any activity.

      1. CasperJBone Avatar

        If you are a (so-called) photographer and need to keep taking shots due to blurriness, subject not in frame, etc. Then they need to stop pretending they’re a “photographer”.
        Also, she is NOT “riding a scooter”.
        There are people (women as well) that photograph a “random” subject to crop their face onto the body that will PERFORM in shots. The man caught in our community (140,000 residents) was in his 70s. Would take these “random” pics couples/women/younger men WHILE out with his grandchildren.
        Welcome to reality.

        1. Andy Panda Avatar
          Andy Panda

          Someone hasn’t ever been serious about photography. Lol.

        2. Andrew Willacy Avatar
          Andrew Willacy

          So because a tiny minority may do so you think everyone does it.
          You don’t know anything about photography as a, professional will take many shots to get a keeper

        3. Amelia Beldan Avatar
          Amelia Beldan

          Clearly you have never used a professional photographer. When my oldest sister got married, her photographer took over 400 pictures. This was with film back in the day. So given that an average roll was about 30 pictures… About 14 rolls of film for an event that was roughly 6 hours. When one of my friends got married, her photographer took 1400 digital pictures in a span of 6 hours. The perfect shot is never staged and is surrounded by several other shots. When presenting photos for an article or any professional paying gig, a photographer presents several photos of the topic, many of the same thing, and the paying party selects the ones they like best.

        4. Matthew Harris Avatar
          Matthew Harris

          Sports photography used to be one of the most expensive fields to get into. You had to have fast lenses and fast frames with an auto winder and during a single match you could burn through hundreds of dollars worth of film and then spend hundreds of hours developing the rolls (not to mention thousands of dollars in materials) just to see if there were a handful of shots worth selling. Some of those things happily changed with the advent of digital photography but the necessity of taking dozens to hundreds of shots trying to get a single standout have not. Also, your reading skills must be about as good as your understanding of photography because this is a direct quote from the woman in question ‘Natalie added a title in the video reading “This old man is a creep. I was just riding a lime scooter and he took pics of JUST ME’” Note “I was just RIDING A LIME SCOOTER” Hmm… sounds to me like she was in motion…

  2. Comm Avatar

    Taking multiple photos of the same young woman is a bit towards the creepy side; I get that. But I agree that there could’ve been better ways to handle it, and she should’ve been more kind after he deleted them.
    More importantly, it’s an art form. Don’t take it so personally.

    1. CasperJBone Avatar

      IF he actually had them deleted and not already saved into a backup file. ?

      1. Andrew Willacy Avatar
        Andrew Willacy

        You can get deleted photos back if you so wish

        1. TallKatie Avatar

          most cameras keep them for a month or more.

  3. Ajinkya Avatar

    Agree with most of the article, but Informed consent?? Half the charm of street and candid photography is that they are ‘real’ and the person in picture is not manufacturing reality. Plus idk why it’s not obvious that creeps would rather carry a cellphone to take such pics n not full frame dslr.

    1. John Samuel αΩ Avatar
      John Samuel αΩ

      It’s a dumb idea. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do it.

  4. LiLi Avatar


  5. Dave Cavanagh Avatar
    Dave Cavanagh

    In videoing and sharing the video she did the very thing to the photographer that she objected too herself. She has publicly called the guy a creep which is defamation of character. He deleted the images and I suggest she should have deleted the video as a result. I take it she’s not objecting to the 100’s of Cctv cameras tracking her movements every day. I bet if she was at a protest and a press photographer took her image she’d be more than happy to be in a newspaper. She needs to grow up

    1. 2taquitosforall Avatar

      Wait, are you saying it’s not all about Natalie?

      1. AntiKaren Avatar

        ???im appalled too. These Karens be thinking they are superstars because of tiktok

  6. John Samuel αΩ Avatar
    John Samuel αΩ

    It’s sad that this girl has to deal with creepy old men. Fortunately, the 150,000 followers she has on tik tok, to whom she sells her worn bikini bottoms, are all totally not creepy.

    1. Andy Avatar

      This whole thing is pretty nuanced I think, and there are multiple ways to look at it, but this is not one of the ways.
      I read your comment and thought “wow, really? If true that really changes things.”
      You are misrepresenting what she’s doing. She seems to be selling hundreds of articles of clothing she is done with. You picked out that there is some swim wear.
      You are part of the problem of creepy slut-shaming men that make women leery of us in public. Stop.

      1. Adel van de Toekomst Avatar
        Adel van de Toekomst

        She is being seen through the camera in all kinds of clothesby hundreds of thousands of people of all ages but she only had to go karen when a photographer publicly took her photo for art. She is 19 and stupid and hopefully one day she will regret her behavior.

      2. Luke Bagi Avatar
        Luke Bagi

        Hahahaha slut shaming? It’s reality. She’s showing off her body to whomever will see it the more the better for her. He never once said she’s being a slut. She’s being a hypocrite. You start of like you’re coming out with a balanced opinion then end up calling him a creepy slut shaming man. You are obviously the problem. Have fun with that.

      3. samagon Avatar

        a quick looksee at how many times her videos are watched shows what’s going on.

        a video where she’s talking, or showing off clothes? 150-500 views.
        a video where she’s clearly wearing a bikini? 2500 views.

        so what do you think is going on? if she doesn’t think that those extra views are because she’s showing a bit of skin, she’s naive,

        she may not be using those videos to garner the attention, but she should understand that she is publicly sharing photos and videos of herself that are doing exactly that. further, she should also not be trying to shame a guy into deleting photos of her.

        as far as slut shaming or not, she was shaming him for taking her photo. maybe you can call it perv shaming? dude is as much a perv as she is a slut.

        you are part of the problem of militant people that make taking innocent photos of anyone in public a bad thing. assume the worst and shame them until they delete the photos, and worse, then you stifle their creativity and they just don’t take any photos at all. stop.

      4. SoLo The Vibe Avatar
        SoLo The Vibe

        Went too deep he is sarcastically saying that she is being a hypocrite where as he is obviously a professional… This child who leaves who pics online everywhere to be photoshopped anyway is taking away from the fact I’m sure she has video video of unsuspecting passerby to sell said worn clothes… That’s nasty Blurred lines

        1. Chris Avatar

          She’s 19, not 12. She’s young, but certainly not a child. I’m sure she realizes that posting pics of herself online could result in photo-shopping as well, she’s just not getting likes, views, clicks or whatever the heck she’s after if someone else posts them.

          1. qcubed63 Avatar

            She knows what she’s doing, she just doesn’t like an “old man” seeing her body.

    2. qcubed63 Avatar

      I’m hoping he saved some shots to stroke it too.

    3. FrogLuvR Avatar

      Oh…Wonder where I can get some of those worn bikini bottoms :-)

  7. Frank Castle Avatar
    Frank Castle

    Photographer can’t take pictures of her but she can take pictures of him and video and blast him publicly. Sounds about right

    1. Kat Bab Avatar
      Kat Bab

      Yeah its called video evidence.

      1. Luke Bagi Avatar
        Luke Bagi

        Of what? Wasn’t illegal. She was using her camera to be hostile and he was being a peaceful artist as evidenced by the people that know him and vouched for his authenticity and art. You karens think you’re all superhero’s. You’re garbage. If I was him I would have turned my camera back on and started filming her saying here we are in the wild of Washington where a irate female has started to turn into what we are now identifying as Karen’s.

      2. fang Avatar

        Evidence of what? He didn’t do anything illegal or immoral.

        1. CasperJBone Avatar

          You positive that was his intent with the photos?

          1. Andy Panda Avatar
            Andy Panda

            As positive as you

          2. Kaouthia Avatar

            I take it you were raised with the “guilty until proven innocent” mindset?

          3. John T Rus Avatar
            John T Rus

            It utterly doesn’t matter, it is the photographers property and can do whatever he wants with them. Including selling them to make money.

            Worried someone will photo shop your image to look naked. Probably should delete all your social media.

            It is completely and 100% legal to take a picture of someone where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. It’s called street photography in case you forgot.

          4. Leonid Remmel Avatar
            Leonid Remmel

            intent does not matter as she was in a public place and he didn’t photograph under the skirt or some other shady shit

      3. Frank Castle Avatar
        Frank Castle

        Evidence of her being a creep hypocrite

      4. TGKelso Avatar

        Half the reason I don’t even do portraits of humans, they are ugly in all ways. she isnt some goddess, she is another skank on social media. Glad I don’t look at that brain melting garbage.

        1. steve duman Avatar
          steve duman

          I agree with you

        2. Lynchenstein Avatar

          I have to disagree. I do take portraits and have met some very nice people. Some not so much, but as a professional you do you job to the best of your abilities. You’re always free to quit as you did.

      5. d0x360 Avatar

        Video evidence of what? It’s not illegal to take pictures of people in public.

    2. qcubed63 Avatar

      I Find it amusing that someone with a substantial social medial following is whining about getting attention in public.
      This is the biggest reason why social media is a bad idea.

  8. 2taquitosforall Avatar

    The line of reasonability got crossed after this interaction lasted more than 30 second. It then became outrage mob fodder. Natalie can’t see her hypocrisy.

  9. Kat Bab Avatar
    Kat Bab

    The fact that people are defending the creepy guy is so despicable. There’s a difference between street photography and just being a complete and total creep. So nowadays in 2021 if a woman feels creeped out shes a karen?! What is wrong with society today.
    It’s absolutely shameful and 100% disgusting to see the world write off a woman who felt uncomfortable. This is so incredibly disgusting. I write all of this as a photographer MYSELF. What he did was wrong and this is a perfect example of society defending men over women. Hilarious how everyone acts like we’ve progressed and yet apparently we’ve all regressed.

    1. vertigo1 Avatar

      Labeling someone as a creep because of their appearance, publicly shaming them based on the assumptions of that labeling, and then proceeding to meet the criteria of that label yourself by the subsequent actions taken.

      Or are “young women” immune to being labeled as “creeps”? She took his video without consent, publicly humiliated him in the video, and went as far as posting it on social media without regard to his wishes.

      People aren’t defending “the man”…they are simply calling out the hypocrisy and bias of the situation. Imagine if this older man were a young woman as well, does the narrative change? Should it? Would she be okay with a young woman taking several photos of her in public without consent? My gut tells me that she would have brushed it off if it were anyone but an older man.

      1. Inevitable Crafts Lab Avatar
        Inevitable Crafts Lab

        She didnt take a video for the same reasons and never would have if it wouldnt to proof her point.

        He took photos of her so she documented it.

        1. TallKatie Avatar

          And then used said ‘documentation’ for her own profit.

        2. edward Avatar

          It isn’t illegal to take photos in public. He did nothing wrong. She over reacted and likely for attention. You can’t defend her actions as there’s only one side of the story, or does the photographer’s side of events mean nothing to you? Very quick to judge others, aren’t you?

        3. Sister Mary Avatar
          Sister Mary

          And she has as much right to photograph him in public as he has to photograph her.

    2. Bill Schreiner Avatar
      Bill Schreiner

      You so completely misread this situation. Your comment starts with an agenda instead of facts. That makes you look foolish particularly wrt to your final, ridiculous conclusion that we’ve all regressed.

    3. edward Avatar

      You’re no photographer, not in any professional capacity at least.

      You’re a hypocrite by bashing this photographer before hearing both sides of the story. Before you tell others what is “shameful,” and how others have “regressed,” perhaps you should take a good, long look in the mirror. I don’t think you’ll like what you see.

  10. Toy let Avatar
    Toy let

    The only way this would be in her favor, is if they were beach shots in skimpy bikinis or lewds, like up skirts or something actually creepy. Furthermore take someones word about deletion as it is bad juju to delete in camera and will corrupt the file system of some cameras. Also then don’t publicly post images of somebody you captured without permission when calling somebody out for capturing images of you without your permission, that’s some bullsh*t.

    1. JCS Avatar

      An upskirt would be an invasion of her privacy, unless she was standing on a glass floor above people or something. There’s no expectation of privacy on a public beach though, so anything within public view is fair game.

  11. boderah Avatar

    The article and comments lead the reader to think Natalie’s page is seeking some product of hers or that she’s promoting. Her haste caused her to miss a perfect opportunity to get the photographer to co-op ownership and use. Could have been free advertising for her. Pro-photographers take ‘randoms’ all the time. With various types of other public cameras being SO VAST it is an unreasonable expectation to think or believe that we are NOT randomly photographed in every establishment, every venue, etc. at any minute of the day. We’ve become so used to benign cameras commonplace that we don’t even pay attention to them. In fact, random cameras, random photographers (both pro and amateur) are more often called out for locating criminals or crime evidence than being an instrument of a crime. If you think a photographer is stalking you, take your own pics or video and contact the police. Either you will point out a criminal or not.
    It’s a simple as that.

  12. samagon Avatar

    he should have thrown it back in her face and yelled at her to delete the video.

    what an entitled little girl.

    1. Sister Mary Avatar
      Sister Mary

      He should have told her that she missed out on the Vogue cover shot.

  13. Lori Avatar

    She was mad bc he’s older. She evens states that’s why he’s creepy. If he had been her age and good looking, I doubt she would have been so “creeped out”. Hypocrisy as it’s most ignorant. Put the camera down, Karen.

    1. AntiKaren Avatar

      A ducking hypocrite

    2. Inevitable Crafts Lab Avatar
      Inevitable Crafts Lab

      yes exactly she was mad because he was 3 times her age.
      At the end its her that he is taking photos of, so if she doesnt like it its ok to say so.

      Why would a 60 year old fart take photos of teenagers?
      And of course its different when a teenager takes a photo of a teenager

      1. Andy Panda Avatar
        Andy Panda

        Lol, 18 is adult. Is it ok for a 19 yr old to take pics of a 13 yr old? Both teenagers. Get over yourselves. It was a way to get views. Nothing more

        1. diane Ribbentrop Avatar
          diane Ribbentrop

          Who really cares

      2. Sister Mary Avatar
        Sister Mary

        You Photoshop out anyone in the background of your photos if you can’t get them to sign a release?

  14. Angela Avatar

    I don’t think the way she went about it was right but if you don’t want somebody to take your photo they shouldn’t take your photo I was in a bad relationship and I basically had to take my son and hide for years my ex lives in the same city and town is I did I wouldn’t want him to know where I was so I wouldn’t allow people to take photos of us there are extenuating circumstances to every situation and you shouldn’t just think that you can have somebody’s image everybody owns their own body that’s the only thing that we do I want in this life and somebody taking your image without your permission is just wrong.

    1. TallKatie Avatar

      Then you are in for a bad life. There’s cameras everywhere and it’s only getting more common.

  15. DR. Avatar

    Photography is not a crime. There is no expectation of privacy in public.

    1. CasperJBone Avatar

      Actually, there is. Not as much in your own vehicle or home.
      Know your bylaws.
      *Example: Woman breastfeeding a child.

      1. Andy Panda Avatar
        Andy Panda

        Good thing none of those apply here.

      2. fang Avatar

        You can take a photo of someone in their home from the street, and it is perfectly legal. Look up Arne Svenson. There was a court case about this specific thing. As long as you are visible from a public place, there can be no expectation of privacy. https://arnesvenson.com/theneighbors.html

      3. DR. Avatar

        You are wrong. I am well versed in the laws on this. In public, there is zero expectation of privacy. That is how police stations are legally allowed to record. If someone wants to take your picture or video in a public place (ie: Park, street or anywhere public tax dollars are used) then they are within their constitutional right to do so. Know your constitution! You cannot trespass the eyes. Whatever you can see in public may be photographed.

        1. BillyBullyBalls Avatar

          “Legal” isnt the same as right. Slavery was once legal, after all

          1. DR. Avatar

            ABSOLUTELY! I couldn’t agree more! That being said you are making two separate arguments. One of morality and the other of law. In this instance, one may indeed find what this man is doing to be morally reprehensible but he has the right to do it in the United States.

          2. Adel van de Toekomst Avatar
            Adel van de Toekomst

            Taking photos in public is also morally correct. Slavery wasn’t morally correct, because the slaves had no say in it. Here, the public place is owned by the public, both the photographer and the karen belong to public group. Besides, karen can always prevent from being photographed by staying home or keeping herself wrapped. It would only be wrong if she is forced to reveal herself to be photographed.

          3. BillyBullyBalls Avatar

            You can use someone’s pictures out of context to try to destroy their life.

            Just because you’re in public, doesn’t mean you dont have privacy. Could someone look up a girls dress in public? Of course not

          4. Adel van de Toekomst Avatar
            Adel van de Toekomst

            Taking photos and using photos are two separate things. In public there is no privacy from a distance. Otherwise journalism will be damned.
            Also using someone’s photo, in which the subject can be easily identified, to make money is not allowed. But the photo can still be hanged in the exhibition. Don’t argue with me. Look up the laws.

          5. BillyBullyBalls Avatar

            I know the laws, I just don’t agree with them

          6. Sister Mary Avatar
            Sister Mary

            Up the dress is private, even in public.
            Public toilets are private.

            You can have no reasonable expectation of privacy if you’re out in public.

        2. Sister Mary Avatar
          Sister Mary

          Security cameras are everywhere recording everything.

      4. JCS Avatar

        It doesn’t matter if she whips out her breast to feed her kid, pulls her pants down and spreads eagle on a park bench, drives on the street naked, or stands inside her home furiously smacking her love button with her windows wide open…there is no expectation of privacy in public.

      5. Sister Mary Avatar
        Sister Mary

        Don’t want to be photographed breastfeeding in public?
        Don’t do it in public.

  16. Yolanda M. Aquino Avatar
    Yolanda M. Aquino

    She’s 19 she does not fit into the category of child harassment and I find it laughable that she thinks so. She is a young woman not a young girl and there is a difference I think her words show a level of naivety there that can explain why she freaked out over this and it also is a sign that she may need to talk to a counselor of some sorts she saw this random photographer take a picture of her and she’s petrified and goes immediately to negativity that is something that needs to be discussed with a psychiatrist what about all the pictures that actual pervs took of her and she didn’t realize it? If you exist in this world there’s probably a photo of you somewhere online confronting this guy in the matter that she did is extreme and over the top and I think there’s probably something else going on behind the scenes that none of us are aware of in her life to make her have this reaction I think she should seek help

  17. danny Avatar

    She even mentioned, lime green scooter specifically. She in my opinion thinks it’s cool and unique. Didn’t see her but maybe good looking girl riding a cool scooter, hell yea take a few shots, because he also thought cool and unique.

    1. Taz Avatar

      No, a “Lime” scooter. It’s one of those stupid “pay by the minute to get where you’re going then dump it on somebody’s lawn” rental scooters. The company is called “Lime”. They’re not cool or unique. BUT it doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t need to justify his reasoning onto take someone’s photo in a public place or her going all Karenator on him.

  18. Andre Cronje Avatar
    Andre Cronje

    This girl is being paranoid. At first she did the right thing The man responded and deleted the photos. But then she insulted him, accusing him refusing to accept his apology. She showed him no mercy. She was offended that it was an old photographer and not fashion glamour. People often have double standards. We do get angry and we will be offended. But two wrongs make no one right. Accept his apology. One day you too will need forgiveness.

    1. Sister Mary Avatar
      Sister Mary

      And one day she will be old as well.

  19. plinf Avatar

    She’s 19…an adult, not a “young girl”. Self-infantilizing one’s self to gain sympathy is just as creepy. Also, imagine someone throwing this kind of tantrum were the photog Bill Cunningham or the like.

    1. Inevitable Crafts Lab Avatar
      Inevitable Crafts Lab

      nineTEEN, she is a teenager and a guy 3x her age takes photos of her without consent

      1. Andy Panda Avatar
        Andy Panda

        So what is an appropriate multiplier? To you? For taking photos of people. Can an old lady take a pic of a boy? Oook.

      2. JCS Avatar

        She was in public; zero expectation of privacy. He didn’t need her consent.

        1. John T Rus Avatar
          John T Rus


      3. John T Rus Avatar
        John T Rus

        Doesn’t matter if you are 5, he is taking a photo in public which is completely legal.

        Not like he is taking nudes for **** sake!

        Get over yourself.

      4. Sister Mary Avatar
        Sister Mary

        And what’s wrong with that?

      5. Leonid Remmel Avatar
        Leonid Remmel

        he doesn’t need consent

      6. plinf Avatar

        NINETEEN is an adult, hunty, not a “young girl”

    2. Paul Gross Avatar
      Paul Gross

      Terry Richardson…

    3. Sister Mary Avatar
      Sister Mary

      The self-infantizing is a shameless sympathy grab.

  20. HA Avatar

    She’s age-ist and a creep.

  21. Scott. F. feighner Avatar
    Scott. F. feighner

    I love that Tik-Tok did it’s thing.
    And did its thing on her.
    I bet she had a big surprised look on her face.

  22. Benson Stein Avatar
    Benson Stein

    She is clearly a s;leazy slut-t and doing this for followers and publicity.

  23. Benson Stein Avatar
    Benson Stein

    So if it was a “Young Creepy Guy” she would have been all over that? And asking him for his Tinder and phone number….What a sleeeze.

    1. Inevitable Crafts Lab Avatar
      Inevitable Crafts Lab

      Why is that sleezy? Of course if he would be a young good looking guy it would be different?!

      It’s like she said, what if you walk around with your 19 year old daughter and a 60-70 year old creep walks buy and takes photos of her?
      You would tell her “honey its public space, get a life or stay at home!” ?

      1. Andy Panda Avatar
        Andy Panda

        Basically, that’s all you can do. He has no legal obligation.

  24. Frank Castle Avatar
    Frank Castle

    One of the many girls who if a unattractive guy is around them they are creepers but if a 6ft 6 abs and 6 figure dude was around them actually creeping they would be all over his jock

  25. Inevitable Crafts Lab Avatar
    Inevitable Crafts Lab

    She is absolutely right to complain about it.

    1. TallKatie Avatar

      No she wasn’t

      1. Lynchenstein Avatar

        It’s a free country so technically she has the right to complain. However, you need to exercise your rights carefully or you risk showing the world what a Karen you are. She chose poorly.

        1. TallKatie Avatar

          Being right to do something and having a right to are absolutely two different things.

          1. Lynchenstein Avatar

            I’m agreeing with you.

  26. LChP Avatar

    So creeps are ok! Too creepy or too funny? What would old creeps do to crowd comments with their right to harass women? Oh dear, here is a woman not wanted to be harassed! Shame in her, really! (and here creeps, rage, since you don’t ever want to ever get sarcasme… of course since it would undermine you! ?)

    1. Andy Panda Avatar
      Andy Panda

      Yea, tell a cop you found a creep.. and have him arrested

    2. Sister Mary Avatar
      Sister Mary

      I find you a bit creepy.

  27. John Broussard Avatar
    John Broussard

    I was waiting for a friend to come out of a store, and just panning around for a good composition unaware that a couple of men behind nearly a opaque windshield were watching me in the parking lot. When I panned to the right to get a shot of a person with a mask on, the two jumped out of that car yelling “He about to take your picture!!!” So I started pointing my camera to the sky, and she responded “But he’s not even looking at me” They told her I had been, so she pulled out her cell and documented. Should I supertint my windows too? Should I report that car for possibly illegal window tinting? Every store has cameras…

    1. FrogLuvR Avatar

      LOL….. If you live in the state of Michigan, it seems to be OK now to have tinted car windows.

  28. PAPARAZZO666 Avatar

    As the nature of photography n my eye of shooting anything that catches it- I have been in situations where there is that uncomfortable wonder… who is this guy taking photos of me- or my daughter on a skim board shooting a silhouette? And can relate to the perv theory. But then it just depends on the situation: ‘I HAVE LEARNED TO GESTURE IF It’S OK TO CLICK’

  29. ppponearth Avatar

    My husband and I are both photographers and do some street photography from time to time when we’re in the city or at an event with a lot of interesting people doing their things. We’re very aware that as middle-aged people with cameras hanging around our necks, we have the potential to be *seen* as any number of things which may or may not be accurate, so we stick together, have business cards handy, and carry copies of the photographer’s bill of rights as much for our own reference as anyone else’s. Only twice have I been asked to delete photos I’ve already taken – one was a woman who thought I was a private investigator “for that insurance company” and the other person just asked politely, so I deleted the photo with him in it.

  30. Brian_Bray Avatar

    Wow, I didn’t realize Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus and Robert Doisneau were such creeps.

    1. Michael Clark Avatar
      Michael Clark

      Well, Weegee *was* just a tad bit creepy, but more so for his dedication to being the first on the scene to photograph freshly dead male gangsters, though he did eventually move to L.A. and chase the most bizarre and kinky stuff he could find out in LA-LA land.

  31. lugger11 Avatar

    Imagine if cops were allowed to complain about being photographed or videoed. It would be bad. Very, very bad

  32. shnoopy Avatar

    Hey guys, just found a porno site, https://www.instagram.com/humansofny/?hl=en

  33. Spencer Fisher Avatar
    Spencer Fisher

    He should sue her for defamation. EASY case. Should be a slam dunk.

  34. Chris Avatar

    She overreacted. If he wanted to Photoshop her nude he could use her tiktok videos to do that to far worse effect.

    If you’re in public, you have no right to tell others what they can and cannot photograph. Same applies to her. She should delete every post with others that she doesn’t have written consent to post, if she really feels that way.

  35. Clappingcheeks Avatar

    She needs to chill out. I’m sure she has an OF

  36. Curtis Eliot Avatar
    Curtis Eliot

    In just a few months, I’ll turn 60. Makes me sad to think that everyone under 30 thinks that anyone over 60 is an old, farty creep. I guess I deserve it; seems like yesterday that I was saying the same thing. Your time is coming and a lot faster than you can imagine. Enjoy your youth because tomorrow, it’s your turn. That’s how it works.

    1. FrogLuvR Avatar

      I’m 72 years old, and have taken many candid, and not so candid, photos of young ladies in public. Most times when caught, they just laugh and ask “are you having fun?” I say YES!

  37. Paul Gross Avatar
    Paul Gross

    She over reacted and with younger people today, anything and everything can be a “trigger.” If Karen ONLY KNEW of all the cameras-especially in Seattle-taking pics and video EVERYDAY & EVERYWHERE…I honestly think her head would explode. Natalie thinks she is someone, because of her “followers”: but should work on her people skills in real life. I’d turn tale and walk away of I had some child screaming at me for simply, taking a photo. Irony is she didn’t ask his permission to video him-while being abusive-is the icing on the cake! Who raised these kids???

  38. Greg Sheard Avatar
    Greg Sheard

    She’s a hypocrite, not happy about being photographed but quick enough to point her camera …

  39. Tracy LoveMuscle Avatar
    Tracy LoveMuscle

    He should’ve maced you and told the cops u tried to sell him meth and when he refused you offered sex instead. He would get off for being a senile old man and the rest of your life would’ve been ruined. Be glad u didn’t run into me because your daddy would have disowned you before it hit the papers after I got down with u

  40. CatherineandTerry Bond Avatar
    CatherineandTerry Bond

    She has the right to have agency over her own body and the images of it. If the man is only taking pictures of her and not anyone else,, then it is suspicious.

    1. Brande Summers Avatar
      Brande Summers

      She didn’t know that, she couldn’t possibly know how many pics he took of other people before her. She made a complete fool of herself and this man was with his family. She harrassed him.

    2. Shawn S G Avatar
      Shawn S G

      I can understand where you are coming from but it’s an unreasonable expectation.

      We live in a world filled with cameras, e.g., cell phones, security cameras, DSLRs, video cameras, action cameras, and so on. There’s no way to conceivably allow everyone to have control over images/videos that have be captured of them.

      Another way to look at it would be the fact a person has autonomy over themselves and can thus control the way in which they might be captured in an image in public.

      Also, what’s there suspicion of exactly? Legitimately I can’t think of anything. He’s going to masturbate to the pictures? He could get more explicit images from her TikTok. He’s going to kidnap her? Almost all kidnappings are done by someone the person knows. Again, he could just use her TikTok, if he knew her. I’m out of ideas.

    3. TallKatie Avatar

      I’m sorry, you don’t have agency over images that belong to someone else. An image is not your body.

      1. Sister Mary Avatar
        Sister Mary

        I think you’ll find that when someone captures your image, they capture your soul ?

        1. TallKatie Avatar

          LOL, so how many people have your soul now? Cameras are everywhere. The roads have them all over the place.

          1. Sister Mary Avatar
            Sister Mary

            You know it.
            Best to stop and argue with every CCTV camera in case a septuagenarian is monitoring it.

    4. Sister Mary Avatar
      Sister Mary

      But not illegal.

  41. Eric Evans Avatar
    Eric Evans

    As someone who does his share of street photography, my 2¢:

    A few years ago I photographed a woman and her 10-yr-old clowning around and dancing at a public event here in PDX. She clocked me and walked right over, demanding to see the images. I showed her, and she explained that she and her son had changed their names and relocated to this city to escape an abusive ex (the kid’s dad) and that their safety might be compromised if I published them. Obviously I didn’t, and it hurt not to—they were adorable! You simply never know why someone may not want pictures out there.

    I carry business cards and, for festivals, events, parades, etc., waivers—either digital or sometimes on plain old paper. If it’s obvious that someone is a performer, or if they ask, I introduce myself, give them a card, and offer them use of the image. I’ve had plenty of people take me up on downloading the images after I’ve edited and posted them, and in a handful of cases it led to other (paying) work. Every now and then someone makes it clear they’d rather not be photographed, and that’s fine too.

    RE; Bikini bottoms, it’s immaterial if she sells images or clothing or whatever—that’s not our business. But if she does monetize her image by selling photos on OnlyFans or Patreon or elsewhere, IMO she has every right to not want some random person publishing images of her. A smarter choice may have been for her to ask for copies of the images for her own use, but I don’t think any person is overreacting if they want images deleted. She could have been less strident about it for my taste, but as much as I love the anonymity of street photography, I think we have a responsibility to our subjects to respect their wishes.

    1. Lynchenstein Avatar

      This is the best take I’ve read here, thanks for sharing.

    2. Sister Mary Avatar
      Sister Mary

      If she was polite he might have complied.

      1. FrogLuvR Avatar

        VERY good point. A few times I have been yelled at about taking someone photo in public. If they would have come up and asked me to not use it, I would for sure comply. But of what I have found and observed when my friends get yelled at – those people seem to just be looking for a good excuse to yell at someone and also argue with you. My response is to just walk away.

  42. Luis Antezana (luckylou) Avatar
    Luis Antezana (luckylou)

    I live in this neighborhood (West Seattle, just north of Alki beach). One thing to be aware of is there actually are a lot of creepers in the neighborhood who spend time sneaking shots of girls on the beach.

    Literally the last time I was there playing beach volleyball a guy was approached by a cop for taking pics of girls. He saw them coming and dropped his SD card but one of our players saw him do it and told the cop, who found it and had her fill out a report.

    All this was in public so I don’t see how the cop thought it was illegal, but all this is to say there’s a context in this area that this happens a lot, so that could explain why she was extra extra about this.

  43. Will Allen Avatar
    Will Allen

    The issue here is her perceptions, not his actions. She is clearly unerved, and grossed out by the thought that pictures were taken by a 60 or 70 year old. Not that the pictures were taken. If the photographer was a younger man who was unattractive her reaction would be the same. If the photographer was younger and attractive, her reaction would be much different. This is pretty clear by her comments, and something I have seen happen in other settings.

    “I’m 19 years old,” she added. “I am a young girl. He is 60 to 70 years old…” Quoted from the article, and clearly shows her reaction was driven by his age. Similar had repeated by her in similar wording several times. With her own emphasis placed on his age. As if the person’s age is a diagnostic of ill intent.

    I have seen similar happen in public places like the grocery store. Ware an attractive young women dresses in a way that is (to put it gently) designed to gain the visual attention of others. Yet when they catch an older man, or unattractive younger man taking a quick second look, they get bent out of shape. When the same happens with a young attractive man, smiles are exchange.

    When she is posting her own photos and videos in swim wear. Her perception and expecting that they are being viewed by those she approves of only. That they will not be viewed by old men, or by those with ill intent. It’s a nieve way of thinking, but she is of that age ware nieve thinking is common place.

    It comes down to her perceptions of the “stereotypical perv” When the fact is that predators are rarely “sterotypical” Plus I thought Stereotyping was wrong? I guess it’s only wrong when it’s done by others.

  44. Mary Jane Snow Avatar
    Mary Jane Snow

    The girl is right. I’m actually surprised all of you immediately call her a Karen. The photographer should have paid her a model fee, it’s that simple .

    1. Lynchenstein Avatar

      Is that your true belief? If someone takes my photo in public I’m entitled to a model fee?

    2. TallKatie Avatar

      Did she pay him a model fee for taking that video? video models get lots more money than just a still photo.

    3. Sister Mary Avatar
      Sister Mary

      Take a photo of a football crowd.
      How many model fees do you pay?

  45. Richard Gassen Avatar
    Richard Gassen

    It’s perfectly legitimate to take photos of people in public places — press photographers do it all the time. But on private property it’s not legit. Regrettably we live in a culture of fear and distrust. It’s on full display in this article.

  46. Roland Avatar

    It’s the creeps she cannot see taking photos of her that the Karen needs to be concerned about, not the photog standing in plain view. That said, I don’t shoot street photography (or random strangers close up) because the idea of it does indeed make me feel creepy. Nothing against street photography — just not for me. Also, in today’s world, where a photo can go viral in an instant, I think it’s understandable people are more uncomfortable having a camera pointed at them than say 50 or 60 years ago. That said, the Karen was out of line and is a hypocrite.

  47. d0x360 Avatar

    Karen’s… What a ridiculous person she is.

    Also there are times when men don’t feel safe in the streets either. It’s not a feeling that’s exclusive to women. Hell crime statistics show men are more likely to be victims of violent crime then women so… Yeah.

  48. ALL my CarZ got TURBOS Avatar
    ALL my CarZ got TURBOS

    let me get this straight. YOU HAVE A PROFILE ON TIK TOK…lol, and you’re mad someone is taking photos? I’m 34, and I gotta tell ya, this generation just makes no dang sense. the whole world can see you on tiktok u doh doh brain…

  49. BillyBullyBalls Avatar

    If someone was on trial for murdering someone who took unsolicited pictures of them, I’d find then not guilty 100% of the time. At the very least, its harrassment. At worst, its assault.

    1. TallKatie Avatar

      I’m guessing you are going to be in jail for life sooner or later then.

  50. Mickey Jones Avatar
    Mickey Jones

    Skank go all Karen, huh? Who’d thunk it?


  51. John T Rus Avatar
    John T Rus

    It’s perfectly legal to take pics of people in a place where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

    As an semi professional photographer myself. Yes, we probably are not gonna wear a sign around our necks stating our buissness license, insurance, bond ect. While we take pictures of the park.

    And we are free to do with them as we want, including selling the image. If someone photo shops you naked. Probably gonna look better than your actual body anyway.????

    I would’ve just ignored that Karen and if she got hostile I would have straight up had her arrested for harassment.

    You can’t act like a normal human being the warden can deal with you.

  52. Will Kus Avatar
    Will Kus

    I cant believe people are sticking up for some perv with an expensive camera. I hope people walk around taking pictures of your daughters. Why does having an expensive camera or having his perv friends vouch for him make it okay? What a twisted article. Of course its legal, but that doesn’t make it moral or ethical.

    1. Saiyaken才野犬PHOENIX Avatar

      “I hope people walking around taking pictures of your daughters”

      THIS. Is ABSOLUTELY disgusting and creepy alone for you even suggesting you’d want something like this.

    2. Sister Mary Avatar
      Sister Mary

      That’s why we have laws so people like you can’t impose their dodgy morals on the rest of the population.

  53. Will Kus Avatar
    Will Kus

    Typical rape-culture shaming her and sticking up for the creepy old guy.

    1. TallKatie Avatar

      Please explain what makes someone a creep. It’s agist to assume something about someone for their age.

    2. Sister Mary Avatar
      Sister Mary

      Who got raped?

  54. kindyl Avatar

    Why is she referring to herself as a “young girl”. Yourenot a child sweetheart you’re an adult. A young adult? Sure. But you’re not a baby

  55. Virginia Avatar

    You are right: women often don’t feel comfortable in public. Pictures that are taken of just me could easily be stalking, and stalking is too common a thing. I would try to ask the photographer quietly to delete the pics because of that. And the photographer should respect that and remove them immediately, showing me it was done.

    On the other hand, if the woman were uncomfortable with this man photographing her, she might even be too scared to approach the man to ask.

    In this case, the first above could have happened if both had acted respectfully. And she didn’t seem to be scared of confronting him.

    Even so, anger can be a cover for fear, so who knows.

    Another thought is to ask him for his card and then call him and tell him, “I was uncomfortable with you taking pictures of me; I’d like you to delete them.”

    The upshot is both of them could have been nicer.

  56. Juan Arroyo Avatar
    Juan Arroyo

    Taking pictures its not a crime I’m a photographer n you’re video taping I would’ve never deleted them !! An by the way how famous are u ??????

  57. Brutaltruth Avatar

    lol this is the point we are getting to in our society. You go out in public and everyone doesn’t automatically kneel in front of you to kiss your ring in appreciation of your social media greatness. It’s appalling that such a strong independent young lady or the nonbinary purple duck, as she wants to be known as, would have to put up with getting something as obscene “a picture of me on a scooter” and “a closeup of my face” taken of them in this day and age.

    Listen to the entitlement and programmed paranoia about sexism, exploitation, and fear of male dominance that drips from the words she typed. She’s outraged that a legal public image of her was taken. She berated him in about deleting them before he did as she wished. Deleting those pictures just reinforces her high and mighty attitude. She’s still maintaining that he was being a pedo. This even after multiple people mention seeing this PHOTOGRAPHER taking PHOTOGRAPHS before. This is the ugly side of liberal craziness we are stepping into. Pretty soon we’ll have to all walk around in public wearing VR goggles that scan everyone you see and gives them a blank grey silhouette to represent them so thry are comfortable with you viewing them in public. I can only see this little hyper-karen making it about 3 days as the celebrity she thought she was in her head. One of the paparazzi would become rich overnight with a slander or defamation of character civil suit when she falsely accused someone of something that can be proven false in public conversation in front of witnesses. If the others there would have been younger, that could have easily turned into a pitchforks and torches moment for the poor old guy that is just trying to enjoy a hobby.

    People these days are way too full of themselves. Couple that with the militant searching for something to be offended about and things could get uglier and uglier. “It’s none of my business what other people think of me.” has served me well as a motto for years. Can people cross the line? Yeah, of course. That doesn’t mean you just pick the line up and move it behind them to claim victimhood, if they don’t bend to your will.

  58. Marieke Bier Avatar
    Marieke Bier

    Photographer didn’t do anything illegal, immoral, or wrong.
    Having said that if she asked for it to be deleted, he should have on the first ask (If she did indeed ask 3 times). There are a miriad of reasons a person may not want to be photographed, and facial recognition software can be creepy. Children and women can be/or feel especially vulnerable. You have no idea how your public image may have an impact on someone’s life. If asked delete the image, on the first ask.

    1. Lynchenstein Avatar

      I agree it would be polite to delete the photos but he has no obligation to do so.

  59. Jrock Avatar

    Hold on…..tik toker posting her images and videos all over the internet for anybody to take and do with what they will but upset about a man taking photos of her fully clothed riding a scooter in public ? am i the only one who sees the irony here???

    1. Jrock Avatar

      Also, in sure the pics were much more classy then most of her tik tok videos I have seen

    2. Sister Mary Avatar
      Sister Mary

      No you’re not.


    He could have just deleted the photo any of the first 3 times when she asked him nicely BEFORE she pulled out the camera to force him to do so. Many of ya’ll want to dance over the fact that she had to record him before he would do it. Many of ya’ll want to ignore that no one regardless of the law has the right to take pics of you if you do not consent. It called being respectful, having decency, or being humane. Do you think celebrity love seeing pics of their crotch when they are stepping out of a car going into a place? Do you think folks like pics of their kids popping up on social media or in pedophile circles? Many of ya’ll are straight lying bc if your daughter came home and told you this and showed you the video. You would be ready to find and approach this man with way more energy than kind words and a gentle tone.

    1. Sister Mary Avatar
      Sister Mary

      Or he could have just told her where to go.

      1. FrogLuvR Avatar

        Now that would be a video I would have loved to see :-)

  61. Josh Tatro Avatar
    Josh Tatro

    So the takeaway here is that this young woman (not a girl… she is 19, after all) is in the wrong, both legally and morally, but there’s no need to get personal with the outrage against her behavior.

    Legally, she needs to come to grips with the reality that public space is just that: public. As such, there really isn’t a reasonable expectation of privacy, and the hundreds of CCTV cameras she passes by or journalists and local news crews out doing their jobs in public spaces are no more in the wrong than this guy.

    Second (and the real reason everyone turned up on her), the way she handled feeling uncomfortable was both immature and just plain disrespectful. Ultimately, this is a guy who was willing to talk and delete the photos even though he was well within his rights to take them — that’s not a person who should be publicly ridiculed (in person or online), much less assumed guilty of something nefarious until otherwise proven innocent. Likewise, labeling someone a creep simply for being older or having a camera is a form of bias in itself, and we should all work to check those tendencies in ourselves.

    All that said, pointing out her apparent hypocrisy or willingness to sell her likeness for, well, “likes” and views isn’t all that relevant here, nor is it helpful to try to completely dismiss her fears/concerns simply because she was unreasonable in asserting an expectation of privacy in public (asinine as that may be). People are wont to do strange things when they feel threatened or uncomfortable — the issue here is that her first thought was to publicly shame someone else (and also get some more tiktok views…) instead of just engaging calmly, which is too bad for both parties seeing as the guy clearly would have deleted the photos if she just had asked/expressed discomfort from the start.

  62. Amelia Beldan Avatar
    Amelia Beldan

    She keeps calling herself a young girl. A young girl is 5-6 years old. She is a young woman behaving like a young girl. It drives me nuts when women play the victim card and call themselves ‘young girls’ so they can get more sympathy. You’re a grown ass woman. Time to start acting like one instead of a child (which you seem to want to be) who’s mommy didn’t buy them the cheap toy they wanted at the grocery store.

  63. Camera Perv Avatar
    Camera Perv

    If he had just offered to join her onlyfans this whole thing could have been avoided.

  64. Baris Barlas Avatar
    Baris Barlas

    Everyone talking about the photographer is being old. So if the photographer was young and handsome it was ok, right?

    As a photographer I always shoot photos of inspiring moments on the streets and it may include people as well or not. The problem is we just take that moment not someone particularly. It could be that girl or an old man or someone else in that pose. I don’t have the time to wait and choose the people whoever gets in my composition. When I am taking the photo I build it up with the people in that environment. We don’t choose a young girl, boy, old man etc… We just take our photos.

    If she takes a selfie with us being in the background is ok. If she takes a cellphone photo of where she is in with all people in, it is ok. And she can share it to social media right away without asking any permission. May be in the photo she just took and posted includes children. Did she get a permission? Did she ever thinks about it? But a old man taking photos is a problem. Come on. We are under surveillance all day long. What privacy. At least it is good to have your photos taken by an experienced eye.

    Just because of people like her I personally don’t shoot most of the things inspires me. I am tired of dealing with people like her. Most of the time the people are even happy us taking photos and they kindly ask for copies of the photos and we send them. But these a few people sees everything as a problem and cause problems kills our inspiration, mood and we basically start auto censoring.

    And that’s the moment she kills the art.

  65. qcubed63 Avatar

    Some one need to explain surveillance cameras, and traffic cameras, to this little queen. I’m sure that she thinks he’s taking photos of her for his spank bank. Honestly who cares if he is? Unless he’s posting photos of him wanking it to her, or sending her photos of the event, she can just chill out and foad. Don’t like being the center of attention? Don’t go out in public.
    I find it hilarious an attention whore with tens of thousands of tiktok followers batching about getting attention in public.
    What a bizzo.

  66. Sinderella Avatar

    He can take a picture of whatever the hell he damn well pleases. So piss off.

  67. Sister Mary Avatar
    Sister Mary

    When you go out in public, you might get photographed.
    If you don’t like that, stay home.

  68. Hell hath no fury Avatar
    Hell hath no fury

    If you dont want someone taking photos of you, go lock yourself in a closet. There are people who you can’t even see who may be taking photos of you.

  69. TheJohn Avatar

    She has now turned off the comments on the video, so I reported it and her account.