This cheat sheet shows every single profile photo size for every social media platform

Oct 21, 2015

This cheat sheet shows every single profile photo size for every social media platform

Oct 21, 2015

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Social media platforms seem to change their image sizes pretty much every time you login. And every time that happens, photographers everywhere have to scour the internet searching for the new sizes. You just know that facebook is going to CRASH your photo if you don’t feed it the exact right size.

Well, here’s some good news: Mainstreethost blog already did the leg work for you.

Uploading your images to fit the correct dimensions for every social media platform is a vital part of playing the social media game: as creatives, we constantly strive to ensure our social presence is of the highest quality. But as every social platform has their own unique image size requirements, keeping up with all of them can be a daunting task – especially as they change on a regular basis.

And this is where the great folks at Mainstreethost blog come in:

That’s why we decided to gather the information for you, keeping it all in one, continuously updated place for your convenience. Pretty handy, huh?

(click the photo for full size)


As they say, the post is updated whenever image size requirements change – double whammy! So make sure to hit this link for more details and profile photo tips, and check back whenever you come across that dreaded “oh no, not again!” feeling.

And if you haven’t already done so, now there’s no excuse not to create a couple of Photoshop or Lightroom actions to make your job a bit easier when exporting your photos for Social Media.

[Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet]

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6 responses to “This cheat sheet shows every single profile photo size for every social media platform”

  1. Purple Lens Avatar
    Purple Lens

    THANK YOU! This I will print out a few so I can post for my digital arts students. But to quote one of my students, he said, “Isn’t LINKEDiN for dead people?”

  2. Renato Murakami Avatar
    Renato Murakami

    Nice… valid ’till one of the social media platforms decides to revamp their design.

  3. Chris Hutcheson Avatar
    Chris Hutcheson

    Nice. Might have been helpful to include the name of the service along with the logo. Probably just me, but I didn’t recognize the last 2.

    1. ext237 Avatar

      Tumblr and YouTube

      1. Chris Hutcheson Avatar
        Chris Hutcheson


  4. tkdigitalsofficial Avatar

    Glad to know about these tricks.