Adobe panics, knocks off 40% off “All Apps” CC annual package for a limited time

May 18, 2019

John Aldred

John Aldred is a photographer with over 20 years of experience in the portrait and commercial worlds. He is based in Scotland and has been an early adopter – and occasional beta tester – of almost every digital imaging technology in that time. As well as his creative visual work, John uses 3D printing, electronics and programming to create his own photography and filmmaking tools and consults for a number of brands across the industry.

Adobe panics, knocks off 40% off “All Apps” CC annual package for a limited time

May 18, 2019

John Aldred

John Aldred is a photographer with over 20 years of experience in the portrait and commercial worlds. He is based in Scotland and has been an early adopter – and occasional beta tester – of almost every digital imaging technology in that time. As well as his creative visual work, John uses 3D printing, electronics and programming to create his own photography and filmmaking tools and consults for a number of brands across the industry.

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Adobe’s been getting a lot of press lately. Some good, but mostly bad. It’s caused a lot of people to become very upset, particularly people on Twitter who don’t understand what the word “subscription” means and think they’re still buying a perpetual license. Regardless, it’s bound to have lost Adobe a few subscribers.

To help draw in some fresh ones, though, Adobe is knocking 40% off the “All Apps” package in at least the USA and the UK. The regular $52.99/mo US package drops to $29.99/mo, and the UK’s £49.94 package comes down to a somewhat more manageable £30.34/mo.

The UK text says that the offer was available from May 16-23rd. The US text says it was available from May 13-17th – it still selectable, though, and it’s being reported that the US deal actually has the same date range as listed in the UK. So, both deals should carry on until May 23rd. No guarantees, though.

Discounts are available on the annual packages, paid either monthly or a year up front. The month-to-month package still remains at its regular price. For US customers, this results in a saving of $240 a year and for those in the UK, that comes to a £231.12 discount.

The discount is also only available to new subscribers through the website, although I have seen several people on Facebook stating that they are able to get the discount if they call Adobe on the phone or speak to their website support. Several also say that they have had to cancel their existing CC accounts and then start up a new subscription to qualify for this discount.

So, if you’ve just quit your subscription and might be tempted back, or you’re thinking about signing up to Creative Cloud for the first time, now is the time to do it.

If you do want to sign up or check the price in your region, head on over to the Adobe website.

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John Aldred

John Aldred

John Aldred is a photographer with over 20 years of experience in the portrait and commercial worlds. He is based in Scotland and has been an early adopter – and occasional beta tester – of almost every digital imaging technology in that time. As well as his creative visual work, John uses 3D printing, electronics and programming to create his own photography and filmmaking tools and consults for a number of brands across the industry.

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77 responses to “Adobe panics, knocks off 40% off “All Apps” CC annual package for a limited time”

  1. Tom Medlock Avatar
    Tom Medlock

    Joe still a rip off ?

    1. gordon_wagner Avatar

      I have zero interest in the Adobe subscription model and am happy to use my old CS apps. The subscription model is a non-starter. Nothing doing. Not interested.

  2. Rafael A. P. Maduro Avatar
    Rafael A. P. Maduro

    Affinity photo, affinity designer, capture one, resolve and blender, never looked back.

    1. Stephan Hughes Avatar
      Stephan Hughes

      Rafael A. P. Maduro yep, though I use luminar 3 instead of capture one. Photoshop just feels busy and bloated after working with Affinity Photo.

    2. Rafael A. P. Maduro Avatar
      Rafael A. P. Maduro

      Stephan Hughes I didn’t know about luminar, is that a perpetual license or a monthly commitment? I liked capture one pro because it was only 300 bucks and I own it. I mean that was like 1 event shooting of 3 hours and I could get it, so it was a no brainer and the other ones same deal. But this luminar looks really easy and nice to work with too, nice alternative

    3. camelz Avatar

      Blender is crap compared to Houdini or C4d. Resolve’s fusion is horrible for motion graphics and miserable for vfx composting compared to Nuke.

      1. Freelance cameraman China/HK Avatar
        Freelance cameraman China/HK

        What would you use to drop AE?
        I mainly use it for frame echo exporting timelape and picture stabilization.
        My second use is keying

        And same question with Media encoder.
        I usually export full quality with AE end export many sub stream later to fit all possible demand. Is there a tool/software similar?

        1. Nick Avatar

          Honestly, if you’re on Mac there is only really one good affordable alternative and that’s motion 5. It’s similar to AE but a little clunky to get used to.

          It’s keying is intuitive. I’m keeping ae because I use mocha on a daily basis.

          I’ll probably keep ae until I retire lol

          1. Freelance cameraman China/HK Avatar
            Freelance cameraman China/HK

            I’m on PC… Still doomed. No AE alternative

        2. Kaouthia Avatar

          DaVinci Resolve has keying and stabilisation built right into the editor. But it also has Fusion built in to it now, too.

          1. Freelance cameraman China/HK Avatar
            Freelance cameraman China/HK

            Thanks, I will try to learn fast…

        3. saschaende Avatar

          Use picture stabilization in resolve 16? Just one click.

      2. Simon Dowsett Avatar
        Simon Dowsett

        Most people don’t actually need “The best” and Cinema4D isn’t particularly amazing either.

    4. Bryan P Avatar
      Bryan P

      Ya but its just for the fact that people like convenience that they like using Adobe. They want everything integrated into the same company so they dont have to go back and forth. Im looking to going into Affinity and NEVER looking back. Affinity has their version of Indesign coming out in a couple months i think.

  3. Matthew J. Scampoli Avatar
    Matthew J. Scampoli

    Too little, too late – buh bye, Adobe

  4. Léandre Maltais Chouinard Avatar
    Léandre Maltais Chouinard

    “Offer ends may 24” smh…

    1. camelz Avatar

      SMH for what? All deals any company makes has an expiration date. SMH? Are you a 7 year old girl?

  5. Tod Heckert Avatar
    Tod Heckert

    like i said when they raised the price it is the death of adobe.. better and less expensive programs like

    1. Steve Morin Avatar
      Steve Morin

      Tod Heckert completely agree

  6. Clayton Glover Avatar
    Clayton Glover

    I get mine for $21. Student/ teacher

    1. Bryan P Avatar
      Bryan P

      Yea but once you graduate, then dont expect to get the same pricing. Get to learn Affinity asap. It works wonders.

  7. Bobby Avatar

    I’ve always said that this has little to do with the user needs but rather how to milk every cent out of a client. Stand alone software is far better than paying a monthly subscription to them. Why do it, just because they add a few tweaks here and there every few months. I have two computers, one connected online the other never connects, the one that doesn’t connect has all my stand alone software and programs that can’t be changed or revoke by the company.

    1. Bryan P Avatar
      Bryan P

      because the CEO is greedy af. He took away the disc version to avoid piracy. Now they think they can monopolize the company and force everyone to use the cloud but it isnt going to happen. Theyre losing more and more customers so they are trying to lure them in with the 40% off scam.

  8. camelz Avatar

    Moron. They do discounts throughout the year. Quit being a drama click bait queen.

    1. sucks Avatar

      I know right? Wait til Black Friday and you can get 40% PLUS more with student discount

      1. Genryu Avatar

        If you enable companies to treat you as badly as Adobe do, then you deserve that treatment. Enjoy that while the rest of us move on to better, cheaper alternatives with companies that actually value their customers.

  9. bitkahuna Avatar

    Deal is ONLY good for the first year. After that it goes back up to over 50/mo. Uh no thanks.

  10. Adrian J Nyaoi Avatar
    Adrian J Nyaoi

    Adobe still think that, PS is the only good app in the market. It wouldn’t be long before it is just one of the many choices one can choose from

  11. Tony J. Lebel Avatar
    Tony J. Lebel

    With the sheer volume of open license editing and creative software available Adobe can go ahead and choke on their overpriced software. Creative cloud is bloatware.

  12. Steve Morin Avatar
    Steve Morin

    Gave up on Adobe years ago. Affinity user ever since. Never looked back.

  13. newuser1980 Avatar

    Never feed these lazy greedy company, they have stopped innovation just like appIe, I will never use these rental program, I would rather quit my designer job then to pay these months fee for the rest of my life

    1. Bryan P Avatar
      Bryan P

      You cant really innovate creativity. This is why they are losing customers because they are forcing them to buy upgrades we do not need. All we need is the tools to make what we need to be creative so it really ends at the CS6 collection. All they are doing is adding unnecessary upgrades to the tools that SUPPOSEDLY cut down time on your work. I really just find it annoying.

    2. Dani Avatar

      Not to worry, Affinity Design and Affinity Photo work much better than Adobe products and are just a one time software purchase. Adobe has been revoking licenses that were good on the older illustrator cs6 saying the companies selling them didn’t have a right to so yours is revoked. Its a scam they are deploying to make you buy into their cloud scamware

  14. grumpyfin Avatar

    You know adobe really screwed up when the majority of Petapixel comments are unified in their message!!!! ?

  15. Dee Hubb Avatar
    Dee Hubb


  16. Kenny Lopez Avatar
    Kenny Lopez

    The subscription model has made me walk away from Adobe altogether. In my opinion, it’s leading to more and more piracy. Audition was my favorite DAW but I end up going with Studio One because I spent what I spent for the Professional version (was it $349 total?). Audition would cost me $240 a year. Tell me which is the right way to go? I can do the same video editing for free on Davinci. I guess the only issue is finding a competent Photoshop equivalent and it’s a wrap for Adobe growing in these products. These companies aren’t content with taking all our money, they want even more.

    1. Ryan Hudson Avatar
      Ryan Hudson

      Clip Studio Paint is a pretty good Photoshop-esque piece of software.

    2. Bryan P Avatar
      Bryan P

      As far as graphic designers, they can easily switch to Affinity but for Video people, they have no choice but to use Adobe because of the constant updating that they need for their camera and video equipment. They need to constantly be upgrading their software.

      1. Genryu Avatar

        Nobody needs to be constantly updating software. Resolve is just as competent and anything from Adobe now and gets necessary updates, instead of just minor tweaks that customers are overcharged for.

  17. Nadine Spires Avatar
    Nadine Spires

    They thought they had control and pissed off their customers. Then you have the hardcore fans saying “It’s not a big deal”.

  18. Brad Sims Avatar
    Brad Sims

    To late Adobe I’d rather move on then play your games with crazy pricing. I hope others choose to as well.

    1. cwclifford Avatar


  19. Rafael A. P. Maduro Avatar
    Rafael A. P. Maduro

    This is really bad news for us as well that use substance that they just acquire

  20. Dani Dimitrov Avatar
    Dani Dimitrov

    Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are slowly replacing the need for Adobe (in the graphic/photo industry). Still no real competitor to After Effects, but very soon Cavalry is gonna be released and it actually looks much better than AE. So, unless Adobe does something, competition is gonna surpass em.

    1. Bryan P Avatar
      Bryan P

      We really need to just inform everyone to not buy from Adobe so they lose more sales and are forced to go back to offering the disc version. My friend asked me the other day if the Adobe Cloud was good because they were offering 40% off and I told them to stay away from them.

  21. Vince Avatar

    Why the hell is it so expensive? All I want are photoshop and after effects, but they’re making it hard for me to give them my money.

    1. RainMotorsports Avatar

      Photoshop is 10 a month ae is what 20? You can get everything for a year for the same price. Either way if you need after effects you are making enough money to not even notice the bill.

  22. Robert E. Christy Avatar
    Robert E. Christy

    I would never pay a monthly subscription for the license to use some software. There are plenty of really good free apps and software to edit photos and video. Adobe is a ripoff company.

  23. Bryan P Avatar
    Bryan P

    DO NOT USE ADOBE! BOYCOTT ADOBE! I was on the creative cloud when they were hacked years ago. They stole everyones personal information, the apps were down and unusable from 1-2 weeks. People had to install the older disc versions to get back to work. I waited 4 hours to talk to customer service. They DID NOT OFFER refunds and the only thing they offered was a LifeLock year subscription code for a year that DID NOT WORK for anyone. They are a huge selfish scam. All they care about is their stockholders and making more sales.

    Other things they have done: They deleted their “cancel subscription” button so you have to call to cancel where they will try to convince you to stay. They are starting to sue people who use older versions of their disc programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) or creative cloud subscriptions. They can check this on your computer when you install Creative Cloud. They are also buying out stock photo companies and driving the photo prices at sky high prices (They bought Dollar Photo Club that sold stock photos for $1 each and charged them at $17-25 per photo).

    Another company called Affinity has Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign alternatives. They offer each program to keep for $50 and $20 a year upgrades. They have awards from Apple so they are really good.

  24. Bryan P Avatar
    Bryan P

    Adobe does the 40% off deal literally a few days every month. This is not new. The only reason they are in business is because alot of companies, businesses and schools need to use their programs. As far as creatives in freelance or working at home, no one dares to buy software they cannot keep. CS6 is really all we need to be creative.

  25. Saad Rabia Avatar
    Saad Rabia

    I personally am enjoying every single bit of the Adobe Suite and owe my success in my multi media career to Adobe throughout the 12 years I’ve been using them.

    I can’t stress how amazing it is to be able to use the new features and expand my knowledge by using the full potential of their apps. No applications out there can come close to what they provide, I tried them all, many times, and I’m sorry to say that they all are following Adobe but with so much missing features.

    I totally respect the opinions expressed here and if these alternative applications work for you then great for you! For me though as an owner of a company and run so many video, audio, graphic projects every month, Adobe made my life amazing in so many ways.

    1. Jaap Avatar

      You can become a victim of Adobes uninterestedness in their own product when they ruin some features that you use for a lot of clients. I work for over 25 years with Adobe software and I lost clients because of the unreliable Adobe software. I don’t use it anymore for end products. I had an award winning company that used flash for games and even augmented reality in 2009. Adobes software should have a clear function and vision but actualy doesnt care at all about the video or graphic software. Flash was a briljant vector animation software application that could easily be the best SVG animation application now for HTML5 and more. Flash is now Animate and a vague hybride animation and buggy developer app. Or about hardware acceleration in graphic cards. That isn’t something new but only since a short time an option to use… Adobe doesn’t care about their professional creative users. Only about making money and buying talented companies and then ruining the software… It is a really sad company…

    2. Genryu Avatar

      Do you not realize that Adobe are treating their customers so badly they should not be supported? If you have older versions of Adobe products, which you paid for, Adobe may even sue you for using them. Did you know that?

  26. Nick Avatar

    Adobe products were fantastic in 2014. Now they give you what appears to be a functional post production suite. But it’s truly Fisher Price avid at this point. Only apps worth keeping are AE and Photoshop. Premiere has become a joke in the post houses I work in. Nothing like crashing a computer for opening up lumetri scopes.

  27. ext237 Avatar

    This isn’t panic, it’s a trap. Get you sucked in at $29, refuse to let you downgrade to $9 after 12 months.

  28. Roger Morris Avatar
    Roger Morris

    I cleaned the last bit of Adobe product off my Mac today, getting rid of Lightroom 6, which I purchased in good faith years ago, only to find out shortly after purchasing that I’d not be seeing any upgrades or improvements to it whatsoever.
    I have nothing labeled “Adobe” anywhere on my computer any longer, not even in my fonts folder.
    I’ve tried a lot of trial bits of software prior to erasing all Adobe product from my life, and I’ve settled on replacing Lightroom with a combination of FastRawViewer, RawPower, Affinity Photo and Apple Photos.
    It’s not Lightroom, but then I went to Lightroom 6 when Apple ceased development on Aperture, and I always much preferred the Aperture experience to anything I ever experienced in Lightroom.
    My new combination above feels a bit like Aperture, not quite there, but I’m enjoying blazing fast RAW previews, the same “feel” as Aperture had when editing photos, and if you use Photos to the max, it actually contains some pretty powerful cataloging and database features.
    Adobe is out of my life permanently … they had me for years … but I was theirs to lose, and they lost me through their abysmal customer care, and their subscription rip-offs over these last few years.

  29. Genryu Avatar

    Adobe is pretty much dead after the way it’s treated it’s customers. There are better, cheaper alternatives around.

  30. Tim Bambam Avatar
    Tim Bambam

    Even at the sake price Adobe has become to expensive. There are way to many good tools for photographers to use for Post that are cheaper or free.
    I am an Olympus user and they have just released a very compenet Post Processing Program. Unfortunately, I think it’s only to available to Olympus users currently.

  31. Ed Patterson Avatar
    Ed Patterson

    ADOBE IS A TOTAL SCAM. id never pay a dime to those pirates

  32. Dani Avatar

    I didn’t purchase a subscription to Adobe’s software. In 2016 I purchase illustrator CS6 the standalone version software. Adobe has been trying to get me to purchase into the cloud (subscription) however I have not. Now they are scamming people who have the standalone versions saying their licenses have been revoked because the stores didn’t have the right to sell their software. There should be a group lawsuit against Adobe, for this scam, no matter John (who thinks this is only happening to subscription users) Affinity line of products work much better and you don’t get scammed, big plus too is it cost so much less than Adobe ever did…….your article above reads more like an advertisement for Adobe rather than the truth of what is going on…..I would be so ashamed if it were me who wrote such an article….uhhhh

    1. Kaouthia Avatar

      Well, if you think you can do better, we’re hiring writers. Just contact I look forward to reading your samples. :)

      1. Dani Avatar

        I think the few comments I wrote here already…DID do better already, at least they are the truth about what Adobe is doing, rather then saying persons don’t realize they purchased a subscription or do not know what it is. The truth is already in what I wrote and from the looks of most person here writing…they too think Affinity is much better and that Adobe is bloat scam software. The fact is they are revoking legal obtained licenses and telling people that they aren’t ….I’d say those here writing the truth have done a better job….thank you…. I can’t imagine any better examples then what has been written already, much better then the advertisement like article that was written here…plus insulting people who purchased a stand alone license NOT subscription..then saying they didn’t know what they purchased. I have read a lot of comments on this story…also over the web many are telling the same story (truth) Adobe is fronting a scam by revoking legit licenses to try to get them to buy subscriptions…..again AFFINITY is the answer…not a deal with Adobe for $29.99 or $30.00….as you so nicely advertised…so it seems…thank you for your article and comments, giving people a chance to express and show the truth about Adobe

        1. Kaouthia Avatar

          Ok, to be clear, this isn’t an advertisement. Adobe put the suite on sale, and we felt that it would be beneficial for our users as many of them use Adobe’s software. I don’t actually care whether people sign up to Adobe’s subscription package or not.

          And where the hell did I insult those who bought a perpetual license for the standalone version? I still use CS6. So, I’m insulting myself? What? I also own Affinity Photo and Designer. So, you struck out again.

          Perhaps you should quit trying to put words into peoples mouths and seeing things that aren’t there. You’ll have a much happier life.

          1. Dani Avatar

            Hi John, I re-read your article…and after doing so, stand by what your wrote and also it confirmed what I wrote about it. 3/4 of your article was about Adobe’s sale on their product, the first little paragraph was about how upset people were with Adobe….to be clear, my point is that Adobe is scamming legit license holders and revoking them to make them purchase a subscription one…this is true and is happening now. I merely put light on this matter and commented on how I think your article looked more like an ad for Adobe rather then what is really going on, I didn’t have to put words in anyone’s mouths, you clearly did that yourself, no need to be upset….its not you scamming people…its Adobe, I just pointed this out as many other here are doing also, what set me apart from them, is I called you out on the article that you didn’t bring any of this out….twitter had a lot of people talking about Adobes scam also… life is very happy too by the way…sorry if you feel guilt or what ever it is your feeling because I pointed out how my take on your article read to me as a viewer of it, like I said the first small paragraph spoke of what you think is happening with folks upset with Adobe, the rest (3/4) was on Adobes seemingly great deal…..if one want to purchase Adobe product..they should send you a thank you for letting them know what they most likely should have already knew….anyone looking on the web would see Adobes offer and wouldn’t need to read the 3/4 of your article to have have that information…however thank you for letting us all know….

          2. Kaouthia Avatar

            “your article looked more like an ad for Adobe rather then what is really going on”

            It was specifically an article about the SALE. It wasn’t about the entire history of Adobe. The things I alluded to are LINKED for people who want to actually find out more.

            I’m done with this conversation. Have a great day. :)

          3. Arthur_P_Dent Avatar

            Be careful. The folks who run this web site like to delete messages from people who disagree with them.

          4. Kaouthia Avatar

            Be careful. The folks who run this website like to ban obvious trolls. :)

      2. ext237 Avatar

        John, you published several paragraphs of accurate information and facts about what Adobe is doing. You did not include sufficient derogatory comments or display the obligatory negative bias. Therefore this is clearly an “advertisement”. The fact that your links are directly to Adobe’s website rather than affiliate links are a clever disguise to obfuscate the nature of this marketing material you posted on behalf of your Adobe overlord.

        Shame. Shame on you.

        (Your article was fine as written, and its fun to watch butt hurt trolls try to explain their understanding of software licensing laws as being “scams”).

      3. udi tirosh Avatar
        udi tirosh

        We sometimes work with advertisers. and we are fortunate enough to sometimes work with Adobe. When we post sponsored links they are clearly affiliate links. or if we run any advertisements we are always transparent about it.
        This post was not paid for by adobe. not even one single cent.

      4. Dani Avatar

        I have always been fascinated by people or bullies, who when finding a person with a different opinion from their own, resort to calling people names. I know, your right bullies have been doing this for years, so I shouldn’t be surprised or fascinated by it. However I am, always! Anyone using a computer knows the difference between a perpetual license and a subscription. Writing that those on twitter don’t know in my opinion is absurd. I purchased illustrator CS6 2015-2016 and used it for years then switched to Affinity Photo and Affinity Design. While I did still use illustrator a small amount of the time, mostly use Affinity programs. This past year Adobe kept asking me to buy subscription, which I did not do. June 3rd (Monday) when I started illustrator CS6, a popup window came up saying my software was trail version. I tried UN-installing and reinstalling it, however when it came to putting the license in the box, it told my it had been revoked. Sure, if a company (Adobe) wants to revoke the license on their software, they have that right. When I wrote Adobe support he asked for and put my license in to check it. He then said it was not a real one and asked where I purchased it…..he said (you guessed it) that company is not on their list (it is still selling Adobe products now). So yeah, Adobe is pulling a scam and a big one. It is revoking perpetual licenses and making you purchase the subscription instead. By the way, I learned a long time ago not to let name calling bullies bully me anymore….not sure why someone feels so threatened by a difference of opinion, but seems bullies do and then call names or worse. I to am done with this advertisement for Adobe….one should not give them anymore thought. Thank you……(I know, you will call names some more uhhhh)

      5. ext237 Avatar

        If you feel you are being scammed by Adobe exercising their right to terminate a license, call the attorney general of your state and file a complaint. You can use your legal explanation to get that ball rolling.

        And if you are still convinced that this article is a deceptive advertisement disguised as a blog post, call the FTC.

        Reply back and let us know how either of those work out.

      6. Dani Avatar

        Hi ext237, I think there is a different perspective how we
        are looking at the same object from different sides. You see, when on Monday
        the 3rd when Adobe revoked my illustrator CS6 legit license and so
        kindly offered me 3-months free and also a reduced rate for the first year, I
        told them no thank you, right after that I received an email with survey, one
        of the questions on it was “ Do you feel Adobe is responsible for your revoked
        license? “ I know right, strange question to ask if they really thought mine
        wasn’t legit. After I filled that out, I typed into a search engine (can’t
        remember if it was google or not) Adobe revoked illustrator CS6, it brought up
        a lot of links with people being revoked and one of those links was to here,
        that is how I came to be here reading John’s comment about people not
        understanding licenses in perpetual or subscription, which to me is still absurd
        to think people don’t understand the difference. This site was linked with the
        discussion of Adobe revoking licenses, so when I read Johns article, from my
        perspective coming here from question I had asked in search engine, John’s
        remark was understood different than how you or he was looking at it. No matter how you look at it though, ¾ of it read as an advertisement while the first paragraph was kind of a knock that people didn’t understand licenses. I hold to that still. I am over 65yrs of age, I retired from a supervisor position with an agency that built bridges and roadside structures, never worked a day as I loved that job so much it wasn’t work to me, loved building bridges and other
        structures. I wrote a computer program for bridge data collection then also. I write utility software programs now for Windows (use to write utility software for IBM’s OS/2), so I know that Adobe has the right to revoke a license if and whenever they want to…just as I put into my license agreement the same privilege. However, I don’t or wouldn’t do it in the manner that Adobe is doing it, I wouldn’t lie to the users of my software telling them their license and software was gotten by fraudulent means. Then try to soak them for a lot more money. I would feel like I was scamming people, because it would be. The link to this site from search engine is the view from where a lot of us are coming from, that different perspective I mentioned. It would do no good to call the attorney general or contact the FTC, and you should know this, because Adobe has the right to revoke any license they want, EVEN IF IT WERE A SUBSCRIPTION! Wouldn’t people who pay for a subscription say it’s a scam if Adobe canceled them out of the blue…I think so. However, even though they have that right, doesn’t mean people cannot call them out on it, telling them and others such as yourself and John that it is a scam making a person move to a subscription by means of falsely calling your license a fraud. So I stand by what I have written here, and I stand tall as I do, knowing that anybody who has a sense of right and wrong or fairness, they too would call it a scam. Yes, also the article and how it was presented did read like an ad for Adobe, that is the truth…rather if a person agrees or not….from my perspective as explained, most people can see why…. So here I am, telling you how it has worked out for me as well as others posting here, none is so blind then he who cannot see….

  • Grey Shades Avatar
    Grey Shades

    Another to say “Goodbye” to Adobe. Too big for your britches, my pocket book and popular common sense!

  • CleanFun Avatar

    The only people who ever defended Adobe’s business model were shills and individuals who were making so much from their own jobs that they knew they were ripping off their clients by a substantial margin.

  • martin deakin Avatar
    martin deakin

    Long since abandoned Adobe for freelance projects at home just couldn’t justify it price wise. Still use it a work ofcourse because I’m not the mug who’s paying. Rip Off

  • MunnyOwl Avatar

    I’m fucking sick of Adobe’s price gouging products. The subscription is one thing, but on top of that there’s always so many problem with their products that I spend more time troubleshooting and I can’t bear the street any more