photo break down

My quest for the winery photo

Aug 2, 2016
Tom Saimon

I found this crazy old winery in the golan (north of israel), and I immediately fell in love with the place. Specifically, the front yard of the…

How I blended photography and CGI to create a desert door composite

Jul 17, 2016
Joseph Parry

Good morning guys! JP here again with another image breakdown. I’ve been friends with Mario for quite some time now and his recent work just…

How I Shot These Etherial Portraits With A Lensbaby

Jul 13, 2016
Patrick Shipstad

So this is happening more and more… I’m talking with a client who wants me to shoot a creative portrait of them, and they say,…

This is how you take a soft light group shot

Jul 4, 2016
Joseph Parry

Forget Mr.White, today we’re Breaking Clay! I am a long time follower of Clay Cook, and one thing that always amazes me is his softly lit…

How I shot a photo of Glenfiddich on fire

Jul 2, 2016
Rui Bandeira

Explore the idea of hanging products (like here and here), I decided to add a new element … fire. I had used fire in another image of a bottle  (here),…

How I shot a witch doctor surrounded by wolves

Jun 25, 2016
Clinton lofthouse

One day whilst I was sprinting my heart out on the running machine at the gym, an image popped into my head. The scene was…

How I shot this wild rain bike store ad

Jun 23, 2016
Mohamed Gawish

In this blog post, I’m going to walk you through the shoot I did for My Bike Store “Challenge riding” with cyclist Ayman Habeta. I’ll…

Watch how I shot Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII with the world’s first 360 BTS

Jun 18, 2016
Mezame Shashin-ka

A while back, Eujin Goh from Broncolor Singapore approached me and asked if I would like to collaborate using some Broncolor gear in a conceptual…

How I shot this 4X5 large format portrait of Assassin’s Creed’s Altaïr in Akko

Jun 2, 2016
Tom Saimon

Bringing something to life is always exciting for me. One of my friends was playing Assassin’s Creed and I caught a few seconds of the game….

How I brought Fate Zero Saber to life with a spray bottle

May 30, 2016
Mezame Shashin-ka

Sometimes bringing a toy to life is just a matter of setting it in the right environment. For me this was the case when shooting…