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Joseph Parry
Joseph Parry is a Commercial and Editorial photographer based in the UK that provides cinematic photography and ounces of humour. Follow him on Instagram for stories and kick ass imagery.

Crediting Retouchers: What’s the big deal?

Sep 30, 2017
Joseph Parry

Hey Pixels! Before we begin, I must start this piece off by saying that I’m referring specifically to collaborations on social media/magazines, where the aim…

A quick and easy way to reduce distracting highlights, no matter how complex they are!

May 4, 2017
Joseph Parry

This week I’m showing you a super quick and easy to way to reduce the highlights, no matter how complex they are, with a simple…

An extensive checklist (and fixes) for portrait retouching

Apr 19, 2017
Joseph Parry

Happy Easter guys! This week I wanted to give you a handy guide for double-checking that your images (with people in them) are as free…

Want better portraits? Rotate your canvas while retouching.

Apr 9, 2017
Joseph Parry

Once, the idea of rotating my canvas when retouching was jarring to me. I knew it was something my peers were doing but I just…

Quality over quantity – does Instagram care?

Apr 3, 2017
Joseph Parry

Last week I took a gamble on the idea of quality over quantity. My Instagram was sitting at 6.6k followers, a number I’ve worked my…

My dad’s 3MP Fujifilm S1 Pro deals surprisingly well vs my 24MP Sony A7II!

Mar 30, 2017
Joseph Parry

I had the rare pleasure of meeting up with my father this week and on my stop through we came onto the topic of progress….

Shot a person from below? Fix the perspective with a few clicks

Mar 12, 2017
Joseph Parry

Something came to my attention recently thanks to some feedback from close friends. This was called “Fixing the Keystone” or “Keystoning” and it simply means…

A guide on how to approach dodge and burn, what are you trying to fix?

Mar 5, 2017
Joseph Parry

Dodging and Burning images is something that I see every day in photography and it seems to have two purposes: Artistic character and removing luminosity…

This video shows why it’s crucial to calibrate your monitor

Feb 26, 2017
Joseph Parry

We’ve all heard it right? Calibrate your monitor otherwise, your colours will be different from what they should be, and your photographic work will become…

How to turn off that annoying grid in Photoshop when you zoom in.

Feb 18, 2017
Joseph Parry

Hey, guys! I’ve been working on 4K for the last year, and as such, I have to zoom in quite considerably more than resolutions such…