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Clinton lofthouse
Clinton Lofthouse is a Award-Winning Photographer, Creative Director, and artist based in the United Kingdom, who specialises in creative retouching and composites. Proud 80’s baby, reader of graphic novels and movie geek!

LinkedIn the saviour of social media for photographers

May 12, 2019
Clinton lofthouse

With the decline of reach on both Facebook and Instagram, I have started to focus my energy into LinkedIn. When I decide to do something…

Watch how I created this highly stylized composite portrait

Feb 3, 2019
Clinton lofthouse

I always tell everybody that with only 30 minutes of practice a day you can become a master at Photoshop, all you need to be…

How I created five distinct fantasy scenes in this historic old hotel

Jan 26, 2019
Clinton lofthouse

Last summer I got to create a series of editorial images for Grays Court in York. The hotel is well known for its history and…

Quick Tip: How to create electro-magnetic effect in Photoshop

Jan 20, 2019
Clinton lofthouse

If anyone follows me on social media you may have seen my recent image which I created from Neostock stock model resources and some background…

How I used a portable image projector to create an 80s themed photo

Dec 16, 2018
Clinton lofthouse

Now and again we get to play around with cool equipment that we wouldn’t normally use. I got my hands on the spiffy Lightblaster and…

Rahim Mustafa brings movie worlds into life

Oct 6, 2018
Clinton lofthouse

Rahim Mustafa in his own words is a fun loving, go-giving British photographer, digital artist and youtuber. DIYP: Tell us a little of how you…

Antti Karppinen is not your everyday illusion master

Sep 1, 2018
Clinton lofthouse

Antti Karppinen is an Internationally awarded commercial photographer, digital artist, photographer, retoucher and educator from Finland and he belongs to a new generation of image…

The surreal portraiture of Kelly Robitaille will give you nightmares

Aug 26, 2018
Clinton lofthouse

Kelly Robitaille is a Canadian based retoucher, artist, and photographer known for her “Whimsy Waif” portrait series, which showcases out of the box imagery with…

This photographer recreates the movie worlds you always wanted to be in

Aug 11, 2018
Clinton lofthouse

David Byrd is the genius behind Reality Reimagined, a photography business that focusses on cosplay, fantasy, and storytelling.

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind= Success

Aug 4, 2018
Clinton lofthouse

Hey, I’m back with another self-development article (the room empties haha)…wait! This you need to hear. Last time I discussed the secret ingredients to achieving…