Colbor’s CL220 LED range goes RGB with the Colbor CL220R

Dec 5, 2023
John Aldred

Colbor has finally announced the Colbor CL220R (buy here), an RGB version of its popular CL220 series. The Colbor CL220 line kicked off with the…

This is the cutest C-stand I’ve ever seen

Oct 25, 2023
Sagiv Gilburd

The cutest C-stand I have ever seen

Hands-on with Colbor’s colourful 220W RGB COB LED

Sep 20, 2023
Alex Baker

We covered Colbor’s innovative stackable CL60 lights last year, and since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Now Colbor has a bunch…

Colbor expands its lighting range with 220W and 330W LEDs

Apr 12, 2023
John Aldred

Colbor has announced some new additions to its lighting family. The new Colbor CL220 (buy here) and CL330 LED lights have power outputs of 220W…

The Colbor CL60r is an almost perfect light – a review

Feb 28, 2023
Udi Tirosh

The Colbor CL60r and CL60 have everything I want in a small COB light. Do I have any complaints? Just one. And I 3D printed…

Colbor release a low-budget RGB version of their modular CL60 LED lights

Dec 22, 2022
John Aldred

Colbor has announced the new Colbor CL60R, it’s an RGB version of the CL60 and CL60M LED lights released in August. We got to check…

Holiday Gift Guide – The best new photo and video lights of 2022

Dec 14, 2022
John Aldred

It’s December again, which means lots of us are sitting there wondering what to buy for ourselves or the photographer in our lives this holiday…

Colbor reveals their super portable and affordable bi-colour COB LED spotlight

Sep 22, 2022
Alex Baker

Just when you thought DIYP couldn’t get enough COB LED lights, we had a little look at Colbor’s latest offering in the market. But this…

Colbor quietly releases low-budget CL60 bi-colour and daylight portable modular LED lights

Aug 15, 2022
John Aldred

The world of LED lights has certainly heated up over the last few years with lots of releases from companies like Godox, Aputure and Nanlite….

Holiday Gift Guide – Best Flash and Video Lights of 2021

Dec 8, 2021
John Aldred

The season of giving is upon us – which becomes immediately obvious whenever you walk into a store and you’re overwhelmed by Whamageddon. If you…