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Jeff Guyer
Jeff Guyer is a commercial/portrait photographer based in Atlanta, GA. Still an avid street photographer and film shooter, Jeff also launched a kids photography class three years ago, where rumor has it he learns more from the kids than they learn from him.

Our Best Tips for Photographing Fireworks

Jul 2, 2017
Jeff Guyer

With the Fourth of July right around the corner here in the United States, along with other summer celebrations around the world, photographers everywhere will…

6 Of My Favorite Photography Books

Sep 20, 2014
Jeff Guyer

I posed a question to the DIY writing staff last week. I was wondering how many of them still read hard-copy photography magazines, and if…

My 12 Hours With Jerry Ghionis: A Review of the “How to Wow” Tour

Sep 16, 2014
Jeff Guyer

Let’s face it– there is a LOT of photography education out there to be had. Some of it’s great. Some of it’s good. Then some…

8 Reasons Why Professional Photography Is Harder Than it Looks

Sep 5, 2014
Jeff Guyer

It happened again about a week ago. The Conversation. You know the one. It starts innocently enough. “You’re a professional photographer?” “Yes. I am.” “Wow!…

Photographers: Why We Should Share What We Know

Sep 2, 2014
Jeff Guyer

I think I feel a bit of a rant coming on. First a little background. Something you should know about me. One of the many…

A Review of the Ondu 135 Panoramic Pinhole Camera

Aug 29, 2014
Jeff Guyer

In the world of photography products, there aren’t many surprises. We see variations on themes. New strap styles may seek to innovate (and sometimes succeed),…

Photoshop vs. Lightroom: What if You Had to Pick Just One?

Aug 27, 2014
Jeff Guyer

One of the questions I get a lot comes from new photographers wanting to know whether they should be working in Photoshop or Lightroom. I…

Why The Non-Refundable Photography Deposit Is A Myth

Aug 22, 2014
Jeff Guyer

Advice below was inspired by the excellent post The Myth of the Non-Refundable Deposit by About a year ago I received an email with some bad…

10 Steps to Better Photo Workflow

Aug 18, 2014
Jeff Guyer

I don’t know about you, but I got into photography so I could spend my time taking photos. What I did not get into photography…

Photography: Respecting the Location

Aug 15, 2014
Jeff Guyer

One of these days I’m going to get back into shape. Then I’m going to fly to Nepal. Then I’m going to hire a Sherpa…