5 tips from Chase Jarvis on how to travel like a boss

5 tips from Chase Jarvis on how to travel like a boss


Commercial and adventure photographer Chase Jarvis has seen the world over many times, flying millions of miles throughout his career. It would make sense then, that he has a fair bit of knowledge about what it takes to efficiently travel as a photographer.

In his latest video, Chase does just that by sharing five of his most important tips on how to travel like a boss.

Throughout the 15 minute video, Jarvis takes a more casual approach to talking about a few key components that will make traveling as a photographer much more convenient.

The first thing covered is luggage. As said succinctly by Chase, not all luggage is created equal. Make sure you get what works for you and get something you can safely stow away your gear in.

Chase’s second tip is more or less a series of tips he calls ‘cutting the line.’ Here, he suggests numerous ways you can expedite the process of getting on planes through more careful planning and even signing up for TSA’s pre-check and a process called Clear Me.

The third topic covered is working on a plane. It’s not easy when you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with a stranger, but if you have the right tools and a small bit of preparation, time in the air can be a productive addition to your travel workflow.

Next up, sleeping. For some, it might seem impossible, but Chase has a few tricks up his sleeve on how to best catch a few ZZZs while 30,000 feet in the air.

Last but not least is a series of tips Chase calls ‘Travel Hacking.’ The name speaks for itself, so we’ll leave it to him to explain a few of the final tips and tricks he has to share.

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