Super Detailed DIY Ring Flash How To Video

ringflash-36I am not really sure how this 2008 awesome video duo went under the radar here at DIYP, but thanks to our alert readers (thanks Gail) it is now up for your viewing pleasure.

This is by far one of the best DIY Ring Flash designs I’ve seen and the only thing that tops that design is well document how to video that makes building it looks like a walk in the park.

The design by Craig White is a bit different from the usual paper pizza box ring flash we’ve seen here on DIYP. It is quite sturdy – made from metal bowls. I would not be surprised if it takes some inspiration from the Terra Cotta Beauty Dish.

Anyhow, here are the two videos, followed by a sum-it-up image.


The entire How-to Set it right here

DIY Ring-Flash with build imgs and sample shots… on Motley Pixel

  • arsfa

    No sample photos? Would be nice to know what the results would be like before going through all the trouble..