Install A Blacklight Filter On Your Smartphone Camera For 3 Cents


Black Light can be used for spectacular photography or just for having some photographic fun, but if you just want to try out a quick trick for testing your home for bacteria there is a way to do it for a couple of cents.

Turns out that a certain mix of sharpie ink will block all light but back light. The folks at made a quick tutorial on how it’s made.

You would need a blue Sharpie and a purple Sharpie and some tape. Applying two blue tape layers and one purple tape layer will act as a filter for the smartphone flash. In total darkness shining that flash onto anything will reflect any black light (or fluorescent emittance) from found objects.

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No Budget For A Drone? Put Your GoPro On A Kite Instead

If you’ve never heard of the method being used before, attaching your camera to a kite may sound kind of sketchy at first, but the aerial photography technique has actually been around since the late 1800’s. In 1912, a french inventor by the name of Pierre Picavet invented the Picavet suspension, which allowed photographers to mount cameras to balloons and kites while providing leveling to the camera as it flew through the air.

Though the art of kite aerial photography has mostly gone to the wayside, there’s still a devoted group of enthusiasts out there that are keeping the hobby alive. Once of them being YouTube user, QueDecree. In the video clip below, the Australian kite aerial photographer shows you how to get your kite and camera up in the air, and also shares some pointers on assembling the rig.  [Read more…]

Build A Background Wall On Wheels


Black and white are the default background colors for many of my photos. There are several background systems (paper, fabric, roller blinds, etc.) and I wanted to have something that is easily changeable, portable and inexpensive for those two colors.

The result is a background wall on wheels. Both sides are papered with background-wallpaper and so they are easily repaintable. By default I have one of the sides painted white and the other painted black.

Size-wise the wall is 2m high and 1.8m wide, so I have enough space for portraits and full body images. The wall stands safely on its attached furniture castors and is still very mobile in space.

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Quick Tip: Use Pill Cases To Store 9V Batteries


9 Volt batteries are good for a lot of things, but they are also somewhat dangerous as both terminals are on the same side and if they are not stored right can create a spark or heat up to the point where they could start a fire. Actually we share a tutorial on how to use a 9 volt battery to start a fire when shooting steel wool sparkles.

The folks at hdslrnow sent us this quick tip about using a pill case to store a 9V battery so the terminals are protected.

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Make Your Own Fake Ice Cubes For Photography Staging


I’m an impatient person.  I’m also very singularly-minded, so when I get an idea in my head, everything else gets put on hold while I’m pursuing it (and, often making a mess in the process).

I needed some artificial ice cubes for a few personal photo projects, but I didn’t want to have to buy any or be arsed to wait for them to arrive in the mail.  So, I decided to make my own, adapting a great tutorial by Kyle May.

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How To Transform Any Bag Into A Stylish Camera Bag


You can choose between many camera bags – we assume that you carry your camera at all times and need a bag for it, so a camera bag is a must. The offering is huge – many sizes, colors and shapes: backpacks, belt pouches… There are camera bags that say loud and clear that they contain photography gear, and others are very discreet. And yes, sometimes having a camera bag that does not look like a camera bag is a good thing, not only so you don’t get marked for stealing your gear, but also not to draw attention to yourself when you are trying to “steal” a photo.

But… What if we want to carry our camera inside a bag or a backpack that you already own, even if it was not designed for carrying cameras? Today I´ll show you how to use any bag to carry with you a small or medium size camera, safe and discreetly.

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Save Precious Studio Space With This Strip Light Rack


I recently moved into a new studio. It is bigger than my last one, so I absolutely had to get more gear to match its size. Here is something I learnt in the process. While softboxes and stripboxes are small when folded if you want to have them readily available, they take up quite a bit of space.

My solution to this problem was to build a Striplight rack where I could easily store any unused striplight in its natural state, while not taking too much real-estate in the studio.

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Make a Square DIY Ring Light for Under $10


I got the inspiration for the square ring light from a trip to Vegas. The hotel bathroom had a light that ran the perimeter of the giant rectangle mirror.  I noticed the square ring catchlight in my eye and found it really interesting and wanted to reproduce this. A dozen (ok, maybe 2-3) different ideas ran through my head on how to build something the square ring light.  I settled on good ole fashioned Foamcore for the test run.

Square and Ring? I know, it’s not exactly the best term for it, but I couldn’t think of what else to call it. So here it is, the Square Ring Light.

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