War Photography

Celebrated French photojournalist Marie-Laure de Decker dies aged 75

Jul 17, 2023
Alex Baker

Renowned French artist Marie-Laure de Decker, who transitioned from modelling to becoming a highly respected war photographer, sadly passed away at 75, according to a…

Photojournalist tells how his image helped reveal an illegal CIA operation

Jun 15, 2023
Alex Baker

It’s not every day that one of your images helps uncover major government cover-ups. However, the work of photojournalists often does reveal such secrets. It’s…

New movie starring Kate Winslet portrays wartime photographer Lee Miller

Dec 16, 2022
Alex Baker

Production is underway for a new movie about the life of wartime photographer and correspondent Lee Miller. Filming has begun in Croatia, with actress Kate…

“We should show realities of school shootings,” says ‘Napalm Girl’ 50 years after iconic image was taken

Jun 9, 2022
Alex Baker

Only flashes of memory remain of that fateful day. Kim Phuc Phan Thi, aged just nine years old, was outside playing with her siblings and…

DJI halts shipments to Russia and Ukraine to prevent weaponisation of drones

Apr 28, 2022
Alex Baker

Drone company DJI has recently confirmed that it is no longer shipping its products to either Russia or Ukraine, in a bid to stop the…

Photojournalists experience the horrors of war but this time in a video game

Nov 3, 2021
Alex Baker

“What war do you wish you could photograph?” So begins the commercial for the latest instalment of Call of Duty: Vanguard which will be…

Lynsey Addario talks about being a war photographer and how it got her kidnapped… twice

Nov 26, 2019
John Aldred

Being a war photographer is a tough gig. Very tough. I’m not talking from personal experience, of course, but I have been good friends with…

This is the story of Robert Capa, “the greatest war photographer in the world”

Apr 15, 2019
Dunja Djudjic

Whether or not you are into documentary and war photography, I believe that you’ve heard of Robert Capa. But even if not, here’s a beautiful…

Photojournalist says his Leica cameras saved his life after being hit by shrapnel in Syria

Feb 22, 2019
Dunja Djudjic

While covering clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Islamic State militant group in Syria, Italian freelance photojournalist Gabriele Micalizzi was severely injured. He…

A look into lives and legacy of war photographers

Dec 14, 2018
Dunja Djudjic

  Photojournalists covering wars are exposed to life-threatening situations every day. Sadly, many of them have lost limbs and even lives while doing their job….