The Lighting Series

Healthy skin tones – The Lighting Series #12

Jan 20, 2019
Stefan Kohler

The name of this installment is meant to be a joke, but anyone who follows the blog knows that I’m a little bit color-obsessed. This…

Soft fashion light – The Lighting Series #11

Jan 19, 2019
Stefan Kohler

Sometimes, you want a hard light to make a statement, but sometimes, you want a soft light, a light that draws little attention to itself….

The Black and White Portrait – The Lighting Series #10

Jan 13, 2019
Stefan Kohler

Taking a 180-degree turn from our color-bursting portrait, here is a very soft black-and-white portrait and how to build a great setup for it.

Stylized portrait, right out of the camera – The Lighting Series #9

Jan 12, 2019
Stefan Kohler

In some portraits, you just want to be beautiful, not after retouching, but when you’re taking them, right out of the camera. That’s how this…

Multiple lights, Multiple colors setup – The Lighting Series #8

Jan 6, 2019
Stefan Kohler

There is one genre of photography that is black and white. There is another genre that is exactly the opposite and it is full of…

Face projections – The Lighting Series 07

Dec 30, 2018
Stefan Kohler

Sometimes an experimental idea turns out to be a stunning success. This was something like that.

Lighting a beauty shot – The Lighting Series #6

Dec 28, 2018
Stefan Kohler

This looks simple, but it’s a bit more complex than you think. When you are creating images that are intended for high-end retouching, you need…

The shadow game – the Lighting Series #5

Dec 25, 2018
Stefan Kohler

When you think about image design and lines of sight, it’s easy to overlook light and posing. But it doesn’t have to be hard… Today…

How to create a perfectly white background – The Lighting Series #4

Dec 23, 2018
Stefan Kohler

Sometimes, all you want are super-clean pictures against a white background. To achieve this, you can use a softbox for your background, and that’s exactly…

How to mimic sunlight in the studio – The Lighting Series #3

Dec 8, 2018
Stefan Kohler

While this picture has kept me busy for a long time; it’s actually pretty easy! The goal was to create a summary picture. But it…