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Nikon Offering Free Repair Services for the D600, In or Out of Warranty

Feb 26, 2014
Maaz Khan

Just earlier today, a technical advisory was posted on Nikon’s website for the D600. Recently, Nikon has been gaining controversy after it got itself caught…

The Sensor Gel Stick – Clean Your Sensor Like A Pro

Feb 7, 2014
Udi Tirosh

If you are one of those who always procrastinate on sensor cleaning like me you may be happy to learn that the “sensor cleaning” field…

Fuji Does It Again, Applies For Varying Pixel Size Sensors

Jan 21, 2014
Udi Tirosh

We really love Fuji as a company, aside from taking a really good care of their customers, they are always on the edge of technology,…

Nikon Just Filed A Patent For An Interchangeable Sensor Camera. I Am Not Thrilled

Oct 3, 2013
Udi Tirosh

If you are ready any of the photography blogs out there you could not have missed the new patent from Nikon. A patent for an…

Crop vs. Full Frame: Excuse Me While I Rant

Sep 2, 2013
Jeff Guyer

Consider this– Every significant photo in the history of the medium was taken with a camera less technologically advanced than the one sitting in your…

Everything You Wanted To Know About Rolling Shutter

Sep 24, 2012
Udi Tirosh

Rolling Shutter is the way that most DSLR are shooting video. (and point and shoots and iPhones too). For 95% of the time it does…