Photographers called out for shutting down Royal Air Force training session

Photographers called out for shutting down Royal Air Force training session


Much like the Blue Angels of the United State’s Navy and Marine Corps, the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Red Arrows is an acrobatic aircraft team that wows audiences across the UK with their impressive maneuvers and daredevil antics.

This past Friday, the RAF Red Arrows had to shut down a training session though when individuals taking photos put themselves in a risky location, endangering both their own lives, as well as those of the pilots.

A training session in Lincolnshire, England was called to a halt when Air Traffic Control noticed multiple photographers in the center of the flightpath, attempting to capture images of the aerobatics team as they were flying directly overhead.


In a message posted to RAF’s official Twitter account, they said, ‘by doing so people are endangering themselves and others and ATC had no choice but to stop us, thereby curtailing crucial training for our pilots.’

In closing the message asks attendees ‘could we please request that people think sensibly about where to stand in order not to jeopardise their safety and our operations?’

Below are a few images of the RAF Red Arrows in action:




[via Amateur Photographer]

Image credits: Red Arrows by Airwolfhound used under CC BY-SA 2.0

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