Driver charged with felony assault for threatening photographer with his vehicle

Jul 11, 2016

John Aldred

John Aldred is a photographer with over 20 years of experience in the portrait and commercial worlds. He is based in Scotland and has been an early adopter – and occasional beta tester – of almost every digital imaging technology in that time. As well as his creative visual work, John uses 3D printing, electronics and programming to create his own photography and filmmaking tools and consults for a number of brands across the industry.

Driver charged with felony assault for threatening photographer with his vehicle

Jul 11, 2016

John Aldred

John Aldred is a photographer with over 20 years of experience in the portrait and commercial worlds. He is based in Scotland and has been an early adopter – and occasional beta tester – of almost every digital imaging technology in that time. As well as his creative visual work, John uses 3D printing, electronics and programming to create his own photography and filmmaking tools and consults for a number of brands across the industry.

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Yesterday, we showed you a video of a somewhat agitated driver harassing automotive photographer Alex Stone, who he felt was trespassing on his “private driveway” (which police have confirmed was actually a public road), with his truck.

Police were quick to take action and have now identified and arrested 52 year old Mark Gordon as the driver of the vehicle. As well as being charged with misdemeanour battery and vandalism, Gordon is facing a felony charge of Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Here’s the video again, in case you missed it. There is some rather strong language, though, so you might want to use headphones or turn your speakers down.

YouTube video

I have to give maximum respect to Alex, here. I don’t think I could’ve remained anywhere near as calm as he did faced with a situation like this.

If convicted, Assault with a Deadly Weapon that isn’t a firearm can carry with it a prison sentence of up to four years, and counts as one of your “three strikes“. If he has other strikes, he may be looking at a much, much harsher sentence.

Here’s a screenshot of the arrest record from the San Diego county Sheriff’s Dept. website.


So, remember, folks. Photography is not a crime, but intentionally driving into photographers (or anybody else, for that matter) with your car is!

My thoughts on broadly sweeping “three strikes” laws aside, it’s nice to actually see somebody being held to account over harassing and threatening photographers in the middle of completely legal activities.

How would you react in circumstances such as this? Have you been in a situation like this before? How did you react? Let us know in the comments.


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John Aldred

John Aldred

John Aldred is a photographer with over 20 years of experience in the portrait and commercial worlds. He is based in Scotland and has been an early adopter – and occasional beta tester – of almost every digital imaging technology in that time. As well as his creative visual work, John uses 3D printing, electronics and programming to create his own photography and filmmaking tools and consults for a number of brands across the industry.

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221 responses to “Driver charged with felony assault for threatening photographer with his vehicle”

  1. BigKev Avatar

    I must be a very bad person. This announcement makes me very happy.

  2. Gerald Keil Avatar
    Gerald Keil

    woot justice is served

    1. Rick Avatar

      Not really. If this is a first offense a good attorney will wrangle it all down to just the misdemeanors and he will get off with a stiff fine and nothing more. He will still likely shell out over fifteen grand between the fines and attorney fees before this is all over and hopefully it will get his attention but I honestly doubt it. He’s an ass to the bone and such people don’t change.

      1. dave everhart Avatar
        dave everhart


  3. Eddie Martin Avatar
    Eddie Martin

    I guess that’s the kind of ahole native americans had to deal with a long time ago.

    1. TURNERO Avatar

      To be fair they were on the Native American’s driveway.

  4. Biff Stephens Avatar
    Biff Stephens

    Awesome news!

  5. Tom Reynolds Avatar
    Tom Reynolds

    But but but it was his private driveway you guys!

    1. Chris Yarrow Avatar
      Chris Yarrow


    2. Karen Danks Avatar
      Karen Danks

      I want a driveway maintained by tax dollars!

  6. Brian Fergusson Avatar
    Brian Fergusson

    Neanderthal – glad to hear he’s been charged.

  7. Petar Maksimovic Avatar
    Petar Maksimovic

    Get this post out of my private wall!

    1. Greg Rhinerson Avatar
      Greg Rhinerson

      It’s not private

    2. Sam Shull Avatar
      Sam Shull

      It’s sarcasm, Greg.

  8. Paul Williams Avatar
    Paul Williams

    Carl Welsby

  9. Don Pierson Avatar
    Don Pierson

    I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a “driveway” that mysteriously has double yellow no pass lines like a highway has. Glad the idiot is paying the price now

  10. Jens Herbie Hatje Avatar
    Jens Herbie Hatje

    He deserved every bit of it.

  11. Jan Leah Avatar
    Jan Leah

    Very scary! What is wrong with people?

  12. Chris Parry Avatar
    Chris Parry

    Good. I thought when I saw this video yesterday that he was an arrogant prick who should have had a tripod around the back of his head!

  13. Karen Danks Avatar
    Karen Danks

    Looks like he’s wearing a wedding ring possibly. I truly feel sorry for his spouse with kind of rage.

    1. Scott E Mc Avatar
      Scott E Mc

      I suspect she was the recipient of the “battery” charge earlier on the guy’s rap sheet.

  14. Nicki Zieth Avatar
    Nicki Zieth

    This guy has to be insane!!! Who acts like this and thinks it’s okay ughhhhh. Gosh well done to the photographer, his calmness I think prevented this from being even worse ughhh

  15. Brandon Cowart Avatar
    Brandon Cowart

    Trump voter…

    1. Rob Morris Avatar
      Rob Morris

      No need for that

    2. Michael D Skelton Avatar
      Michael D Skelton

      You’re an idiot.

    3. mikieboy Avatar

      you sir are an ass. Bring politics into any senario?

      1. Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
        Kaspar Nybo Andersen

        Let me guess? You support Trump right? :)

        1. mikieboy Avatar

          Doesnt matter who I support, this isn’t or wasn’t a political discussion. Creeps who try to slip in political canter are just that creeps. I guess maybe you are doing the same? Good luck, you all aren’t worth the time it took to type this. If you want to talk politics, go to a political chain, not a photography chain.

          1. Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
            Kaspar Nybo Andersen

            So that’s a yes :) Also if we aren’t worth the time it took to type (which I can imagine is laborious for you) , then why did you do it?

          2. mikieboy Avatar

            It was well worth my time to tell you, you aren’t worth my time. What amazes me is you think you know me, but you have no idea who I am, so your just throwing words out in the air. So if you have further comments, tell them to the air. I am done with you.

          3. Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
            Kaspar Nybo Andersen

            Awwww he ran away. Pathetic thing

        2. Cranky Old Man Avatar
          Cranky Old Man

          The hell it isn’t a political discussion. Nothing is more pathetic than a RepubliKlan who wants to hide the fact that he is yet another spineless cultist. Mark Gordon, the bully in the video, is your typical Rush Limbaugh loving graduate of Fox News University. His entire attitude of being entitled to defend a county road as “his driveway” is so typical of Trump supporters. Gordon is a poster child of the cult of cowards we know as RepubliKlans.

        3. mikieboy Avatar

          The title of the listing here is PHOTOGRAPHY. You sound like an intelligent man. You sound so intelligent you attacked me with out knowing anything about me. You don’t know who I support, you might be surprised. Your anger and hate are a really sad state of afairs. Its too back the so many people in our United States are this way. You attack those you don’t know and insult people you don’t agree with. Our nation is slowly drifting in half, it is really sad. So take your anger and hate and direct it else where. Im not going to insult back at you. You don’t know what Mark Gordon’s political persuasion. I would guess someone with that kind of anger doesn’t know what his own political opinion really is. Hey, does lots of anger sound familiar to you? It should. I respect others opinions, don’t always agree, but its not my place to insult or name call anyone. Sorry, you have me all wrong, but a man of your intelligence can surely probably see that by now. Good luck enjoying your life full of hate and anger, I am finished with you. You don’t know me.

  • TheMarkness Avatar

    I think you angered some Trump voters.

    *high fives*

    1. RickInAriz Avatar

      What angers me is when Libs like you continue stereotyping everyone who doesn’t share your views.

      1. Mark Bernhardt Avatar
        Mark Bernhardt

        That’s a stereotype buglymcCowboy

      2. bestshingles Avatar

        There’s a bumper sticker on his truck that says “NO HILLARY”.
        That’s a Trump voter, displaying the reason for the stereotypes.

        1. DTJC Avatar

          He could be a Bern supporter, assumptions are like asses. don’t expose it in public.

        2. BlackKatStrut Avatar

          Meh, I’m a Bernie supporter… I and most of my kin are pretty laid back most of the time.
          At least the ones I’ve met for myself. Can’t speak for the paid trolls online!

        3. Kevin Avatar

          He’s too angry to be a Bernie supporter.

        4. Richard Perkins Avatar
          Richard Perkins

          YEah, Bernie supporters were really laid back when Hillary screwed him right? Sure.

      3. Richard Perkins Avatar
        Richard Perkins

        Exactly. But these libtards will jump to conclusions that he is a Trump voter. Lots of pissed off Bernie supporters felt the burn when Hillary screwed him.

      4. Dave Avatar

        Exactly. Bernie supporters were violent and causing massive disruptions when Trump was coming to town. :)

    2. Richard Perkins Avatar
      Richard Perkins

      How do you know he didn’t vote for Bernie. There was some pretty pissed of Bernie supporters when Hillary screwed him.

    3. Dave Avatar

      Not all Trump supporters were NO HILLARY. Bernie supporters were also NO HILLARY.

  • BiteMyShinyMetalAss Avatar

    Calling someone an ignorant dipshit, when they are clearly behaving like an ignorant dipshit is not “stereotyping’, also pointing out the stupidity of Trump and his supporters does not automatically mean someone is a “lib”. You hillbilly brokeback mountain wannabe.

  • commchf Avatar

    “Libs like you” is a stereotype dummy.

  • Chris Pickrell Avatar
    Chris Pickrell

    Looks like a lot of Trump voters got mad.

    1. Matt Burt Avatar
      Matt Burt

      …and they seemed like such a light hearted bunch!

      1. Whatdoyknow Avatar

        Lovely sarcasm

  • kadepro Avatar

    Cowart, or coward? dipshit.

    1. StriderDogBlues Avatar

      Ah, name-calling. Couldn’t adult today?

      1. kadepro Avatar

        There’s always a moron someplace. Actually two.

        1. Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
          Kaspar Nybo Andersen

          Oh there’s way more of you than that. Otherwise the orange one wouldn’t have gotten as far as he has.

          P.s. Also, making fun of names? Really? Like, REEEAALLY?

        2. kadepro Avatar

          Poke the bear and he’s gonna growl. Orange one? Hypocrite. You’re an idiot like all the others.

        3. Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
          Kaspar Nybo Andersen

          I didn’t call him any names. I just feel a little sick when mentioning his name. So I call him the orange one. You have to admit, he is pretty fucking orange :)
          Also I have a fucking astrobiology certificate and 3 degrees…. Pretty sure I’m a SHIT LOAD smarter than you .

          P.s. You’re not a bear. You look like some kinda dog really. You look cute in your picture, too bad you have some sort of developmental issue though.

        4. kadepro Avatar

          You’re a moron…”I didn’t call him any names”. Referring to “orange” what the fuck you think that is dumbo? Astrobiology….hahahah. Oooh…study life’s origins and evolution on earth and the universe? What a crock…might as well be astrology. Smarter? Doubtful, Kaspar the ghost. It’s relative to the circles you run in. And I can imagine your circle is a circle jerk.

        5. Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
          Kaspar Nybo Andersen

          Wait, is he actually called the orange one?
          Also the name calling I was referring to was the kind you used, like if I called him Trout or Chump. Sorry if I confused you little man.
          Also just because you don’t have the capacity to comprehend neither astronomy, astrophysics or biology, I can assure you, they’re all legitimate fields of science, where as astrology? Well astrology is more like a religion, as in it’s make believe without an ounce of evidence :)
          Also “Kaspar the ghost”…. that’s the best you could come up with? Pathetic little thing.
          The only circles I run are around you :)

          See what I did there? If you didn’t, try reading it again.
          Now fuck off and watch some Nascar or yell at minorities or whatever it is your kind does.

        6. kadepro Avatar

          Your grey matter is too dense and mushy to pick up on your inept ability to recognize your hypocrisy. Fuck off and go circle-jerk with your “astrophysiolocalastrobiologicalhypocrites” club.

        7. Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
          Kaspar Nybo Andersen

          Cry some more little man. It’s like candy to me

        8. kadepro Avatar

          Look who’s crying…keep on keeping on loser.

        9. Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
          Kaspar Nybo Andersen

          *sluuurrp* Mmmmhhm Trumptard tears :)

        10. kadepro Avatar

          Yeah, enjoy your circle-jerk blow fest.

        11. Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
          Kaspar Nybo Andersen

          I can milk you for days, can’t I little man? You are like wind up toy of anger and ignorance :)

        12. kadepro Avatar

          Much like Casper the ghost, you, Kaspar, are invisible to me. Now move along to your circle-jerk of nerds.

        13. Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
          Kaspar Nybo Andersen

          First of all, of course you can’t see me. I’m no where near you. Secondly if you’re trying to say that you’re ignoring me, you certainly reply a lot for someone who is ignoring someone.
          Thirdly, “nerds”? There’s only one of me.
          And lastly I’ll move along when I tire of teasing you. So far it’s great fun. You are hilariously stupid. ☺ it’s like having a retarded pet at this point.
          To be honest with you, right now I’m only interested in how long I can keep you going. As long as you keep replying, you give me exactly what I want. You are my toy little thing.

  • James West Avatar
    James West

    If you’re going to chide people about their manners, it’s best to keep yours in check.

  • kadepro Avatar

    Well let’s see…it all started with some bozo comment about Trump, then this Kaspar the ghost chimed in….so buzz off with your golden rule spiel.

  • James West Avatar
    James West

    Blaming someone else and avoiding responsibility for your own actions puts you on the same level as Kaspar, for whom you appear to have an intense dislike.

  • James West Avatar
    James West

    On photography forums, people generally behave in a pretty civil manner. Unfortunately, everything in America is about politics these days. Is this what political discourse has become in much of America?

  • Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
    Kaspar Nybo Andersen

    Are you blaming me that he started name calling in the first place? That’s… different? You realise that yes? Besides the second the site shared a story that has less to do with photography and more to do with psycho Trump supporters, people are going to become divided. Also I’m luckily not from the USA.

  • James West Avatar
    James West

    I’m glad I’m not from the USA as well, Kaspar; it is approaching “failed state” status. But the remark I posted was nothing more than a comment about the general demeanor of people on photography forums. Nothing in my post implicates you…guilty conscience? We are all responsible for our own online behaviour, so the “he started it” line doesn’t have legs anyway.

  • Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
    Kaspar Nybo Andersen

    Your post was a reply to me…. wherein you go on about the poor state of online etiquette.
    I will have to inform you that it’s rather normal on the internet, that a reply to a comment, has something to do with the comment or commenter.
    That’s one of the very basic pillars of the “comment/reply” system.

    Also I thought you might have been one of those types that are oblivious to any wrong doing on the part of their ideological affiliates. I also mistook you for being like minded Kadepro. It’s become evident that you are not, but at the time I simple assumed you where a worshiper of orange and you where gonna be all “you bad liberal man, you”.
    Sorry for being defensive. I just mostly deal with people like Kadepro.

  • James West Avatar
    James West

    OH! I’m Canadian, and every time I see Trump’s people in action I think…maybe a wall isn’t such a bad idea! But no fear; he has no chance of becoming POTUS. This time, it’s the math that says so, not just the gut instincts of pundits.

  • Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
    Kaspar Nybo Andersen

    Ahhh but you forget how easily “swayed” the democratic system of America is. Money can get you into some places…. good thing he seems to be broke af :)

  • Sean Avatar

    Seriously, jerk. Leave politics out of this. Jezzus.

    1. StriderDogBlues Avatar

      “Seriously, jerk”?? Ah, such wise words.

    2. Steve Bigler Avatar
      Steve Bigler

      Leave religion out of this… kook.

    3. Kaspar Nybo Andersen Avatar
      Kaspar Nybo Andersen

      Why? Who made you the sheriff around here? Is it because that the crazy person in the video shares your political views, that you believe politics should be kept out of it?

    4. Cranky Old Man Avatar
      Cranky Old Man

      The guy was your typical Trump voter. 6 ft 4 in tall and 220 lbs picking on kids half his size. Coward of cowards, your classic Rush Limbaugh-Fox News Nation dickless spineless moron.

  • alberto cabrera Avatar
    alberto cabrera

    Actually he isn’t bring politics into the this. He is just making an obvious observation. Unless that image is fake.

  • dr spaghetti Avatar
    dr spaghetti

    If you freeze the video, there’s a trump sticker on that truck.

    This will be the new America if that pumpkin full of rotten squirrel meat is elected.

    1. Michael Jenkins Avatar
      Michael Jenkins

      This is who Trump and his supporters are. Violent criminals.

      1. Dave Avatar

        I take slight offense to that, but it is your right to assume every Trump voter is violent. Funny, I have a clean record and I voted for Trump, am not violent, and am on the photographers’ side here.

        So before you jump to conclusions, maybe I should assume that every Democrat supports AntiFA and its illegal violent protests, riots, arson, etc. Or every Muslim is a terrorist.

        Stereotyping based on this one incident of road rage of someone who has no clue what the law is a wrong.

        This guy has obvious anger issues and little to no respect of the law.

        1. democracywins Avatar

          I agree with this, and I voted for Trump also.

  • Aaron Willis Avatar
    Aaron Willis

    Why he gotta be a Trump voter? You think Kilary voters are angels and never loose their cool?

    1. Rationality Avatar

      Yes, we don’t “loose” are cool. We may “lose” are cool, but we never loose it. Another Trump voter who is functionally illiterate.

      1. Photo_bomber Avatar

        “our” cool. If you are going to criticize someone for a grammatical mistake, at least make sure you criticism is grammatically correct.

        1. shadow lurker Avatar
          shadow lurker

          :-p Thanks. I’m not the best at catching my own typing mistakes late at night when I posted.

      2. Mike Jones Avatar
        Mike Jones

        I hope you spelled “our” wrong on purpose or yoo our as dumb as here.

        1. shadow lurker Avatar
          shadow lurker

          Nice ASS-UMP-TIONs. Also, nice ASS-U-MING I’m illiterate. Nice ASS-U-MING just because I make an grammatical mistake, I am automatically a Trump supporter. I don’t like the guy and didn’t vote for him in the primaries. Snafus happen late at night when you are reading and typing. I guess you will be voting for a liar that let four Americans die in a foreign land on the anniversary of one the worst attacks in OUR modern history. Then LIED about it to you and me and ruined another innocent life. A lady that has been caught in more lies than I can count. But that’s ok, this is America. You’re free to vote for who you wish.

        2. Mike Jones Avatar
          Mike Jones

          So, you didn’t spell “our” wrong on purpose? Dumbass! At what point did I say anything about Hillary or Trump? Unless something major happens, I guess I won’t be voting in this election. Hillary is pure EVIL!!! And… Trump? Trump??? Really? He is just a joke. I could not possibly vote for either of those assholes!

  • tsk Avatar

    Look at his “No Hillary” bumper sticker!

  • David Hovie Avatar
    David Hovie

    Thanks Brandon, I just looked the video up at 2:03. He is really a Trump Voter.
    He also has another Sticker on his car:”Drive Hybrid. I need the gas.” Such people with that attitude are poison for humanity.. and don’t start flaming me.. I don’t live in the US, but I am really sad what is happening to the US politics and their people. Where have the ethics gone?

    So let’s the again about photography :)

    1. Doyle Philipson Avatar
      Doyle Philipson


      1. haha101 Avatar


  • Artsy Mom/MeBeNoMore Avatar
    Artsy Mom/MeBeNoMore

    Thank goodness those young men weren’t black. Trump voter would have killed them and claimed they tried to steal his truck! I hope you file a lawsuit for harassment and assault. This stupid impulse will cost him thousands, and possibly some time in jail- and hopefully a year of court ordered anger management classes.

    1. BGenie Avatar

      FYI: There’s 2 pro-Trump bumper stickers on the psycho’s car.

  • Fiala Avatar

    It’s funny that you call him out for being a Trump voter, yet he is the one (just like Hillary) thinking that the laws do not apply to him.

  • DTJC Avatar

    He could be a Bern supporter, assumptions are like asses. don’t expose it in public…

    1. speak_the_truth1 Avatar

      lol. doubtful. A Bernie supporter would have probaly chatted with them nicely until they were finished, if they were actually blocking his driveway.

  • Richard Perkins Avatar
    Richard Perkins

    More than likely a Bernie voter pissed because Hillary screwed Bernie and never was accountable for it. Only progressives, socialists and liberals get this mad.

  • Gil Gabo Avatar
    Gil Gabo

    What an ass-hat. Not sure I could’ve restrained myself like the young photographer did in this situation. The dick needs at least four years to think about how he ended up like such a dick.

  • Artie Raslich Avatar
    Artie Raslich

    This guy will get a slap on the wrist, you watch and see. Crazy world we live in now!

  • Hugh Mobley Avatar
    Hugh Mobley

    Goof enough for the Bastard especially on a public road!!

  • Abe Zilla Avatar
    Abe Zilla

    Using his fat truck as a weapon

  • Jeff Viguers Avatar
    Jeff Viguers


  • Patrick Shipstad Avatar
    Patrick Shipstad

    Haha.. a perfect outcome. Most importantly, I’m happy the photographer and his friend weren’t physically hurt. He handled it perfectly and is lucky he was recording all this. As for the driver, he could have gotten them off “his driveway” simply by asking nicely. if he is found guilty of the charges (how can he not) a felonly holds some pretty long term ramifications. No sympathy or patience for people like that. Let’s see how tough he is if he spends even a few days behind bars with some real tough guys. He’d be on their turf now. Karma.

    1. Wing Wong Avatar
      Wing Wong

      If convicted of a felony… Good luck getting solid jobs. Jist saying.

      1. Joe Gunawan Avatar
        Joe Gunawan

        Read on another thread that he’s a commercial pilot, so with a felony, he’ll probably be out of a job. Good riddance. Don’t need ass holes like that flying people

        1. Marc Leblanc Avatar
          Marc Leblanc

          guess he will have to hide his guns

    2. Cranky Old Man Avatar
      Cranky Old Man

      Are you clueless? That was a county road, not his driveway.

      1. Nicholas Wells Avatar
        Nicholas Wells

        The sarcasm plane passed over your house today, huh?

  • sanfranchristo Avatar

    All I hear is the Dude.

    1. Donny Tidmore Avatar
      Donny Tidmore

      They pee’d on his fucking driveway

      1. Killlian Avatar

        It really tied the property together.

  • Ruan Cowley Avatar
    Ruan Cowley

    Eish…what a horrible person

  • ßerenice Calderón-García Avatar
    ßerenice Calderón-García

    I’m glad!. Eventually, everyone gets what they deserve.

  • Cory McClay Avatar
    Cory McClay

    This asshole needs to truck taken away and put in jail where he will be somebodies Bitch and see what it feels like… Happy jail time…

  • alvintoro Avatar

    Now THAT’s one long A$$ driveway!

    1. Simon Jenkins Avatar
      Simon Jenkins