No More Wating For Prints – The Lomo’Instant Brings The Lomo Fun to NOW

May 27, 2014
Udi Tirosh

If you are a fan of analog film, but hated the wait between shooting and developing, this new camera from Lomograpy will make you very,…

Zoom’s New H5: One of the Best Affordable DSLR Microphones Yet

May 25, 2014
Maaz Khan

One of the best thing about DSLR cameras is that they’ve made professional filmmaking become more and more affordable for the kids that wish to…

Surprise! Fuji Plans On Releasing A 50MP Medium Format Camera With A Sony Sensor (Or Does It?)

May 22, 2014
Udi Tirosh

Here is a bit of news that is hard to miss if you walk the rumors sites today. According to Fuji rumors, Fuji is planning…

PSA: Have Photos Backed Up On CDs? You May Wanna Move Them!

May 21, 2014
Udi Tirosh

To be honest, I have not backed up images on CDs for over 10 years now. But back in the days when a D70 RAW…

Nikon’s New Fluorine Coated Lenses Make You Want To Kiss Them Wearing Lipstick

May 20, 2014
Udi Tirosh

Nikon definitely knew what they were doing when they released this video on their Japanese channel. The video shows what happens to lenses when they…

Bentley shoots High End ad with iPhone 5S – Edits with iPad

May 18, 2014
Udi Tirosh

When you think about a camera to match the Bentley brand you probably go as high as you can, Red Dragon, Arri Alexa something along…

Sony’s New Announcements: Pricing for the a7S, and a New Compact Camera

May 16, 2014
Maaz Khan

Sony’s announced the pricing and availability for the a7S, a camera recently unveiled at last month’s NAB Show. The flagship camera is now available for…

Can We Stop Calling Them Drones? They’re Just RC Helicopters With A Camera

May 15, 2014
JP Danko

I don’t know when remote control helicopters became drones, but I think its way past time we stop implying that a fancy RC helicopter with…

Nikon’s Big Week for Announcements: Two Mirrorless Cameras and One Big Lens

May 14, 2014
Maaz Khan

Nikon’s been getting pretty busy this week with their announcements. Two new mirrorless cameras are now headed our way, along with a new telephoto lens….

Parrot Want In On The Photo Market, Has A New Drone: Bebop

May 12, 2014
Maaz Khan

In 2010, Parrot introduced the A.R.Drone, and in 2012, a new iteration of the model was released. For a while now, the company’s been a…