A look into the personal life of photography mogul Peter Lik

A look into the personal life of photography mogul Peter Lik

Peter Lik

Like it or not, Peter Lik is one of the most financially successful photographers of all time. His ways might be burdened with controversy, most notably rumors that he artificially inflates the value of his images, but there’s little denying he’s made his mark in the industry.

As interesting as his work is though, such as his iconic image Phantom, which he claims sold for $6.5 million, the life of the man behind the camera also has its place in the conversation. Now, thanks to a new 12-minute documentary, we get to see just that; the making of a man who’s become somewhat of a legend in the photography world.


In the documentary, Peter Lik narrates his life story, starting with the importance of his family heritage. Born to hardworking Czech parents, who travelled to Australia in search of a more promising life, Lik’s career found its first root in the moment he shot a spider web with a camera at the age of 8.


Without the funds to properly pursue photography though, Lik had to wait until he was 18 and making a living of his own to truly pursue his passion. What sealed the deal though was a trip to America, in 1984, which left him enamored with the beauty of the United States and ultimately led to his project and accompanying book, Spirit of America.

Overall, the documentary is a wonderful look into the life of a man who’s won over 300 international awards and reportedly sold over 100,000 prints for a total of over $440 million.

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