Street Eraser Uses Photoshop Erase Brush On Real World Objects


London based creative team Guus ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier  bring the Photosop eraser tool into real life in a project called Street Eraser.

They do so by creating big paper mattes of the famous checkerboard pattern and apply them on billboards, ads and signs all over London.

Interestingly enough the couple works in advertizing, so their work also carries a bit of irony.

The couple tells Wired:

Instead of creating more digital content, we wanted to try and take the digital world and make it a more analog world… …we’re trying to get people to pay more attention to design.

Each erased subject is carefully chosen and fitted with the right shaped pattern. 20 of those have already been done and it seems like they are not planning to stop until the entire British capitol is erased.


An mentioned, while they both work in advertising, this is a personal project, and although pretty much illegal, they are not afraid of being attributed with the project.

street-earaser-06 street-earaser-04 street-earaser-03 street-earaser-02

[Street Eraser via WIRED]

P.S. Others have gone on a bolder (yet none-destructive) path putting their art on Moma’s PS1.

  • JMinneapolis

    interesting idea in creating the stickers. However, the placement seems random and not entertaining or even aesthetically interesting. Why not use it to edit the image in a way that makes it better and/or a statement?

  • Sohan Dewan

    Absolutely different idea.