Nikon’s D810: A Familiar Looking Camera With Some New Improvements


After all the leaks and rumors that we’ve already been given on the camera, the Nikon D810 has now officially been announced. Appropriately named, the D810 is an upgrade to the Nikon D800 in the same way the iPhone 5S is an upgrade to the iPhone 5.


Retaining the same number of megapixels as the original (36.3), the D810 will shine through its new EXPEED 4 processor; for example, by stepping up the technology we saw in the original, this iteration comes with a new base ISO of 64. Along with that, improvements come in it’s low-light performance as well, with the ISO spanning to 12,800 and expandable up to 51,600.


When it comes to its video performance, the new processor the D810 comes with helps out significantly by stepping up on video quality. The big update here is the ability to record at 60 frames per second at full 1080p HD (sadly, 4K is still absent in this line); one feature that’s pretty much a godsend for people like me is a new “Auto ISO” feature that’ll automatically keep a consistent change in ISO to adjust to the lighting conditions of what you’re recording.






With a number of other solid improvements lined up in the full package, such as a new split-screen LED feature, the D810 is the next big flagship to come out of Nikon’s line. Now, should you get it? With the price tag set at an expected price of $3300, you have to ask yourself whether the new changes are worth the investment. If you’ve already got the D800/D800e, then is it worth the effort of trading it in? I’d say if you’ve got the iPhone 5, then keep it until the iPhone 6 comes out. In this case the D810 seems like it’s a great buy, but it’s best suited for someone looking for a significant upgrade. The D800 is still a solid DSLR, and its the foundation of Nikon’s newest camera. If you want a better idea of how the previous iteration ranks against the D810, you can check out a comparison sheet between the two here.

The Nikon D810 is expected to be available in July, and we’ll have pre-order links up as soon as they come in. Until then, check out the full specs for the new camera below.

Specs for the Nikon D810 via FStoppers

  • ALL-NEW 36.3 megapixel, full-frame sensor (not just the same one, but tweaked)
  • No optical low-pass filter (no AA filter like the D800E)
  • 64-12800 ISO (expandable to 32-51,600)
  • 5fps full-frame, 7fps in DX mode (using an APS-C crop of the sensor)
  • Expeed 4 image processing engine
  • Improved AF including Group Area AF mode from D4s
  • 1080p video, up to 60p (too bad, no 4k — really)
  • New kevlar/carbon fiber composite shutter that reduces lag and shutter noise (more in line with the D4 shutter)
  • 3.2″ OLED display 1,992K dots with new split-screen mode with color-balancing settings
  • “Approximately” 100% viewfinder coverage
    Improved grip and “optimal layout of operations controls”
  • Metering button moved to main control dial
  • Standard 1/8000-30s shutter speed
  • Electronic front curtain shutter to reduce vibrations pertinent for sensors with so many pixels
  • Added “Flat” Picture Control setting for capturing as much highlight information as possible with the intention of editing for greater dynamic range and color depth in post (more flat than “Neutral”)
  • Raw “Small” shooting

Official Press Release

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    So will there be a firmware update for the D800 to take use of some of these features