SmallHD Ultra 7 is a new high-level rugged monitor

Jan 23, 2024
Sagiv Gilburd

We’ve been covering seven-inch monitors on DIYP for years, but the newest monitor from SmallHD is unlike most we’ve covered. The SmallHD Ultra 7 ($2999)…

SmallHD launches new Cine and Vision Series 4K HDR monitors

Oct 2, 2019
John Aldred

SmallHD has announced their new Cine Series and Vision Series 4K monitors for production and post-production. The Cine Series technically already existed with the launch…

The SmallHD Focus Bolt 500 RX is a 5″ 4K wireless monitor with a built in Teradek receiver

Sep 16, 2019
John Aldred

The merging of technologies is tricky. Sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it fails miserably. One fantastic idea, though, was to combine the SmallHD Focus 5…

The SmallHD Focus 7 and 702 Touch monitors have super bright IPS screens for daylight use

Apr 17, 2019
John Aldred

Two of the products we were keen to check out in person at NAB 2019 were the new SmallHD Focus 7 and upcoming 702 Touch…

SmallHD goes big with the new FOCUS 7″ 4K touchscreen field monitor

Mar 7, 2019
John Aldred

The new SmallHD Focus 7 brings not only a size upgrade over the previous SmallHD Focus model but also some tech upgrades. It has a…

The SmallHD 702 Bright On-Camera Monitor is now on almost 50% off sale

May 16, 2018
John Aldred

Camera monitors seem to be popping up a lot for me lately. Perhaps it’s just that I’ve been thinking about getting a couple lately. Or…

The best 5″ camera monitors between $179-499

May 14, 2018
John Aldred

With more DSLR and mirrorless owners turning to video, the topic of camera monitors comes up fairly frequently. As a result, there’s a lot of…

SmallHD announces 5 new touch screen camera monitors

Apr 7, 2018
John Aldred

SmallHD only just announced their new 703 Bolt wireless monitor a couple of months ago. And it should start shipping this week. But that’s not…