Auction for Andy Warhol’s Polaroid Camera scores $13,750

Oct 8, 2020
Dunja Djudjic

We’ve seen plenty of interesting photo items on auctions over the past few years. One that was recently sold was Andy Warhol’s personal Polaroid camera….

The Force is strong with this Mandalorian Polaroid camera

Sep 21, 2020
Dunja Djudjic

The Star Wars universe has inspired lots of photographers and filmmakers, but now it has inspired a camera design, too. Polaroid has jumped on a…

This street photography experiment gives unsuspecting New Yorkers a surprise photo of themselves

Nov 10, 2019
John Aldred

This is an interesting take on street photography. A social experiment of sorts. Normally, when we do street photography and people are included, or even…

Polaroid Originals announces the end of all Spectra instant films

Oct 3, 2019
Dunja Djudjic

After 33 years, Polaroid Spectra film is about to be discontinued. Polaroid Originals has just announced that it will no longer produce it, and if…

Polaroid Lab lets you print instant photos straight from your phone’s screen

Sep 10, 2019
Dunja Djudjic

There are certainly more than one ways to get your photos printed: ink-jet printers, mobile printers, or using instant cameras. The latest weird product, Polaroid…

How I turned a dead Polaroid SX-70 into a working digital camera

Jun 26, 2019
Joshua Gross

I wanted to see if it was possible to turn a dead SX-70 camera into a functioning digital camera without significantly modifying its outward appearance….

This photographer shot his own wet plate passport photos

Mar 21, 2019
John Aldred

I love seeing the wet plate experiments of Austrian photographer Markus Hofstätter. He’s so prolific with them that when he decides to do something interesting it…

ONE INSTANT brings back peel-apart instant film

Dec 7, 2018
John Aldred

When Fujifilm announced they were discontinuing FP-100C peel-apart instant film, a lot of people were understandably a little saddened by the news. It ended with…

This timelapse of Polaroids developing at the LA Times studio is mesmerising

Sep 13, 2018
John Aldred

There’s not much information to go along with this timelapse from the LA Times. If there’s more information on the LA Times website, I can’t…

Polaroid launches new “Mint” digital pocket printer & 2-in-1 instant digital camera

Aug 30, 2018
John Aldred

Polaroid has today announced two new products. There’s the Polaroid Mint 2-in-1 instant digital camera & printer and the Polaroid Mint instant digital pocket printer….