Affinity Photo

Affinity is now part of Canva after company acquisition

Mar 26, 2024
John Aldred

Canva has acquired Affinity’s parent company, Serif. Serif is a name that’s been around since at least as long ago as Windows 3.11. I can…

Serif has released Affinity Photo 2 with a slew of non-destructive features for editing your photos

Nov 9, 2022
John Aldred

Serif has launched a new major version of Affinity Photo – its first since initially launching in 2016. Affinity Photo 2 introduces not only a…

Affinity Photo gets a 10x faster turbo charge with latest 1.10 update

Aug 8, 2021
John Aldred

Serif has released version 1.10 of their Affinity products, including Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher, all of which come with some pretty supercharged performance over…

These are the five top tools and features Photoshop needs that Affinity Photo has

Jun 11, 2021
John Aldred

Until just a few short years ago, pretty much the only serious player in the game when it photo editing was Photoshop. Sure, there was…

Affinity Photo is free for three months to help cure your isolation boredom

Mar 24, 2020
Dunja Djudjic

It’s not just Adobe who has decided to offer its apps for free during the coronavirus outbreak. To all of you in isolation, Serif is…

DxO launches the Nik Collection v2.5 with new film simulations and Affinity Photo compatibility

Feb 27, 2020
John Aldred

The Nik Collection has had a pretty turbulent and uncertain journey over the last few years. Google acquired it in 2012 when they bought out…

I bought the new iPad Pro so you don’t have to!

Nov 10, 2018
Blake Griffin

I’m no stranger to the iPad. In fact, it once caused me not to get a job at an Apple store shortly after college. I…

Affinity Photo for iPad gets a massive update and 30% discount

Sep 17, 2018
John Aldred

Popular iPad Pro photo editing app Affinity Photo has just seen a pretty significant update. The updates and new features are the result of direct feedback…

10 contenders go head-to-head to see which software is the best for processing astrophotography

Dec 8, 2017
Alan Dyer

To Adobe or not to Adobe. That is the question many photographers are asking with the spate of new image processing programs vying to “kill…

Affinity Photo for iPad updated to iOS11 for speedy drag & drop workflow

Sep 22, 2017
John Aldred

Affinity Photo for iPad has rapidly become the hot favourite for editing images on the go. It’s a fantastic piece of software that’s extremely powerful….