About Tiffany Mueller

Tiffany Mueller is a photographer based in Hawi, Hawaii. You can follow her Twitter here and her personal life here.

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  • Mike Carson

    Fair play to him for playing on but seriously, spinning blades designed to hold a not-unsubstantial weight in the air, keep the little piggies away.

    Related thought, would protective mesh coverings for the rotors cause significant loss of power? Not saying quads should be forced to have them, common sense should always be your primary protection mechanism.

  • !!!

  • What an idiot lol

  • Don’t fuck with drone

  • que tonto

  • Jacques

    And photographers are the dangerous ones with drones :?

  • Ömer Aydın

    10,9,8 fingers,,, who cares

  • Aankhen

    Kudos to him for continuing the show, even though the injury was caused entirely by idiocy.

  • Could have been avoided with the Aexo Drone Frame