Canon has dropped “Master” and “Slave” terminology from its flash system

Jul 3, 2020

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

Canon has dropped “Master” and “Slave” terminology from its flash system

Jul 3, 2020

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

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In the light of recent Black Lives Matter protests, some photographers pointed out that camera companies should drop the “master” and “slave” terms. And Canon officially did so. When using this manufacturer’s flash system, don’t be surprised if you find different terminology.

“Master” and “slave” are the terms you’ll find when using different flash units simultaneously, where the master unit controls the trigger of the slave unit. I honestly never even paid attention to the alternative meanings of these phrases, as I always observed them through photography. However, the semantics of “master” and “slave” came under the spotlight in the light of current events, as I mentioned above.

Jason Parnell-Brookes of FStoppers reached out to Canon regarding the problematic terms. As it turned out, they dropped the terminology way back in 2017:

“Canon started to phase these [terms] out since the end of 2017. [In] all new products and materials, these terms are no longer used. Products released before this time, and still available, will still have the term as it’s often a physical part of the LCD display so can’t be changed by firmware etc.”

It’s not mentioned anywhere which terms replaced the notorious “master” and “slave.” So I tried searching for it and found a post on DPReview forum from 2018. A user downloaded the manual for Canon 470ex-ai, and found this:

“In this manual, the words “master” and “slave” used in previous manuals have all been replaced by the words “sender” and “receiver” respectively. Read the words “sender” and “receiver” in this manual for the above meanings as necessary.”

Personally, I have a bipolar relationship with things like this. My opinion on this topic is very nuanced though, and I’m aware that not everything is black or white.

On the one hand, I stand with George Carlin’s statement that “political correctness is fascism disguised as manners.” While we debate on “master” and “slave” terms in photography, racism and fascism still exist and get people killed. We keep trying to fix the language and jargon as if we’ll fix the world with it. But changing the language is far from solving the problem at its core.

On the other hand, maybe we should fix what we can. Canon can’t change the world but can give its tiny contribution by changing the terminology. It’s still miles away from solving the problem of racism, but it’s a small step. And I actually like the fact that Canon did this “before it was cool.” They didn’t ride the wave of the Black Lives Matter movement for self-promotion. Instead, they did it quietly, three years earlier.

This issue is very sensitive, and as I said, I see both a bad and a good side of it. And I’d like to hear your thoughts. Is this a step forward? Or it’s overly used political correctness that doesn’t solve anything?

[via FStoppers]

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Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

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100 responses to “Canon has dropped “Master” and “Slave” terminology from its flash system”

  1. Lorenzo Morgoni Avatar
    Lorenzo Morgoni

    Flashes weren’t abused. People were; and, unfortunately, they still are.
    Generally, I don’t agree with policies of arbitrary purism in language.

    1. msundman Avatar

      You should see the SunPaks I got from ebay. They had been quite abused. Probably because they are black. Or flashes of color (FoC), as I like to call them.

  2. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
    Sergi Yavorski

    They probably do not realize in this fit of virtue signaling that while getting rid of those terms they are engaged in racism themselves. While using those terms, an image of a black slave was never in my mind. But the racial virtue signalers tell us it should be. Thereby they are telling black people that we should all, including blacks, should think about them as a group descendant of slaves. The virtue signalers can’t quit reminding black people of their past, constantly pointing it out. How more racist this could be?

    1. Kryn Sporry Avatar
      Kryn Sporry

      Sergi Yavorski could you clarify that statement please?

    2. J Kenrick Bernard Avatar
      J Kenrick Bernard

      Lol I use to make so much jokes about this lol.

    3. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Just did.

    4. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Additionally, I would quote Morgan Freeman. In the interview with Mike Wallace he sad, “how about I stop referring to you as a white man, and you will stop referring to me as a black man”.

    5. Donald Craig Yaremko Avatar
      Donald Craig Yaremko

      Sergi Yavorski 100% agree, while using my flash units not once did the thought of human slavery cross my mind. It’s a word with a definition, are we going to just erase the words altogether and hope no one remembers what they mean?

    6. Bhavin Shah Avatar
      Bhavin Shah

      Sergi Yavorski lol yeah ask a POC when and how they’re reminded about their color… fact that you put it out there and speak on behalf of “black” people speaks volumes.

    7. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Do you actually have a valid argument? No I do not speak on anyone’s behalf. I speak on my own behalf. And I’m sure lots of people of color who the left are trying to keep as victims would agree with my argument.

    8. Bhavin Shah Avatar
      Bhavin Shah

      Sergi Yavorski yes of course the more you speak, the more your ignorance and entitlement is on display… so by all mean… I’ll respond to you, pour your heart out.

    9. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      So no valid argument to counter mine? I get it. Did you know ad hominem attacks are the weapon of the weakminded or the dishonest? I’m willing to give you one more chance to tell me what my ignorance or entitlement is exactly. Hot air will not be acceptable though.

      1. msundman Avatar

        Nobody speaks for anyone. So what? That doesn’t show in any way, shape or form that Sergi is wrong or entitled or whatever.
        Lots of black people tell other black people that they can do things, and encourage them. Instead of trying to make them into inferior people who somehow need extra help, because of their skin color, which is what this racist SJW nonsense is about.

    10. Bhavin Shah Avatar
      Bhavin Shah

      Sergi Yavorski I feel sorry for you, you’re just going to be more bitter and miserable as your age but anyways Combining both your comments and responding here to your original, not that I need your permission or be in your good grace but because you consider yourself to have made some deeply intellectual comment by using a RW buzz word like “virtue signalling” and let me address you as “dude” in response to you calling me leftist, weak minded and dishonest and what not (very classy ??)

      1. Virtue signaling (your one and only woke point)
      Dude you don’t speak for “black” people just like Canon can’t but between Brand and what they feel is correct for their image, you are meaningless nonentity, you have an opinion, everyone has one, just like a ahole, your response is to hide behind an buzz word, preaching to your parish, dog whistle at best, a tacit call to congregation, show of numbers that we don’t like this change… just a cowardly act because you can’t say it directly so you -splain maybe “whitesplain” and let everyone know what they should and shouldn’t say to “black people”
      Read a book, White Fragility or So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo but you won’t that requires courage.

    11. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Bhavin Shah Feel sorry for yourself and your inability to counter arguments with reason and logic. Again, you chose meaningless incoherent drivel that does not address my original argument in any way. BTW, White Fragility is the stupidest race-baiting book I have ever looked into. Meaningless, dishonest, race-baiting, just like your posts. No, that book does not require courage. Why would I need courage to read academic musings of someone who does not live in the real world? I know who I am, and I do not need intellectually dishonest intelligencia to tell me who I am.

    12. Bhavin Shah Avatar
      Bhavin Shah

      Sergi Yavorski lol ok. ??

    13. boothby171 Avatar

      Why is everyone assuming that the Master/Slave reference is ONLY offensive for blacks? Others here have stated that blacks were not the only group of people who have suffered from slavery over the course of history.

      Maybe the concept of slavery, on its own, is now realized to have strong negative connotations, regardless, and should not be considered some “cute” reference for techs and artists to throw about as they try to describe how a connected system of flash units works. “Master/Slave” has been used in technical jargon outside the field of photography for *decades*. Thirty years ago, when I heard it used to describe the connection between some military sender/receiver pair, I thought to myself, “Really? Still?”

  3. Kryn Sporry Avatar
    Kryn Sporry

    Well, that was coming I guess. In this case you could easily use server/client as they do with various digital protocols. Or you could say control and remote unit?

  4. Franco Kailsan Avatar
    Franco Kailsan

    primary and secondary are better terms. if u do no come from descendants of slaves, you have no idea how much sadness there is when the word slave is seen ( or old pictures of slaves are seen!)

    1. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Absolute nonsense

    2. Felix L. Esser Avatar
      Felix L. Esser

      Exactly this. Plus, you cannot argue away the connotations that “master” and “slave” in this combination have. That seems to be too much to grasp for some of the commenters on this thread, though.

    3. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Your very grasping of this shows that you think of blacks as a collective with a slavery past, not as individuals that live their lives in the present and not being slaves any longer. You want them (and everybody else) to remember themseves via their collective past and perpetuate this constant reminder. That’s what racism is.

      1. msundman Avatar

        Of course he has the right to say his opinion, you fascist thought-police wannabe

      2. boothby171 Avatar

        Many slavs have ancestors who were indentured servants, or serfs, tilling the soil for a master on land that they did not themselves own. If we choose to remember our history, we can at least draw from similar (not identical) situations, and feel compassion.

        Com-pa-ssion. Do you read the words that are coming from my fingers?!?

    4. Franco Kailsan Avatar
      Franco Kailsan

      for the record, im not black nor do i come from descendants of slaves. I’m putting my foot down because what was done to a fellow human being as a slave was not right.

    5. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Who says or insists it was right. You are overstating the case. None of what was done in the past is being done now. Don’t engage in false racist narrative.

    6. J Kenrick Bernard Avatar
      J Kenrick Bernard

      It’s still gonna be offensive cause it’s gonna make someone feel insecure in the next 5 years.

  5. J Kenrick Bernard Avatar
    J Kenrick Bernard

    Funny how this wasn’t a issue 7 years ago. Hmm oh well. I think the correct term should be “the main flash unit” and “the other flash unit that is equally important as the first one that tells the second flash unit when to fire”.

    1. msundman Avatar

      First of all “main” sounds way too much like “man”, so you’re clearly meaning that men are the ones who should decide when others do what.
      There’s literally nothing that wouldn’t offend someone. E.g., I bet lots of people are offended that Canon goes full 1984 on accepted technical terminology. So the argument that it offends someone is logically invalid, since it’s impossible to avoid. But it’s not as if the SJW crowd will have any real argument ever about anything, you just need to shut up and fall in line with their fascism.

  6. Amy Jones Avatar
    Amy Jones

    Transmitter and receiver work just as well. It’s not a big deal

    1. msundman Avatar

      Nope. Good flash systems use bidirectional communication (e.g., so you can see the status of your flashes on your controller), so both are senders and receivers, and if you just use the term from a connection initialization perspective the master might even be a receiver, so then they are suddenly the wrong way around, based on the particular implementation.

  7. Sorin Andrei Avatar
    Sorin Andrei

    Now is white and black? ??

  8. Grant Nelson Avatar
    Grant Nelson

    I’m certain this will end racism, once and for all.

  9. Gary Bailey Avatar
    Gary Bailey

    Are they going to make the white lenses grey and the black bodies grey as well, just to be sure on things?

    1. Rosalieanne Fagan Cantela Avatar
      Rosalieanne Fagan Cantela

      this is all bs…time to stop..

    2. Gary Bailey Avatar
      Gary Bailey

      Rosalieanne Fagan Cantela me, Canon or the “woke” generation?

  10. Samantha Martin Avatar
    Samantha Martin

    It won’t change anything.

  11. Ramón Enrique Méndez Yáñez Avatar
    Ramón Enrique Méndez Yáñez

    What if I tell you it doesn’t matter yo me? I Will calle them slave and master for the rest of my life. What is next?

    Does this change anything? Will it erase the historical fact that humanity was forged on the basis of slavery systems by dominance or exchange?

    The truth is that today in the world there are many manifestations of slavery, among them child, labor, sexual, conscience and state, among others.

    It seems to me that it is not relevant and more important things must be addressed, such as in China, where the parts of many products of that brand are manufactured, stop enslaving people or persecuting those who oppose totalitarianism.

  12. Daniel Hammerberg Avatar
    Daniel Hammerberg

    Changing the words doesn’t hurt anybody. The computer industry is doing the same thing.

    1. msundman Avatar

      Actually it does when you change them to words that already have different meanings in the same context. Good flash systems use bidirectional communication (e.g., so you can see the status of your flashes on your controller), so both are senders and receivers, and if you just use the term from a connection initialization perspective the master might even be a receiver. But hey, let’s just mess up the whole language because of an extremely small minority of vocal lunatics who get triggered by anything and everything and will never be satisfied, because their whole modus operandi is to exert power over others, like the fascist wannabes they are.

  13. Paul Richards Avatar
    Paul Richards

    Oh yes, lets just jump on the bandwagen, in case we offend anyone in this current highly charged atmosphere of fear at the moment

  14. Luigi Barbano Avatar
    Luigi Barbano

    I hope this is a joke. But I already sold my canons so for now I’m far from this diffuse total stupidity.

  15. Luigi Barbano Avatar
    Luigi Barbano

    During fetish sex games what term we need to use to be politically correct?? ;)

    1. Amy Jones Avatar
      Amy Jones

      sub and dom roles, also Sir or Ma’am have a “pet”. Fet people tend to be creative, so I wouldn’t worry

    2. Luigi Barbano Avatar
      Luigi Barbano

      Amy Jones I was just thinking one that probably reflects more correctly the original terms: taxpayer and government :D lol

  16. Robert Valdivia Avatar
    Robert Valdivia

    My first thought was, “hmm, photographers are artists with an eye for beauty and kinder souls… empathizers. There’s not going to be one supremacist sympathizer or 45 apologist in the comments…”

    I lost that bet.

    1. boothby171 Avatar

      Never get off the boat, and NEVER read the comments section!

  17. Bhavin Shah Avatar
    Bhavin Shah

    Number of people who are triggered… and out in full force ??

    1. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      This is called reasoning – a phenomenon which I suspect is foreign to some

    2. Bhavin Shah Avatar
      Bhavin Shah

      Sergi Yavorski I get it… it’s uncomfortable for you, this whole thing, I get it. Hopefully you get over it and evolve, else the bitter old men you encounter often, that will be you.

    3. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Comfort has nothing to do with this. Reason does. I could not care less on a personal level. It does not affect my immediate well-being. Nice try at a fallacy though. Unfortunately, some people which – I won’t point fingers at – are too preoccupied with glorious virtue signaling and excited victimhood to realize how much damage these things cause to reason, common sense, and humanity in general. And I’m not just talking about a few words. These are just a part of the much bigger picture.

    4. Bhavin Shah Avatar
      Bhavin Shah

      Sergi Yavorskii it’s interesting how you use fallacy and reasoning and victimhood… it’s like you don’t like when you’re shown a mirror, because then you have to acknowledge it, address it… change it and change is difficult. Good Day!

    5. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Bhavin Shah LOL, more useless ad hominem. I gave you a chance at a valid counterargument, but it looks like you can’t address my argument with anything but old and tried meaningless leftist clichés?‍♂️

    6. Bhavin Shah Avatar
      Bhavin Shah

      Sergi Yavorski That’s funny I didn’t call you a racist or any-ist but sheer disagreement and you labeled me a leftist??… and I am the one lobbing “ad hominem” and about cliches and having a vaid counter argument? About what? You cable news/ talk radio talking points? Bring something original to the table sir.

    7. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Bhavin Shah Maybe you should read my “original” comment? You keep trying to ignore it. You have not even made an attempt to address it. Instead you are spouting nonsense and talk about my imaginary attitude or feelings. use reason and address the argument.

  18. Вергунов Сергей Avatar
    Вергунов Сергей

    Thanks God, they dropped IDE devices long time ago. They used to be ‘masters’ and ‘slaves’ too.

  19. Вергунов Сергей Avatar
    Вергунов Сергей

    How will you call Slavic people now? The very word ‘slave’ originates from them.

    1. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Actually no. It originates from “славить”. In the sense of “praising god”

    2. Вергунов Сергей Avatar
      Вергунов Сергей

      Sergi Yavorski No contradiction. ‘Slavic people’ originates from ‘славить’. ‘Slaves’ originates from ‘Slavic people’, because many of Slavic people in the remote past were slaves.

    3. Sergi Yavorski Avatar
      Sergi Yavorski

      Вергунов Сергей[ The picture is a bit more complex:

      Middle English sclave, from Old French esclave, from Medieval Latin sclvus, from Sclvus, Slav (from the widespread enslavement of captured Slavs in the early Middle Ages); see Slav.]
      Word History: The derivation of the word slave encapsulates a bit of European history and explains why the two words slaves and Slavs are so similar; they are, in fact, historically identical. The word slave first appears in English around 1290, spelled sclave. The spelling is based on Old French esclave from Medieval Latin sclavus, “Slav, slave,” first recorded around 800. Sclavus comes from Byzantine Greek sklabos (pronounced sklävs) “Slav,” which appears around 580. Sklavos approximates the Slavs’ own name for themselves, the Slovnci, surviving in English Slovene and Slovenian. The spelling of English slave, closer to its original Slavic form, first appears in English in 1538. Slavs became slaves around the beginning of the ninth century when the Holy Roman Empire tried to stabilize a German-Slav frontier. By the 12th century stabilization had given way to wars of expansion and extermination that did not end until the Poles crushed the Teutonic Knights at Grunwald in 1410. · As far as the Slavs’ own self-designation goes, its meaning is, understandably, better than “slave”; it comes from the Indo-European root *kleu-, whose basic meaning is “to hear” and occurs in many derivatives meaning “renown, fame.” The Slavs are thus “the famous people.” Slavic names ending in -slav incorporate the same word, such as Czech Bohu-slav, “God’s fame,” Russian Msti-slav, “vengeful fame,” and Polish Stani-slaw, “famous for withstanding (enemies).”The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

  20. Jeff Hayward Avatar
    Jeff Hayward

    Seems like a pretty simple change to rid racist language. Some of the comments here make me ashamed to be a canon owner.

    1. Mar De Avatar
      Mar De

      Jeff Hayward It’s only racist language if you’ve completely lost your mind.

      1. msundman Avatar

        You’re right about that. Literally everything is racist to these lunatic SJWs. And in reality it’s the SJWs themselves that are the most racist of them all, trying to keep POC feeling victimized and oppressed, so they wouldn’t try to actually do something, just vote democrat and wait for the promised handouts.

    2. Jeff Hayward Avatar
      Jeff Hayward

      Mar De or if you have family roots in slavery. what’s triggering to someone else might not be to you.

      1. msundman Avatar

        If you get “triggered” by that in a way requiring the whole world to adjust to your personal issues then you need to solve your psychological problems instead.

        I’m guessing next people will notice that most cameras are black. That’s obviously racist, because why not, so we can’t allow camera manufacturers get away with this inequity! We need an equal number of each color camera in every store, because otherwise you have unconscious racial bias, which you have anyway, because you’re white, so you’re always racist, no matter what you do, you mofo!

  21. Suzanne M Jake Avatar
    Suzanne M Jake

    They dropped it as Sony is the master and canon is its slave.

  22. Steven Jardine Avatar
    Steven Jardine

    Sadly they were the best words to describe the functions of the devices and their operating relationship between one another, and it’s further muddied if you have custom configurations with various layers of masters/slaves (I’ve used transmitters to trigger other transmitters/receiver groups).

    I certainly won’t stop using those words personally, regardless of what manufacturers do to appease the over-sensitive.

    1. msundman Avatar

      Exactly. You have communication every which way in many systems. But who cares about facts and reality when we’re fragile snowflakes who will never be OK with any solution anyway?

      If the insane, fragile snowflakes really need to change it then leader and follower, but I’m sure that’ll offend someone else, too.

  23. Darrell Larose Avatar
    Darrell Larose

    Also gone is White balance…

    1. msundman Avatar

      YES! How dare camera manufacturer’s use white balance?!? As if whiteness was the perfection to strive for! Such racism everywhere!

  24. Todd Williams Avatar
    Todd Williams


  25. Jeff Reedy Avatar
    Jeff Reedy

    grow up

  26. Rosalieanne Fagan Cantela Avatar
    Rosalieanne Fagan Cantela

    this has gone far enough.

  27. Sergey Maranchuk Avatar
    Sergey Maranchuk

    so, time to drop L white lenses :P

  28. Richard Doktor Avatar
    Richard Doktor

    Jason Parnell-Brookes of FStoppers reached out to Canon regarding the problematic terms.

    There are no “problematic terms”. There are just problematic persons with a ill, problematic mind, who see $_choose_your_favorite_hateobject everywhere. No mentally healthy person, who uses flashes, thinks about “racism” when using the terms “master” and “slave”.

    Furthermore, the word “slave” does not automatically mean that a “black person” is meant. Every person can become a “slave” by different things.
    So I find it strange that black people use this word for their own pity.

    “Black lives matter” … a racist slogan to demonstrate against racism. The mental insanity of humanity couldn’t be more clearly defined.

    1. msundman Avatar

      I think it’s more about certain groups of predominantly white people wanting to keep black people feeling oppressed, so they wouldn’t think that they can achieve anything. Why even try if you truly believe that the system is against you? These people think it’s better that blacks are inferior people who need extra help from others, and therefore will continue voting for those who say they will give extra help, although they actually don’t do much of anything that actually helps.

  29. Patrick Avatar

    Hmm, I kinda prefer the new terms because it is more specific as to what the unit does. I also wish the US would move over to the metric system, I think after an initial familiarization period, people would find it much simpler.

    1. msundman Avatar

      It doesn’t work, because a good flash system uses bidirectional communication. Same with other MA/SL-hardware solutions, or things like token rings. It’s a non-working solution to a non-existing problem.

  30. Mike McWhorter Avatar
    Mike McWhorter

    Inside of two short months, we, aa a country, have completely lost our minds. We continue to show our ignorance by being scared and emotionally scarred by benign inanimate objects and by not being able to interpret things in perspective. Our education system has completely failed us.

  31. Sandra Kinney Avatar
    Sandra Kinney

    Are we going to have to drop White because it insults black

    1. msundman Avatar

      Of course we are. And the fact that almost all cameras are black is also horribly racist. And the letters on this page, which are obeying my typing, are black, which is ridiculously racist. Everything is racist, everything offends the fragile snowflakes who never got a chance to grow the F up.

  32. W Douglas LeBlanc Avatar
    W Douglas LeBlanc

    Sender & Receiver – got it.

  33. Chainsaw Charlie Avatar
    Chainsaw Charlie

    What about my feelings!?!?!? I’m a Caucasian, and i’m offended by the words “sender” and “receiver”. I demand that you stop using these words IMMEDIATELY, or you will be labeled as racists!!!

  34. Jolyon Ralph Avatar
    Jolyon Ralph

    They did this three years ago. So well done Canon.

  35. Sean P Sullivan Avatar
    Sean P Sullivan

    Why I shot nikon.

  36. Marciano Kluivert Avatar
    Marciano Kluivert

    As a Canon user i always wondered why they start using those in the first place. haha!

  37. Albin Avatar

    Arguably there ought to be more appropriate uses of the Master/Slave designation than there are now: I’d like to see “smart home” denizens address their devices as “Oh Master, may I have …” instead of indulging in the naive fantasy that they’re ordering Siri, Google or Alexa about.

  38. Kevin Nami Ng Avatar
    Kevin Nami Ng

    Yay the racism is now ended, for good. Oh wait, does it mention race?

  39. Kendrix Thomas Avatar
    Kendrix Thomas

    Primary and secondary can also be used.

  40. Algie Littlepage Avatar
    Algie Littlepage

    The next thing to go will be vanilla and chocolate.

  41. Noel S McCormack Avatar
    Noel S McCormack


  42. Ivan Klas Avatar
    Ivan Klas

    So canons killed so many pol in ww1,ww2, vietnam etc. So canon should be rebranded to more peaceful company! (Eos R user here)

  43. CanonMinolta Avatar

    Stupid move ….

    Caving in to current events is just stupid
    Especially leaving all the older products with these terms
    Is “White” Balance racist too?
    And what about those “black” camera bodies?
    This is going way, way too far. And it’s sad.

  44. James Mauro Avatar
    James Mauro

    What a bunch of PC BS!!!

  45. WolfNippleChips Avatar


  46. boothby171 Avatar

    I think they should use the words “top” and “bottom,” or possibly “pitcher” and “catcher.”

  47. John Beatty Avatar
    John Beatty

    It is the song that never ends, and it goes on and on my friend….

  48. Jerry Lewis Avatar
    Jerry Lewis

    stupid… political correctness gone crazy… has nothing to do with slavery

  49. Enrico I. Avatar
    Enrico I.

    The USA are doomed. This is the proof of how the glorification of mental hillnes and dementia are giving the final blow to basic freedom of speech and in the end to the remains of democracy.