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David Williams
Dave Williams is an accomplished travel photographer, writer, and best-selling author from the UK. He is also a photography educator and published Aurora expert. Dave has traveled extensively in recent years, capturing stunning images from around the world in a modified van. His work has been featured in various publications and he has worked with notable brands such as Skoda, EE, Boeing, Huawei, Microsoft, BMW, Conde Nast, Electronic Arts, Discovery, BBC, The Guardian, ESPN, NBC, and many others.

Wireless microphone war – DJI Mic versus Røde Wireless Go 2

Nov 3, 2022
David Williams

The wireless microphone space is growing. Content creators, particularly mobile content creators, are looking for great sound solutions. In this article, I want to talk…

Hands on with the ShiftCam ProGrip

Oct 31, 2022
David Williams

Smartphone photography is on the rise, there’s no question, and we’ve had our eye on the ShiftCam ecosystem since their Kickstarter announcements. The ShiftCam ProGrip…

Photography Copycats – The fine line between inspiration and ripping off others

Oct 27, 2022
David Williams

This is a tricky article to write. I’m writing it because of observations I’ve made within the photography community, so here goes. As photographers, we…

Is VERO the solution to the Instagram problem?

Oct 15, 2022
David Williams

It’s fair to say that almost all Instagram users are peeved at the crazy drop in engagement lately. If this was the only concern we…

Should photographers be worried about AI in photography?

Oct 2, 2022
David Williams

Artificial Intelligence in photography is showing huge growth. We’re even seeing our social media feeds flooded with AI-created images. Just last month, we saw that…

XenceLabs versus Wacom – there’s a clear winner

Sep 30, 2022
David Williams

The graphics tablet scene has been hit hard with the launch of a range of tablets by XenceLabs. Founded in 2019, XenceLabs is formed mainly…

Instagram hates photographers

Jun 12, 2022
David Williams

The metaverse is a strange place. The outward visage of the social media giant is that it’s a place where people can express their views…

Eight photography podcasts you should follow for inspiration and education

Apr 21, 2022
David Williams

Constant education and inspiration are important in photography. The worlds best photographers will share the fact that they’re constantly learning and refining their skills. A…

The northern lights are spectacular this year, but the strongest are still to come

Apr 16, 2022
David Williams

The northern lights have hit headlines lately as solar flares have sent charged plasma hurtling through space at break-neck speeds. We’ve had reports of aurora…

Hands on with the Platypod eXtreme

Apr 9, 2022
David Williams

We recently covered the launch of the Platypod eXtreme. It’s the latest of Platypod’s Kickstarter projects and it’s part f their flat tripod line, coming…