Add ‘excitement’ to every shoot with StockCam’s gun-like camera accessory

Jun 7, 2023

Alex Baker

Alex Baker is a portrait and lifestyle driven photographer based in Valencia, Spain. She works on a range of projects from commercial to fine art and has had work featured in publications such as The Daily Mail, Conde Nast Traveller and El Mundo, and has exhibited work across Europe

Jun 7, 2023

Alex Baker

Alex Baker is a portrait and lifestyle driven photographer based in Valencia, Spain. She works on a range of projects from commercial to fine art and has had work featured in publications such as The Daily Mail, Conde Nast Traveller and El Mundo, and has exhibited work across Europe

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Have you ever wanted to create a security alert and mass panic every time you use your camera? If so, then this new accessory from StockCam could be just the thing. The company is literally putting the shoot into photo-shoot with this automatic weapon-esque camera rig.

The StockCam is launching soon on Indiegogo and claims to “add excitement and ritual to every shot.” The camera support rig is compatible with all camera brands and features an expandable design.

Add 'excitement' to every shoot with StockCam's gun-like camera accessory

The unique design is complete with a trigger that takes you through the three different modes: Lock, Focus, and Fast. The rig even has a handy way of stowing spare lenses for fast changes.

“Perfect for outdoor shooting, military photography, and long-duration sessions,” says the Indiegogo page, “the revolutionary gun-style camera cage designed specifically for photographers who demand stability, comfort, and an enjoyable shooting experience.”

Add 'excitement' to every shoot with StockCam's gun-like camera accessory

Enjoyable, that is, until some well-meaning member of the public spots it and calls the authorities. One minute you’re taking bird photos; the next, you’re spread-eagled on the ground with a SWAT team reading your Miranda rights.

I want to think that this product is a joke. I cannot wrap my head around any other explanation for this. Particularly in these times of mass shootings and terrorist attacks, I can’t imagine why anyone would actually want to use such a device. Personally, I’d prefer to just take photographs and not be mistaken for a rogue sniper.


Good luck getting it through airport security, although I’m sure it would pair nicely with a shot gun mic!

If you are completely bonkers, you can back this product on Indiegogo. As always, backing these projects involves risks yada-yada-yada, and DIYP takes no responsibility.

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Alex Baker

Alex Baker

Alex Baker is a portrait and lifestyle driven photographer based in Valencia, Spain. She works on a range of projects from commercial to fine art and has had work featured in publications such as The Daily Mail, Conde Nast Traveller and El Mundo, and has exhibited work across Europe

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87 responses to “Add ‘excitement’ to every shoot with StockCam’s gun-like camera accessory”

  1. Camera Shooter Avatar
    Camera Shooter

    Next up: Cameraman using StockCam’s unique camera rig being shot by authorities. For sure we need another proof of Darwin’s theory.

  2. Mike Shwarts Avatar
    Mike Shwarts

    Nothing special. Commercial versions of this go back decades. Before that, people mounted cameras to wood rifle stocks and used mechanical shutter releases to trip the shutter.

    The vest that looks like it hold spare ammo magazines, his clothes and mention of “military photography” doesn’t help with the selling point. I’ll give it an F-minus.

  3. Once_Born Avatar

    The Zenit Photosniper (google it :-) was a Soviet export back in the days when Zenith SLR and Zorki rangefinder cameras were sold in the West.

    However, times change. This looks designed to appeal to the ‘tactical’ poser who is just too dumb to understand the risks.

    1. Parfumeur Avatar

      I actually tried one from Novoflex, but needed a monopod to keep the set up from tipping over, or just plain arm fatigue. Just a concept from a person with no life expereince.

    2. Parfumeur Avatar

      Tried back in the days the Novoflex. The issue is weight in the front. Impossible to hold focus on subject unless you add a monopod under the gun style stock.

      This ‘so called’ new camera support is from a non photographer with no field or life experience. April 1st is long past.

  4. Jack Tingle Avatar
    Jack Tingle

    Meh. I have the Manfrotto version bought a couple of years ago. Integrates with a monopod. I think I paid $23 from Adorama. As someone else mentioned, they date back to the Zenit Photosniper.

  5. njtrout2000 Avatar

    This is a product is a major accident to happen. One quick look by law enforcement and you will be a target. As an earlier poster said this type of device has been around for years but I have never seen one used especially in today’s environment of mass shootings. Get a monopod instead.

  6. Parfumeur Avatar

    Designed in Texas, Made in China? There are no technical specs, nor brick & mortar address. Looks like cheap toy plastic.

  7. Rafał Grzesiuk Avatar
    Rafał Grzesiuk

    Not new idea :)
    Zenit fotosniper fs-12 made in ussr

    1. Taking photographs is not a crime Avatar
      Taking photographs is not a crime
    2. Rafał Grzesiuk Avatar
      Rafał Grzesiuk

      Taking photographs is not a crime Nice collection, I have only one but with case :)

    3. Vlad Moldovean - Visual Artist Avatar
      Vlad Moldovean – Visual Artist

      Rafał Grzesiuk came here to post about this, you were faster :))

    4. Jay Speidell Avatar
      Jay Speidell

      It looks like a grenade launcher!

    5. Alex Brisbey Avatar
      Alex Brisbey

      Rafał Grzesiuk used to shoot drifting on one of these guys. Fun camera!

    6. Bill Antal Avatar
      Bill Antal

      That the Russian AK-47 version. 😁

  8. Taking photographs is not a crime Avatar
    Taking photographs is not a crime
    1. Danny Thompson Avatar
      Danny Thompson

      Taking photographs is not a crime With those cameras and that creepy page name, you’re asking for trouble.

    2. Volodymyr Sorin Avatar
      Volodymyr Sorin

      Taking photographs is not a crime I had a Tair 300 variant. an interesting thing and a satisfying diaphragm mechanism click

  9. Don Barnard Avatar
    Don Barnard

    All I said was, is there a “Do not operate while black, you will get shot” warning label on this thing? And that’s when the fight started

    1. Myronuedwardsphotography Avatar

      Don Barnard now that’s the absolute truth in that one

    2. Myronuedwardsphotography Avatar

      Don Barnard Lord knows it’s only truth

    3. Rubus Blakberi Avatar
      Rubus Blakberi

      Don Barnard Just what I was thinking. I don’t live in America, but I would still hesitate to use that thing here in Quebec

  10. Tunes Firwood Avatar
    Tunes Firwood

    This is an interesting reminder of how terrible camera ergonomics are.

  11. Chris Gualtieri Avatar
    Chris Gualtieri

    That doesn’t look comfortable

  12. Holger Quast Avatar
    Holger Quast

    That gear is protected by the second amendment 💪✌️

  13. Clifford Luck Avatar
    Clifford Luck

    Nah im good, I feel like money better spent anywhere else. I stand out enough taking photos, I don’t need to be tazed or shot then asked why I thought this was good idea.

  14. RB Photography Avatar
    RB Photography

    My clients would clown me if I showed up to a shoot with this thing

  15. Mig Rödz Avatar
    Mig Rödz

    Nothing new here, this concept goes back to the 50s and probably before!

  16. Anthony Boyer Avatar
    Anthony Boyer

    Yeah, not gonna use this while photographing military aircraft at the local airport. Would rather spending my time taking pictures instead of explaing to airport security what I have after being reported by a ‘concerned citizen.’

    1. Kamel Labiad Avatar
      Kamel Labiad

      Anthony Boyer I dont think you would get the chanche to even get close to that stage, the sniper of the base would have took care of you already

  17. Scott Shin Avatar
    Scott Shin

    SBR tax stamp required.

  18. Günther Klebinger Avatar
    Günther Klebinger

    I always felt like I don’t look moronic enough when taking pictures. This will take care of that problem. 👍

  19. Jon Kent Avatar
    Jon Kent


  20. Max Green Avatar
    Max Green

    Best way to get shot by the police.

  21. Ollie Millington Avatar
    Ollie Millington

    Excitement is an interesting way to say make yourself a target for any police/armed forces every time you step into public…..

  22. Laird Williams Avatar
    Laird Williams

    Put on a bump stock for burst shooting…

  23. Chris Saad Avatar
    Chris Saad


  24. Magnus Widqvist Avatar
    Magnus Widqvist

    The shoulder stock for the 500mm Zeiss for the Hasselblad looked like quite the weapon also.

  25. Jason Rae Avatar
    Jason Rae


    💥 Pow 💥 pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow 💥 pow pow pow pow 💥 pow pow 💥 pow…..


    Pow 💥 pow pow pow 💥 pow pow pow pow pow 💥 pow pow pow 💥 pow pow pow 💥 pow…..

    Police press conference: “The deceased suspect was ordered several times to drop what we suspected was an AR15 styled rifle. After several attempts to de-escalate the situation, the officers fired 329 shots in order to neutralize the threat.

    Me: “Nah, I’m good! 😬

  26. Photographers Creative Avatar
    Photographers Creative

    Don’t operate while black

  27. Yariv Alhadef Avatar
    Yariv Alhadef

    Yossi Cohen

  28. Gary Boynton Avatar
    Gary Boynton

    Good for long lens only……..

  29. Mark Crummett Avatar
    Mark Crummett

    No way that could go wrong.

  30. Joe Achée Avatar
    Joe Achée

    School Photo Days just got LIT!

  31. Ricardo Jose Estrada Avatar
    Ricardo Jose Estrada

    How to get shot by a cop:

  32. Adriano Duff Avatar
    Adriano Duff

    Only for amateurs..
    Don’t work for real photojournalists because shurely you going to get shot and killed in a real war cover assigment….😕

  33. Korbett Matthews Avatar
    Korbett Matthews

    Only the killers want to film it

  34. Robin Edgar Avatar
    Robin Edgar

    Not to mention riot cops. . .

  35. Colin Fraser Avatar
    Colin Fraser

    “Handle”? With latex gloves, a loud snap and a smile.

  36. Deon Venter Avatar
    Deon Venter

    The young photographers would love the new to them invention…

  37. Aayush Sharma Avatar
    Aayush Sharma

    Dasrath Shrestha Beejukchhen yo order garna mildaina

  38. Blly Chrch Avatar
    Blly Chrch

    Travis LaChappelle BOOM HEADSHOT

  39. Logan Kahler Avatar
    Logan Kahler

    If I brought that to a wedding in Iowa, I would definitely get shot.😅

  40. Chris Senneff Avatar
    Chris Senneff

    Bet this is perfect for air shows! 👌 Just got to let security know you’re not packing manpads 🤣

  41. Ian Sting Avatar
    Ian Sting

    Vinneria Vince Hii nayo ni hatari😂

    1. Vinneria Vince Avatar
      Vinneria Vince

      Ian Sting 😂😂😂😂 technology

  42. Justin Bragan Avatar
    Justin Bragan

    Ban Assault Cameras! 🥴

  43. Larry Reynolds Avatar
    Larry Reynolds

    The wife already said NO for Father’s Day!

  44. Grady Danger Picinich Avatar
    Grady Danger Picinich

    I remember these at the Battle of F-stop Ridge

  45. Stephen Cussen Avatar
    Stephen Cussen

    We don’t have any purpose for fully automatic cameras!

  46. Mark Lewis Avatar
    Mark Lewis

    To give you an idea how pervasive the American gun culture is, you will note this ad has been posted on every single photography group. At least every single one I am a member of or even look at and thats well over 20. First time I’ve ever seen an ad so aggressively marketed. What kind of messed up culture do you have to have where someone identifies you as a viable market for ‘anything that can be made to arbitrarily look like a firearm’?! In all my years as a photographer never once have I thought, “You know this is a great profession and a fulfilling hobby, but gosh if only someone invented a way to make this seem more like firing a gun.” (Your wait is over, someone did!)

  47. Jim Hemauer Avatar
    Jim Hemauer

    Do you wanna get shot by the cops?
    Because THAT’s how you get shot by the cops!

  48. Ryan Vizzions Avatar
    Ryan Vizzions

    Finally we can see how bad these LARPing wanna be soldiers shoot.

  49. Naturfotograf Michael Estwik Avatar
    Naturfotograf Michael Estwik

    Now, put a Sony kamera with a 800 mm tele lens and people will believe you are running around with a bazooka.

  50. Collin Madin Avatar
    Collin Madin

    Any chance this is an American product?

  51. Jonas Yuan Avatar
    Jonas Yuan

    Ammophobic is real here.

  52. Jason Jackson Avatar
    Jason Jackson

    Makes no sense unless it can hold a 300 400 500 or 600. Even then it’s impractical

  53. Matt Yeandel Avatar
    Matt Yeandel

    Great for rap videos

  54. Richard Jefferies Avatar
    Richard Jefferies

    I remember the “photosniper” kit you could buy with a Zenit SLR in the 1960s and 70s.

  55. Octavian Cucută Avatar
    Octavian Cucută

    – It’s actually set to burst mode…
    – *screams* OH NOOOOO!!!

  56. Paul Heathcote Avatar
    Paul Heathcote

    Daniel Ryan I’m so buying this!

  57. Clarence Hemeon Avatar
    Clarence Hemeon

    Another stupid accessory for the slow of mind.

  58. Evie Gustafson Avatar
    Evie Gustafson

    That’s a stupid thing that can get you shot. With a deadly bullet!

  59. Max Dempster Avatar
    Max Dempster

    Go out in public and the Police are lightly to shoot you for being armed, or with the pretence of being armed.

  60. Kevin Donoghue Avatar
    Kevin Donoghue

    Assault Camera. Full auto!

  61. Will Hawkins Avatar
    Will Hawkins

    I want it

  62. Stephan Reinhardt Avatar
    Stephan Reinhardt

    As a black photographer I will not be using this.

  63. Justin Arkle Avatar
    Justin Arkle

    Ian Sproat this is right up your street

    1. Ian Sproat Avatar
      Ian Sproat

      Justin Arkle I need this lol, my 2 hobbies in 1 🤣🤣

  64. Patrick VonPatrick Avatar
    Patrick VonPatrick

    These things have been around forever.

  65. Mark Beach Avatar
    Mark Beach

    The perfect way to be shot by police while shooting photos. 🙄