The Cleverest DIYP iPhone Tripod* Ever!

The Cleverest DIYP iPhone Tripod* Ever!

  • This tripod, designed by Benny Johansson, can be placed on top of bottles or stand for it self.
  • Flexible enough to fit most of the common bottle tops and caps.
  • the phone can be tilted 0-8 degrees on one side and 15 on the other.
  • the elastic can be used to secure the phone from falling out,  ( a string in the middle of the screen is not ideal but most camera controls are  at the left or right side of the screen so it works okay for most of the time )
  • can also be used as a viewing stand
  • can be folded flat ( the “holy hinges” has good durability, see my test )

The Cleverest DIYP iPhone Tripod* Ever!

The Cleverest DIYP iPhone Tripod* Ever!

How to make it:


  • 2 pieces of polypropylene (PP) plastic sheet, 0,6-0,8 mm thick, 15 x 5 cm + 5 x 3 cm ( I used pieces from a plastic box )
  • elastic cord / shock cord, 2,5 mm x 40 cm ( 3/32 x 15 inch )
  • Self vulcanizing rubber tape ( also called self-fusing or self amalgamating tape )

Step 0

this is the basic idea for converting a template into a model (taken from another tripod version):

 The Cleverest DIYP iPhone Tripod* Ever!

Step 1

  • cut out the plastic pieces
  • print out the PDF template  and tape it on the plastic pieces
  • make the holes and make a surface mark through the cutting lines with a sharp knife  ( if you make the holes with a “hole puncher”, clear the pipe every 5th hole with this “tool” )
  • Remove the templates and cut out the pieces A and B ( see image of part B)
  • bend the “holy hinges” back and forth all the way a few times to make them soft,  also bend part B in the same way at the places pointed out below. ( sometimes 1 or 2 joints break on the first or second bend, this is not a problem for part A, if part B breaks you will need to make a new one …. )

The Cleverest DIYP iPhone Tripod* Ever!

Step 2

wrap a thin layer of rubber tape as shown below, alternative: a piece of a thin bike inner tube could also be used

The Cleverest DIYP iPhone Tripod* Ever!

Step 3

assemble as shown below, the length of the elastic loop depends on the size of your phone and the cord hardness.

The Cleverest DIYP iPhone Tripod* Ever!

* Tripod might not be the correct definition but I think it describes the function better than “camera support” .

About The Author

Benny Johansson is a designer and an inventor, you can see a bunch of his other great inventions on Benny’s site. This post, along with two other great tripod inventions, was first published here.

  • Karol Kaprusiak

    It’s not iPhone actually

  • Eric Paré

    Jeremy Labièredanslfrigo Laurent Saiiro Hen Nicolas Foisy

  • Ana C. Vásquez

    Don’t call it an iPhone Tripod if you are showing a Samsung phone, just say Smartphone Tripod :)

  • Lexobed Mimo

    So purist here

  • Stefan

    oh wow.
    How many boxes died for the prototypes before you end up with this design?

  • Rick

    A couple of pipe cleaners (or better yet, a couple of nite ize gear ties) would have provide a much more versatile and less labor intensive solution.

  • Lyle

    Very creative, compact solution, regardless of what it’s called.
    Very clear description, too. Thanks

  • Ad De Ste Croix

    poor work. It is a smart phone tripod.

  • Empico Coating

    Haha its obviously a Samsung phone, not an iPhone.