Woman Who Assaulted Boy With a Quadcopter Gets Probation

Jul 14, 2014

Maaz Khan

Maaz Khan started off teaching himself photography with a disposable Kodak camera he got for his 7th birthday. His main weapons of choice are now the 5D Mark II, and an LG G2 when mobility calls.

Woman Who Assaulted Boy With a Quadcopter Gets Probation

Jul 14, 2014

Maaz Khan

Maaz Khan started off teaching himself photography with a disposable Kodak camera he got for his 7th birthday. His main weapons of choice are now the 5D Mark II, and an LG G2 when mobility calls.

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Last month, a video was uploaded online by 17 year-old Austin Haughwout, showing the assault carried out on him by 23 year-old Andrea Mears after she saw him using a quadcopter at a beach. After assaulting him, she lies to the police that arrive on the scene by claiming that he attacked her. Police chose not to arrest Austin only when he showed them that he has video evidence.

Andrea faced up to one year in jail with the charges brought against her. Last Wednesday, she was instead granted Accelerated Rehabilitation, and put two years of probation.

YouTube video

Because she was a first-time offender, Andrea was eligible for a special kind of probation that’ll basically allow all charges against her to be cleared if she stays clear of trouble for her two year probation. When asked for his thoughts, Austin saw it as a “slap on the wrist”, adding on that “If it had been a male that had assaulted a female, the punishment would have been much more severe”.

When I wrote about this back when the video surfaced, I gave my thoughts on how gender roles came into play in this scenario. I didn’t know until now that the kid being attacked was only seventeen, which really makes me question the court’s decision. I can buy that a woman who aggressively beat someone and then compulsively lied about it needs mental help, and that these guys will help her get that help. But I can’t buy that they still wouldn’t give her any actual sort of punishment after it was proven that she assaulted a minor.

You guys had a lot to say about this back when it happened. What are your thoughts on it now that we know its conclusion?

[Via New York Post]

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Maaz Khan

Maaz Khan

Maaz Khan started off teaching himself photography with a disposable Kodak camera he got for his 7th birthday. His main weapons of choice are now the 5D Mark II, and an LG G2 when mobility calls.

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23 responses to “Woman Who Assaulted Boy With a Quadcopter Gets Probation”

  1. Scott Weldon Avatar
    Scott Weldon

    She should have gotten jail time.

  2. Brian Schauer Avatar
    Brian Schauer

    I’d prefer not to have tax dollars house and feed this turd. So good call, judge.

  3. C Jacobs Avatar
    C Jacobs

    My thoughts on it are that she should serve jail time. As was stated by the victim, had he not had the video to prove his side of the story he’d have faced more than probation as punishment.

    1. Alex Minkin Avatar
      Alex Minkin

      not necessary

      1. udi tirosh Avatar
        udi tirosh

        Mike, I am removing this link it does not help the conversation in any way

  4. udi tirosh Avatar
    udi tirosh

    Please avoid posting personal details of the persons involved in the comments, I already deleted two of those.

    I am positive we can have a good discussion without involving facebook profiles.

  5. Joe Photoguy Spowal Avatar
    Joe Photoguy Spowal

    so person who is exercising his right to photograph in a public space, gets attacked, and the attacker gets a slap on the wrist?….WOW! so much for freedoms!

  6. Mike Carson Avatar
    Mike Carson

    One of the largest parts of rehabilitation is making someone accept responsibility for their actions. Given the overwhelming evidence against her and her lying to the authorities afterwards this is shockingly unjust.

    The fact that Austin was a minor, who didn’t fight back and had video of the whole thing and was then accused of being the attacker is bad enough. Now that he has been shown that the law cares more about the well being of the assailant than the victim I can’t imagine how he must feel.

    1. Rick Avatar

      In a news video published just a few days ago, she is still lying about what happened and refuses to accept responsibility. http://news.yahoo.com/video/drone-flying-over-beach-leads-220746773-cbs.html

      Truly this so-called punishment does nothing more than empower women who pull stunts like this.

  7. Ibonibo Avatar

    Is this in the US? The boy should sue her in a civil process. Go to a psy. Ask for emotional damages and the like, the usual stuff.

    That the boy is still a minor should play a way bigger role in this.

  8. James P Avatar
    James P

    He should be embarrassed.

  9. David Lewis Avatar
    David Lewis

    I think it was very fair. Yes, she did attack a minor… and lied about it to a police officer, but if you are familiar with the court system, this is normal. Many people demand justice until they are on the chopping block, and then they beg for mercy. Because this was a first time offense, the punishment is very mild, but if she commits future offenses the punishment will be more severe each time.

  10. Bob Avatar

    All I can say is “WOW”!!! After watching that video and seeing what he was filming (nothing more than beautiful scenery of the beach) I’m appalled she got away with just probation..!!!
    So sad..!!! I’ve filmed the exact same kind of scenery with my Phantom and fortunately NEVER been approached or attacked like this..!!! Sure, I’ve been approached by curious onlookers who are intrigued by the technology but never harassed..!!!

    Its only going to get worse as time goes on..!!! With the news media hyping up and sensationalizing the negative stories of what they call “Drones” (augh), and for the most part uneducated general public feeding off the media frenzy. I’m afraid this hobby of mine isn’t
    going to be enjoyable anymore..!!! I wish I had an answer..!!!

    Anyhow, if I was this kid I would file a civil lawsuit against her for bodily harm and emotional
    distress..!!! After looking at this video she isn’t even worth filming.. !!! She’s probably nothing
    more than a single unhappy in life women..!! Could you imagine dating something like that..??? Or even worse being married to her..??? I would commit suicide..!!!

    1. sircracked Avatar

      Why would it matter one whit what his footage looks like? It wouldn’t matter if he was filming everything she said he was and worse, it doesn’t justify a vigilante beating, and definitely doesn’t justify fabricating a story about him assaulting her, which are the two criminal things she engaged in that should have been punished here.

      Frankly, if he’d been filming people changing surreptitiously, and the same sequence of events played out, she STILL should face charges of not just the assault, but the false accusation (though obviously in that instance, he’d face charges of his own). The lawlessness of others isn’t any justification for her to issue her own judgement and punishment, and it’s the sense of entitlement and “above the law” (No one will question me, and, even if they do, they won’t punish me) that enabled this to happen, and, in this case, she was RIGHT. They only got to step two because the kid shot video, or he’d be facing a judge now instead of her, but, without the (apparently correct) presumption that no substantive action will be taken.

  11. Christopher Wheeling Avatar
    Christopher Wheeling

    Assaulting a minor and falsely accusing him of a crime? If I were the judge, I would have thrown the book at her.

  12. Muriel_B Avatar

    If she really is deranged, two years probation is a big punishment for her. Can you imagine how difficult it will be for her to control herself for such a long time?

  13. Jason peters Avatar
    Jason peters

    Honestly I understand her concern and its valid, I understand approaching him to see what he was up to, and even calling the cops. Everything after that has crazy written all over it. As for the ruling, I didn’t go to law school or pass the bar, and I am certainly not a sitting judge. I will leave it to those that have.

  14. JD Clarke Avatar
    JD Clarke

    @susannamac_su woman physically assaults man gets probation, man flies drone gets $10,000 fine?

  15. Dolf Avatar

    Does anyone else have a problem with the Posts headline? Pervy teen? It adds to the guilt of the photographer and lends some justification to her actions.

  16. Rayzor Avatar

    Any one who thinks this kid is a perv should take an actual look at the footage a go pro camera provides. It’s not very detailed from a distance. Any women who put this guy in the same class as an upskirt photographer shouldn’t be laying on the beach with their legs in the air anyway. How else would you get pictures like that. Also, anyone in the U.S. who thinks they have privacy, think again, the government already has a record of what color your shit was this morning!

  17. Simon Goode Avatar
    Simon Goode

    With the advent of the Internet, this will follow her the rest of her life, documented on YouTube in perpetuity. If Andrea Mears blows her nose wrong in the future, e.g. Domestic violence, even if this is cleared from her criminal record, it will never be expunged from her life and will follow her where ever she goes.

  18. Zack Avatar

    Bitch needs rehab for real