Module 8

The Module 8 Tuner is now available for PL lenses

Dec 25, 2023
Sagiv Gilburd

Happy holidays for vintage-look fans. All three Module 8 tuners are now available in a new version. The new version will allow you to use…

DIYP talks: The truth about cine lenses revealed

Jun 4, 2023
Adam Frimer

Designing a landmark cine lens is hard. Today we are honored to interview Iain Neil, and Michael Thomas. Ian is the optical designer behind some…

Hands on with Tuner by Module 8 – make any lens cinematic

Apr 27, 2023
Udi Tirosh

If you are out for a specific look for your movies, you know that it will take some effort. Lenses like the Canon FD,  Super…