Manual Lens From PVC Pipes

Nov 18, 2010
Udi Tirosh

There are proven ways to become a professional photographer, ask Zack Arias. Looks like building your own lenses (which we have done before) ranks pretty…

Follow Focus + Remote Made From K’NEX

Oct 24, 2010
Udi Tirosh

On of the big rants of Videographers moving to HD-DSRLs is the hard to control manual focus. The focus ring on most DSRL lenses is…

Shoot 3D with a Single Camera and Lens

Sep 12, 2010
Udi Tirosh

In the past, we covered some nifty ways to create 3D images with a single camera. Or even with two cameras, or a 3D-printed invention….

Everything You wanted To Know about DIYing a Tilt Shift Lens For Less Than $10

Aug 9, 2010
Udi Tirosh

Tilt Shift Lenses are cool. They are those lenses that allow you to take those miniature looking photographs. I dare you to get a real…

Attaching SLR Lenses to an iPhone

Jul 13, 2010
Udi Tirosh

Photographer and Engineer Bhautik Joshi came up with a nifty way to attach a real SLR lens to camera phones. and when I say attach,…

Scan Your Old Films For The Cost of A Happy Meal

Jul 11, 2010
Udi Tirosh

If you’ve been around from before the digital age, chances are you have stacks and stacks of negatives and slides stuffed in a box somewhere…

Homemade Lenses: What’s All The Fuzz About?

Jun 30, 2010
Udi Tirosh

Several weeks ago, you may have read my post on this site entitled Build Your Own Lenses in which I extolled the wonders of homemade…

Create a Digital Holga

Jun 18, 2010
Udi Tirosh

Frenzy over at Instructalbes came up with a neat way to convert your SLR into a Holga. A Holga is a very popular plastic toy…

Build Your Own Lenses

May 18, 2010
Udi Tirosh

Nikon, Canon, Leica, Pentax, Sigma, Tokina, and a host of other lens makers are all striving to bring you the sharpest lenses with all optical…

Telling a Story With Shaped Bokeh – Five Examples

Mar 19, 2010
Udi Tirosh

We all love a photo that tells a story. In stories we talk about sub plots. Subplots can relate to the main plot and enrich…