Who knew? Wine racks are perfect for storing, showing off your camera gear

Who knew? Wine racks are perfect for storing, showing off your camera gear


Incredible illustrator by day, passionate photographer by night, Ryan Hamrick loves little more than making art—the exceptions being his wife, children and maybe the perfect Old Fashion.

Since hopping onboard Samsung’s #DitchTheDSLR campaign some time ago, Hamrick has amassed an impressive collection of camera gear, most notably Samsung and Fuji. As his collection grew, he needed a place to store his camera gear.

In his typical artistic fashion, he wanted it to not only store his gear, but show it off in a beautiful way.

What he came up with is a beautifully simple solution: a minimalistic wine rack that perfectly displays his glass and accessories.

Sure, this might not work for DSLR users who have much larger glass, but for any mirrorless shooters, the result is absolutely gorgeous. You might also have to dust off your lenses every once in a while, but we’ll hope that you use them often enough that they don’t gather dust.

Hamrick says he intends on hanging the racks on the wall in the near future to further show off his growing collection. Now he just needs to find a matching shelf to house his camera bodies.

Image credits: Photo by Ryan Hamrick used with permission

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