insect photography

Nearly 12,000 close-up photos reveal the secrets of ants’ faces

Jan 9, 2024
Dunja Djudjic

While many of us were baking sourdough during lockdown, a team of researchers embarked on a fascinating lockdown project: capturing over close-up photos of ants. They ended up with nearly 12,000 images, revealing a mesmerizing world of grooves, ridges, and dimples on ants’ little heads and bodies. They don’t only look fascinating – but they may potentially be the key to ant survival.

Revealing the horrors of macro mosquito larvae filmed under polarised light

Aug 25, 2023
Alex Baker

Mosquitoes are responsible for a lot of deaths and diseases worldwide. Even if they don’t kill you, they can keep you awake all night and…

Watch this astounding time-lapse of a Venus fly trap devouring insects

Aug 7, 2023
Alex Baker

I’ve always been fascinated by carnivorous plants. At a young age, I begged my mum for a Venus fly trap, eagerly awaiting the moment when…

Magical video shows billions of fireflies flickering through the night

May 25, 2022
Dunja Djudjic

The flickering of a swarm of fireflies is one of the most magical things I’ve seen in my life. It always impresses me no matter…

These extreme macro shots will make you appreciate the humble fly in a whole new way

Feb 16, 2022
Alex Baker

There are macro images, and then there are extreme macro images. Photographer Marco Retana from Costa Rica specialises in macro images of insects that are…

Award winning macro photographer opens can of worms in bug drug drama

Dec 2, 2021
Alex Baker

The photographer who won the 2021 Buglife Bug Photographer of the Year Award has been vilified on social media for his apparently unethical methods to…

This is what bugs look like when they get ready to fly at 6,000fps

Nov 11, 2021
John Aldred

I follow quite a few YouTube channels. Some of them are purely for the visually stunning creations they post. Others are for the information they…

If you like bugs, macro and timelapse you’ll definitely want to watch “-N- Uprising ‘The Green Reapers’”

Nov 6, 2021
John Aldred

I see a lot of macro and timelapse scroll by my screen and when the two come together, they can produce something that’s just wonderful….

This slow-motion video of moths taking off is the most calming thing you’ll see today

Aug 5, 2021
Dunja Djudjic

Dr. Adrian Smith of Ant Lab has shown us quite a few times how beautiful, unusual, and complex the world of insects is. His latest…

These close-up portraits show that bees have “different personalities”

May 28, 2021
Dunja Djudjic

When looking from afar, all bees look the same. But just like they’re complex and intelligent creatures, they also look different from each other. Photographer…