high speed photography

Handheld mini explosions at 20,000fps are absolutely beautiful

Jun 23, 2016
John Aldred

The humble spud gun, which may or may not be illegal to actually use, own or even make where you live, is a wonderful thing….

These photos of nuclear explosions were taken one ten-millionth of a second after detonation

May 2, 2016
Udi Tirosh

If taking photos of speeding bullets is hard, imagine how hard it is to take photos of a nuclear bomb going off. (I mean aside…

Two suspects involved in a high-speed pursuit with LAPD stop and pose for selfies before cops show up

Apr 8, 2016
Gannon Burgett

Earlier today, the Los Angeles police department saw an incredibly unusual police chases. But, as strange as the chase itself was, it was the ending…

Stunning Valentine Roses Made From Acrylic Paint

Feb 15, 2016
Udi Tirosh

Valentine was yesterday and we thought we will give you some post-holiday roses. Of course those are “photography roses” made with high speed photography by…

Tons of Milk and Naked Models Transformed Into Stunning Fallen Angels (NSFW)

Feb 1, 2016
Liron Samuels

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz’s work by now. His signature splashed-milk photography has been featured twice before on the blog…

Tutorial: Neat Trick for Creating Cool Splash Photos In-Studio

Jan 12, 2016
Dina Belenko

In this article, Dina Belenko (previously) shares the secrets behind three of her most popular recent images. See how she creates creative splashes and waves IN-STUDIO,…

DJI’s Concept Phantom X Presents the Future of Drones

Nov 8, 2015
Liron Samuels

The future has never seemed less exciting. A new video released by DJI presents the Phantom X Concept drone, including a bunch of new(ish) and…

A Looks At The TimeSlice Rig Used in “Imagination”

Oct 6, 2015
Udi Tirosh

When we featured Imagination we were intrigued by the bullet time sequences that the short movie featured. I asked Marc Donahue from PermaGrin how those shots were…

DIY High Speed Photography: Shooting Light Bulbs Video Tutorial

Oct 2, 2015
Tiffany Mueller

Jay P. Morgan and the Slanted Lens team whipped up this fun little tutorial on how to use a BB gun to (literally) shoot the…

TimeSlice Combines 360° Bullet Time With Light Painting Photography

Sep 20, 2015
Udi Tirosh

Ever since DSLRs became cheap enough we’ve been seeing our share of time slice (AKA Bullet Time) projects. And cheap gopros enable even less of…