How to shoot off camera flash portraits on a budget

How to shoot off camera flash portraits on a budget

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Lighting gear can get really expensive really quick. $500 for a speedlight, $300 for a softbox, $100 for a light stand and mounting device. Already, that’s almost a grand for one of the most simple lighting setups out there.

Not all strobes shots need to be big budget though. Photographer Matt Granger has shared a video showing how it’s possible to achieve an impressive off-camera flash portrait for only a tenth of the above example.

For the shoot, Granger uses nothing more than a cheap Yongnuo flash, an affordable light stand and a very small, basic speedlight softbox.

Throughout the five minute video, Granger shares how it’s possible to achieve quality off-camera lighting with minimal capital. It’s a great watch for strobists new and old.

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