Lightroom CC Should be Released Tomorrow; Possible Bad News for Perpetual Licenses

Apr 21, 2015

Liron Samuels

Liron Samuels is a wildlife and commercial photographer based in Israel. When he isn’t waking up at 4am to take photos of nature, he stays awake until 4am taking photos of the night skies or time lapses. You can see more of his work on his website or follow him on Facebook.

Lightroom CC Should be Released Tomorrow; Possible Bad News for Perpetual Licenses

Apr 21, 2015

Liron Samuels

Liron Samuels is a wildlife and commercial photographer based in Israel. When he isn’t waking up at 4am to take photos of nature, he stays awake until 4am taking photos of the night skies or time lapses. You can see more of his work on his website or follow him on Facebook.

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Adobe’s next version of the popular editing and cataloguing software will finally be released tomorrow.

There have been several expected release dates in the past due to product pages launched on various retailer websites, but this time it’s a done deal.

The only question is, will there be a boxed version?

PhotoRumors says it is 100% sure the software will be announced “tomorrow morning (EST)” and Scott Kelby is promoting four webinars that will take place tomorrow and will focus on the “super-secret topic”. He does spill the beans a bit stating that the webinars will be hosted by himself and RC – co-hosts of The Lightroom show.

The less exciting news is that according to several sources Lightroom CC will be released tomorrow and there’s no word on a perpetual license options.

As we’ve seen from various leaks this was at the very least planned to be available, but Adobe might have changed its mind and decided to go full CC.

The way I see it is that at the very best we will see both CC and a boxed version announced tomorrow, but the CC version most likely means it’s just a matter of time until it is the only option.

For those who missed our post about the expected features in the new Lightroom, they are as follows:

  • Environment nondestructive
  • Advanced conversion feature black and white
  • Development predefined settings
  • Face Recognition
  • Sophisticated Healing Brush
  • Upright (Vertically)
  • Merge to HDR
  • Fusion panoramas
  • Performance gains
  • Sophisticated video slideshows
  • Optimized web galleries
  • Integration of online sharing
  • Creating photo books

[via Scott Kelby and PhotoRumors]


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Liron Samuels

Liron Samuels

Liron Samuels is a wildlife and commercial photographer based in Israel. When he isn’t waking up at 4am to take photos of nature, he stays awake until 4am taking photos of the night skies or time lapses. You can see more of his work on his website or follow him on Facebook.

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74 responses to “Lightroom CC Should be Released Tomorrow; Possible Bad News for Perpetual Licenses”

  1. Joshua Post Avatar
    Joshua Post

    Boo if no perpetual license! At least not without a CC price reduction.

  2. Dan Avatar

    More fear mongering. Your title implies no perpetual license, then you admit you don’t know.

  3. Andrew Sible Avatar
    Andrew Sible

    They must be smoking weed

  4. Mike Anderson Avatar
    Mike Anderson

    Oh geez! Spend the $9.99 a month for CC with Lightroom and PS and quit whining!!! No need for perpetual licensing anymore

    1. toonces_3 Avatar

      Not if you don’t mind being on the Adobe treadmill in perpetuity.

      1. MindGrenadius Avatar

        If you want it anymore, stop paying for it. You’d need to continually upgrade versions of PS/LR to stay current if you were using them anyway (don’t pretend like you’re still using Photoshop 7 or CS2), and you would be paying 10 times the current licensing fee for 1 version of these programs getting CS6.

        1. R. Avatar

          Nope, photographers don’t need to upgrade photoshop anymore. Most can do away with it entirely these days.

          1. MindGrenadius Avatar

            I can’t say I know any professionals still using CS3… There are plenty of really useful features and updates in the later versions of Photoshop. And if you’re using different software than Adobe’s, why whine about Adobe’s prices?

      2. Keith Reeder Avatar
        Keith Reeder

        If you like and want to stay current with Lightroom, you’re “on the Adobe treadmill” regardless of the licensing option.

        More whining with no thinking behind it…

        1. R. Avatar

          The irony.

        2. toonces_3 Avatar

          I have the option to continue using it as long as my OS will support it without handing any more money over to Adobe.

      3. toyotatundra Avatar

        If you don’t like or want to use the produce, Adobe’s not forcing you to use their product. There are other options available on the market. If they fit into your budget, then go that route.

        1. Steven T Avatar
          Steven T

          As if no one has thought of using alternative products. There are no other professional software out there at this level of quality and features. Adobe is just monopolizing their products.

          1. toyotatundra Avatar

            Well according to you and a few others, there doesn’t seem to be any other alternatives out there. But there are. You may not be able to or want to learn something new, but there are alternatives. Not every professional or amateur photographer out there uses LR.

          2. Steven T Avatar
            Steven T

            1. We are talking about professional software, not just any photo editing software. If you are using photo software just for fun, shouldn’t be on this thread to begin with.

            2. It’s no mystery there are dozens photo software out there with some as cheap as twenty bucks to own a copy. Apple Aperture comes close to LR, but it just doesn’t cut it for me and probably many others as well. A serious alternative needs to be at least just as good if not better.

          3. toyotatundra Avatar


          4. toonces_3 Avatar

            As if the best solution isn’t allowing the Adobe consumer a choice as to how they wish to procure the product – via subscription or perpetual license.

      4. Milton E. Findley Avatar
        Milton E. Findley

        Perpetuity? What a strange concept. I hope to be paying that ten bucks a month for another twenty years.

    2. R. Avatar

      cool story. I look forward to you paying 19.99 then 29.99 then 39.99 and then listening to your whining. It will be music to my ears.

    3. DaveCXT Avatar

      Not feeding the troll.

  5. aaronbrethorst Avatar

    I’m tired of the clickbait headlines and have unsubscribed from your feed. Best wishes, etc.

    1. MindGrenadius Avatar

      I don’t think that means what you think it means…

  6. Miguel Cerdán Avatar
    Miguel Cerdán

    Goodbye Adobe!!!

  7. Fred Stafford Avatar
    Fred Stafford

    Not going to any subscription service!

  8. D. Brent Walton Avatar
    D. Brent Walton


    Q. Will Lightroom become a subscription only offering after Lightroom 5?
    A. Future versions of Lightroom will be made available via traditional perpetual licenses indefinitely.

    Who cares anyway. There is plenty of competition out there.

    1. toyotatundra Avatar

      Exactly! For those who aren’t happy with the arrangement, there are other options out there.

  9. John Cavan Avatar
    John Cavan

    I use to spend $149/month for cable TV and barely used it. That caused me to really stop caring about $9.99/month for Adobe CC, which I use daily, because I’m getting substantially more value from it than I ever did from TV. Just a perspective thing for me.

    1. R. Avatar

      I did to. That caused me to use Freeview+.
      Guess I took a different path.

    2. DaveCXT Avatar

      Everybody has their own use case of course… that’s why I like the option of keeping both standalone AND creative cloud. You may see a benefit, while personally, $10 month subscription costs more in the long run for me as I can do without fullblown photoshop and have the choice to skip a version (like I did with 5) if I feel the upgrade isn’t worth it.

  10. Riley Stricklin Avatar
    Riley Stricklin

    @fotopromos big news!

  11. Eric O'Brien Avatar
    Eric O’Brien

    Time to find an alternative.

  12. Chris Utano Avatar
    Chris Utano

    Consider moving to Linux.

    1. catlett Avatar

      Yea because an operating system without software on top of it lets you catalog and process images. Congratulations on perhaps the dumbest comment I have ever seen on any discussion board.

  13. Guillaume Haché Avatar
    Guillaume Haché

    If 10 bucks a month is making you mad, just download the damn thing.

    1. R. Avatar

      Some people want to pay for the software. They want to buy it, instead of renting it. After all rent is dead money. Sure they can download it for free if they wish but perhaps they are looking for a fairer exchange.

  14. Rob Timko Avatar
    Rob Timko

    Lightroom is the most valuable tool for most people’s photos. People will spend 2k on a lens they don’t need but pirate Lightroom because they won’t pay 9.99. And photographers wonder why they can’t make it in the business….because they don’t understand value.

    1. Mark Osborne Avatar
      Mark Osborne

      It’s not about pirate copies, it’s about subscription service. I will pay £150 to download the software and use it as long as I wish. Stop paying subscription 6months or a year later you have no software.

  15. John Wylie Jr Avatar
    John Wylie Jr

    If a photographer is doing photography as a business and they can’t afford 9.99 a month, they either aren’t working hard enough or need a new accountant. :)

    1. R. Avatar

      I think you are forgetting the millions of amateurs out there that dwarf the number of pro’s. People don’t like to rent when they can buy, it’s as simple as that.
      And please stop spouting 9.99 as if adobe plans to keep it at that.
      look at adobe’s profits, they have fallen off a cliff since the release of CC, clearly they will have to raise rates before long unless the goal was to earn WAY less profit.

      1. KP Avatar

        millions of amateurs using illegal copies of PS and LR from sharing sites. Time they coughed up if they need it that badly

        1. R. Avatar

          Assuming CC does stop piracy. Allot of these amateurs will just pay their money to Adobe competitors. They refuse to rent no matter what. Adobes competition will get stronger. Adobes margins will then continue to be decimated along with it’s profit’s.
          The irony is those pirates are what enabled Adobe to achieve very high margins and very high profits. Without them, Adobe stands to lose vast amounts of money. Oops.

          1. inerlogic Avatar

            don’t worry….. CC doesn’t stop piracy….. nothing does…..

      2. pedram Avatar

        For the period ended May 30 [2014], Adobe reported a profit of $88.5 million, or 17 cents a share, up from $76.5 million, or 15 cents a share, a year earlier. Excluding stock-based compensation and other items, adjusted per-share earnings rose to 37 cents from 36 cents. Revenue increased 5.7% to $1.07 billion.

        what is this cliff you speak of?

  16. Jojo Avatar

    The End of adobe PS/LR wrong move..

    1. Keith Reeder Avatar
      Keith Reeder

      You DO realise that since CC was introduced, Adobe has never done better in the markets?

      “End of Adobe” my arse.

      1. R. Avatar

        Since adobe released CC their PROFITS HAVE FALLEN OFF A CLIFF. Does stock price matter more than profits now?

        1. catlett Avatar

          I hate Adobe’s software rental and will not buy into it but I don’t think falling off a cliff means what you think it does. Creative Cloud forced license was introduced in 2013. I wish all my investments would fall off of that cliff.

          1. catlett Avatar

            Believe me I hope the greedy tools crash and burn but C level execs still make out like bandits based on the stock market so it IS their reality for as long as they can ride that wave.

        2. KP Avatar

          Adobes profits have always been hampered by illegal copies on sharing sites being used by amateurs and pros. CC stops this downward fall, and increases stability in their turnover allowing them to pump money into R&D and providing continual updates.

          1. R. Avatar

            Take everything you have said, and interpret it as the exact opposite. Once you have done that you are left with reality. If you want to actually understand why, you need to be able to think outside the box.

            For now, just see that adobes profits have indeed fallen off a cliff since CC was released.

    2. R. Avatar

      Some people have taken your comment a little too literal. What it does mean, is the end of easy money for adobe. Times will get tougher for them.

  17. Maxi Claudio Avatar
    Maxi Claudio

    Since CC there has been very few advances. I can only think of Upright, and the useless shake remover. Adobe no longer needs to roll out substantial improvements to get customers to upgrade. Though I like that LR 6 will have GPU performance, Face recognition, panoramas and HDR, are just cheesy features most cel phones have. I still love and live by LR, and can’t wait to try it. Does anyone actually feel these new features justify a point update? Seems more like Lightroom 5.8.

  18. Adnan Wolf Avatar
    Adnan Wolf

    Did anyone of you do the math? Remember the old Creative Suite days? Where you probably bought the entire Suite and didnt mind buying an upgrade for a ton of money? I mean if you get ALL Adobe products and pay for it monthly….In Germany it costs you somewhere around 34 Euros if you already have some Creative Suite product (Come on everyone of you has one above CS4) Now do the math on the whole cost per Creative Suite! And in Germany I even can get some of the money back from tax returns at the end of the year! Please stop whining and drink one coffee less at starbucks…

    1. LuminousLu Avatar

      Exactly! Here in Portugal, it used to cost close to 800€ to buy a full Photoshop license! That’s close to two minimum wages (which is what most young people make). I was the happiest girl on Earth when the CC was made available to us. If you add the 150€ for Lightroom, it’s 950€ that I would only reach after roughly 73 months of paying 13€! 73 months! I just don’t get perpetual licenses, after working with the CC system.

  19. Steven T Avatar
    Steven T

    It’s clearly Adobe has been moving away from perpetual license model for sometime – just a matter of time all their software is for “rent” only. Some problems to think about:

    • Instead of perpetual license, it’s perpetual I-owe-you. It’s not the issue of affordability as many argue. The day you stop paying, your software stops working. They got you by the horns.

    • Sure, it’s “only” $9.99 for now. Read the fine print before you get too excited. They will rise the subscription rates as they please, surprise! You will love (or should I say hate) Adobe just like you do with your cable company. Stuck in a bad marriage.

    • When you launch an Adobe CC app, it will ‘check’ with Adobe’s system to see if you are in good terms. Can I just do some work in the boonies without a connection?

    The only way to win this game is buy Adobe stocks so you can get your dollars back in form of dividends. After all, those are your dollars.

    1. KP Avatar

      “Got you by the horns”…. realistically is there any software apart from adobe LR/PS people would use? and if there is.. then why aren’t they using it now on a perpetual license? It’s simple really, if you need a software, you go get it. The day there is a serious competitor to lightroom/PS with all the plugin and preset tools I require, is the day I stop paying adobe for CC. How much are adobe stocks? lol

  20. NotReallyHere Avatar

    in the US it’s $9.99 in the rest of the world it’s “slightly” more – also as an amateur I’d rather pay €80 to upgrade every 12-18 months. For me this is a really bad move, but I’ll survive with LR5…

    The reason why Adobe is doing better is that they now force people to “upgrade” every single months, in the past people might only upgrade PS every 2 – 3 versions. This is not what is good for the consumer / customer, this is what is good for Adobe. I can’t wait to see what would happen if MS did the same with Windows … that would be fun.

  21. Jon Sears Avatar
    Jon Sears

    New features look great

  22. Jon Sears Avatar
    Jon Sears

    As a student I get the whole package for £15 pm. That, is incredible value in my mind

  23. Jeff Allen Avatar
    Jeff Allen

    Im on Adobe CC its £ 8.99 monthly which is reasonable until you consider Im on Netflix for £ 7.99 monthly with far more choice and drama series costing hundreds of millions to produce. Most of Photoshop & Lightroom is old code long since returned its R&D etc. Dont be fooled this was Adobe retort to folks not upgrading every year to the new version.

    1. aunty Avatar

      The difference is Netflix is taking £7.99 a month off you to watch programs what other people have made. Adobe is taking £8.99 off you to use the programs they have made.

      A better example would be Netflix charging you £7.99 to watch Breaking Bad, £7.99 to watch Better Call Saul, £7.99 to watch House of Cards etc…..

  24. GaryJay Avatar

    Sorry folks,not everyone has a job and able to afford continuous payments,food comes first,try being in your Sixties with limited funds then you wouldn’t call it whining.

    1. NEO Stephens Avatar
      NEO Stephens

      I get it, just about everyone has “limited” funds – some more than others. And not to sound harsh, but, it’s not Adobe’s fault that some people can’t afford $9.99 a month, no more than it’s BMW’s fault that I can’t afford to buy a 7 Series BMW. There are alternatives out there, including some free versions of software. Or you can even buy a version of LR outright on Ebay, you just don’t get the latest updates and features from Adobe. I think that would be a viable alternative if you can’t pay the monthly subscription. And yes, food and the other basic necessities come first.

  25. Raymund Lastierre Avatar
    Raymund Lastierre

    Didnt Adobe said before that they will maintain the standalone version of Lightroom regardless?

  26. Brent Rivers Avatar
    Brent Rivers

    Subscription, or SAS models if you will, are going to be standard. Microsoft is moving to that model, and even most enterprise software companies are moving to these models. Much easier to forecast revenues for wall street plain and simple. Is it better? well, depends on how you view it. We all pay subscriptions for “some” things. i’d rather pay a little along, get more frequent updates and features, than shell out a boat load up front and be stuck with a boat anchor waiting for the next big thing. 10 bucks a month? you spend more than that at Starbucks on Tuesdays. please…

  27. Adam Favre Avatar
    Adam Favre

    Don’t know if forcing customers to the cloud option is going to work, but it is their business and their choice if that is the direction they go.

    Personally, if that is the case, for the time being I will then be using Lightroom 5. At some point, if my camera gear evolution demands it, I will then have to choose creative cloud or another vendor that may or may not move into the marketplace.

    I am fine with a security option that REQUIRES me to occasionally have a data connection to check in to ensure I did not pirate the software. Solving piracy by requiring a subscription stinks UNLESS I am allowed to have a previous version of the software stand alone as I leave subscription.

    Know ALL the arguments – cup of coffee, cable subscription, you never REALLY own the software anyway. etc. etc. I am willing to pay for the stand alone at each upgrade cycle until the time I cannot. At that point, I don’t want to then be booted out and have NOTHING to use which is truly a possibility.

    Currently Lightroom is affordable for the hobbyist but the hobbyist is not always going to necessarily upgrade. The subscription model may be the most logical choice for Adobe. I am hopeful they still offer standalone, even if they make ME wait an additional year (cloud gets lightroom 6 first…. when 7 is released, 6 is then available for stand alone digital download). I could live with that.

  28. Adam Favre Avatar
    Adam Favre

    People MAY be very willing to do the Creative Cloud. True, no one said Adobe had to make it affordable. IF they move to CC only (and these are the same rumor mills that had Lightroom 6 released last fall, and then again last month and then earlier this month), we will see how it works. Might be the best thing they ever did, may see if they truly need the amateurs using lightroom to also be lumped in with the pro’s that are already used to paying LARGER amounts for their software. This will solve their cash flow problems or it will make them ripe for aquisition by Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

    Does The Verge have it right? We will see…

  29. Oscar de Lama Avatar
    Oscar de Lama

    The more annoying about this, is that it is 10$ a month (so far) but you must buy a complete year! Is not a month by month deal. If you have to stay away for a while from the usage of the software, like if you get sick, have to make a business travel, have a new son, get married and so on. The month(s) you don’t use the software are charged anyway. This is mean.

    1. Steven T Avatar
      Steven T

      Yep, they can forge ahead with this money making scheme because they are the monopoly for professional creative software. If there’s another serious competitor on the block, I’d drop (I should say kick) Adobe in a heart beat.

  30. Oscar de Lama Avatar
    Oscar de Lama

    I forgot. Take a look to this Adobe blog

    Q. Will there be a different version of Lightroom called Lightroom CC?

    A. No.

    Q. Will there be features of Lightroom 5 that are exclusive to Creative Cloud members?

    A. No.

    Q. Will Lightroom become a subscription only offering after Lightroom 5?

    A. Future versions of Lightroom will be made available via traditional perpetual licenses indefinitely.


  31. googull Avatar

    I thought in 2012/13 Tom Hogarty of Adobe claimed, “future versions of Lightroom will be made available via traditional perpetual licenses indefinitely.”

    Adobe can do as it pleases. Just rude to sell me yet another perpetual license 3 mos ago only to find that it is possibly now EOL. I’d like to see Adobe accept my perpetual license(s) back for CC credits.

    Does anyone know if the LR CC Catalogs are interchangeable (still compatible) with the 5.x perpetual license product?

  32. Steve Graham Avatar
    Steve Graham

    I just downloaded and installed it and it won’t load. The splash screen flashes for a second and then… nothing. Anyone else having this issue?