Ilford’s New Inkjet Photo Papers Are Designed to Bring Back the Look and Feel of Analogue Prints

Ilford’s New Inkjet Photo Papers Are Designed to Bring Back the Look and Feel of Analogue Prints

Ilford_StudioIf you’ve ever compared inkjet prints to more traditional analogue prints, you’ll know there’s a different feel and aesthetic between the two. Specifically, traditional analogue prints tend to possess a certain type of quality that’s driven by the usually-thicker stock and the way in which the pigments are embedded in the fibers of the paper.

To bring that feel and aesthetic of analogue prints to the digital world, Ilford Imaging has announced Ilford Studio, a new lineup of inkjet paper said to be the ‘digital equivalent’ of traditional analogue paper stock.

Set to be sold alongside Ilford’s Galerie paper lineup, Studio is designed to be used with HP, Epson and Canon printers. The Studio lineup comes in both Glossy and Satin finishes and can be purchased in multiple sizes, from 10x15cm sheets to 60” rolls.

The paper will come in two weights, each of which has an intended purpose. The lighter 200gsm stock is meant for framed prints and posters, offering the same quality in a lighter product. The 250gsm stock is meant for standalone prints that more accurately mimic the aesthetic and tactile qualities of traditional analogue prints.

To further align the Studio lineup with its analogue predecessor, Ilford is releasing it in a sort of throwback packaging that is visually reminiscent of when analogue photography and Ilford’s photographic papers were in their prime.

Pricing is yet to be announced for the paper lineup, but Ilford, who has recently undergone major changes to ensure the company wouldn’t fall through the financial cracks, seems extremely proud of their latest announcement. Managing Director of Ilford Imaging Europe stated, ‘we know that Ilford customers are looking for quality and I believe that we have delivered that with the introduction of the range of Ilford Studio photo papers.’

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