How to build your own overhead camera rig

How to build your own overhead camera rig

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Whether on Youtube or elsewhere, we’ve all seen the overhead camera shot. While it might seem fairly straightforward, the process is actually quite a doozy to set up, especially if you want to ensure you have proper and even lighting.

Thankfully, for anyone wanting to build their own, Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter has released a video showing how he built his overhead camera rig for shooting hands-on and other product shots.

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The full tutorial comes in at just over ten minutes long. While it might seem like a long breakdown, you’ll need at least that much time considering how many components are required to create the setup and get quality results.

As for materials needed for this particular setup, you can head on over to Pike’s full rundown on the DSLR Video Shooter blog. As usual though, you can tweak this list to suit the space you have available and the gear you have at hand.

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Whether you follow this rig down to every last detail or simply use it as inspiration for your own setup, it’s a great watch for getting down the basic structure and components required to build an overhead camera rig.

YouTube video

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