The Strobist Corner: Protect Your Strobe With A Frisbee

Free-Style by Iguana JoEver had your light stand taken down along with your precious 5000$ Profoto? Not a fun experience.

Next runner up on the not-so-fun light stands falls is a knocked-down speedlite. While the cost of speedlites is considerably less than the cost of a Profoto, if this is all you have it can still be pretty annoying. Especially if you’re on the beach where it’s sandy. 

Keep reading for a cheap and ingenious solution. 

OK, Profoto issue is not going to be solved here. Unless you have a huge mattress to spear. Speedlites are a different story. The Frisbee protector by Greg Easton will help your strobe avoid any hard impact upon failure.  

Frisbee Flash Protector

I’m thinking that this can even improve with installing other toys that are not Frisbees. Half a ball or a plunger will do an even better job with absorbing the impact.

Another bonus on this on is that it will block any sand from hitting the strobe in a sandy environment.  

[Free-Style image by Iguana Jo]