Vintage meets modern with Tokina’s new Vista-P cine lens lineup

Dec 15, 2023
John Aldred

Tokina has announced its new Vista-P line of cinema lenses (buy here). The new lenses are based on the company’s existing Vista Prime cine lenses…

Tokina announces shoe-mounted red dot finder for long telephoto lenses

Mar 30, 2023
John Aldred

Well, this is an interesting one. Tokina has announced a new SZ Super Tele Finder Lens. Essentially, it mounts to your camera’s hotshoe and puts…

Tokina’s SZ Pro 300mm, 600mm and 900mm reflex lenses finally coming to stores in February

Jan 19, 2023
John Aldred

In November, Tokina announced three new reflex lenses in the SZ Pro lineup. They had focal lengths and apertures of 300mm f/7.1, 600mm f/8 and…

Tokina’s new SZ Pro 300mm, 600mm and 900mm lenses are now available to back on Indiegogo

Nov 7, 2022
John Aldred

Tokina has now fully unveiled the new 300mm f/7.1, 600mm f/8 and 900mm f/11 lenses announced a couple of weeks ago. The trio of lenses…

Kenko Tokina has announced three weird looking 300mm, 600mm and 900mm super telephoto lenses are on the way

Oct 28, 2022
John Aldred

Kenko Tokina Japan has announced three new manual focus lenses for APS-C mirrorless cameras. The three lenses are all super telephoto, being extremely long in…

Photos leak of upcoming Tokina 11-18mm f/2.8 AF APS-C Sony E mount lens

Jul 20, 2022
John Aldred

It looks like Tokina’s getting ready to announce a new 11-18mm f/2.8 lens for Sony APS-C E mount cameras. No specs have been released or…

Tokina goes wide aperture with its new SZ 33mm f/1.2 APS-C lens for Fuji X and Sony E mount

May 20, 2022
John Aldred

Tokina has announced the new Tokina SZ 33mm f/1.2 lens for Fujifilm X and Sony E mount APS-C cameras. The manual focus offers a field…

This is all the gear announced or released during CP+ 2022

Feb 28, 2022
John Aldred

While the in-person event was cancelled again this year, CP+ still went ahead as an online event. As a result, we got a smaller than…

Tokina has released a 2x T-mount teleconverter for its 400mm f/8 Reflex lens

Feb 23, 2022
John Aldred

Tokina has today announced its new SZ 2x Extender (TA-020), a T-mount 2x teleconverter for the Tokina SZX Super Tele 400mm f/8 Reflex MF lens…

Tokina SZ 8mm f/2.8 wants to be a lens that’s always with you

Feb 18, 2022
Dunja Djudjic

Tokina has just announced an SZ 8mm F2.8 FISH-EYE lens. It’s designed for mirrorless cameras and it comes in two mount variants: Fuji X and…